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VOX Vision Statement: Why We Do What We Do


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"Together we can visualise, innovative, design and build a non-hierarchical, caring and new Co-operative driven Social/ Third Sector Economy to generate new Jobs & Trades - where you can co-create a digital world-enabled and inter-connected Village-driven network of local Community Co-operatives; sharing common cause and beliefs while working together in parallel with the Private and Public Sector economies; a Co-op network that is created to release the vast, latent and yet virtually untapped talents that exist in our Society both around us at home and among our Diaspora worldwide, especially those among our so-called 'coping classes' - the Unemployed, the low Income earners, the less well Educated and the Ageing populations; assisted by new Idea generation with affordable, effective and efficient ways to embrace new and novel social solutions using a virtual eBusiness model to opens new opportunities for new Jobs & Trades, while giving Voice to the Voiceless among our Communities everywhere; delivering interactive, sustainable and traded services worldwide in a collaboration with enlightened service provider networks."

That is Why we do what we do. Do you share in that Vision for Your Community.? If so, why not become your Village Champion - either social, economic, financial or digital. Or perhaps become one of their Cultural Ambassadors?

"Reclaiming our Past is the key to our Future......" (Prof. Mary Rose Grenville)

A VISION BORN OF IRELAND, WHERE WE BELONG.....Reclaiming our Past as the Key to our Future (the full story)

This journey started with vigour in 1991, but took many detours as we sought to tap into our rich Heritage stream, accessed its core values that were preserved in our culture and handed down through the ages to us all, values that were protected at great cost - despite an Irish spirit that was once stricken through colonisation and suppression for the centuries - yet preserved at a great price so that these same values can now be passed onto our generation and those that follow us - not alone open for people in Ireland, but as always in our cherished Irish past, for the benefit of Under-served Communities throughout the world and in a spirit of cultural exchange; all at a time when the world finally moves beyond materialism as an end goal in itself to embrace instead our respective Cultural treasures. Every Country has their own similar great Story, many yet to be told. We aim to do this together, simply 'cause it matters!

Our Community Model's Vision for tomorrow is born of this extraordinary Irish Past, with its deep traditions and religious convictions - a vision derived from being fortunate enough to have the experience of being born and brought up in rural Ireland, on the land; in an Ireland with its fabulously rich cultural heritage. This is most evident from the monasteries left behind by its many wonderful Missions of
yesteryear - while Caring for others through its legions of Nurses/ Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers & Religious over generations gone by - but also in its famous books like the Book of Kells' and in a culture preserved through two Famines to be brought to life again by its resultant vast Diaspora of c.70 million amongst a population of less than 5 million today; enshrined too by its Great Irish Writers, and more recently in Music & Dance - some of the very many landmarks left behind to be seen and cherished wherever you travel today. This is our gift of a great culture from the past to today, and one that no doubt holds the key to our great future.

That door to cultural diversity was opened to us by Emigrants and Immigrants leaving and returning in their 100,000's along the tracks & paths laid by our forefathers, the routes that our Missionaries first took and followed in hope by our Diaspora. Tomorrow we will trade with their new Homeshores like Philipinnes & Asia Pacific, as well as Australia, India & China, Mexico & Latin America, Africa and of course with USA & Canada as well as closest neighbour UK and right across Europe - where Migrants and Irish Diaspora alike are becoming again the glue logic in making the connections that are central to inter-community dialogue, appreciation, growing respect and then two-way trading, for the benefit of all; this time working together across borders and cultures in co-created enterprises and collaboration. This will be aided and abetted by the lasting benefits from contributions made to the world in recent decades through Outsourced & Offshoring in Ireland - as well as through our global Retailers, global Investors & global Charity workers, as they increasingly spread throughout the world today.
Shared Mission Statement.

These values are nowhere more evident than can be seen in that famous work, the Book of Kells, dating from c.800AD in Trinity College Dublin, Ireland - and which has long been shared with the World; or visible too in a past that can be seen from the Ceide Fields dating back to 3500BC, or ancient Newgrange burial grounds that stretch back to c.500 years pre-Egyptian Pyramids. Then of course by our great Writers led by Joyce and our Nobel Prize winners - Hume & McBride (Peace), Walton (Physics) & Heaney, Beckett, Shaw & Yeats (Literature). In a blaze of more recent creativity, our recent cultural phenomenon has been re-ignited and brought to the furthest reaches of the world in form of Music & Dance of U2/ Bono, the wonder of Moya Doherty's Riverdance & Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance, the traditional music of Chieftans. There are of course the  many Irish stars of screen, stage and stadium; and the enterprise of Michael O'Leary's Ryanair and retired that great DutyFree Shopper king,  philanthropist Chuck Feeney; there is in our former President, great orator and one of Mandela's Elder of Africa - Mary Robinson; or the former Free Trade chief Peter Sutherland, the late and brilliant writer John O'Donohue - to name but a very few. It was this latent mix, this cross combination inspired the creation of next generation thinking, that gave VoxLABS its roots in 1991, fuelled as it was only by the initial belief that 'from small acorns, great oak trees can truly grow'; focused on M-SME's as it is and our IPR enshrined Retail Systems; which grew year upon year into a full blown Vision that went on to embrace the whole idea of creating an independent next generation Communitarian-based Community Co-op Model for all, open to all - one that is driven in a spirit of partnership throughout Ireland & across its Missionary Culture Corridors - a Vision that could be shared by and for MSME's, Co-operatives, Diversity Employers, Consulates, Colleges, Social Causes and Movements the world over, shared benefits for everyone involved. These People all were or still are Great Gifts to our Nation, and every other Nation has its own Great Gifts of Culture too. 

It was the VoxLABS™ Franchise idea that next led us to embrace the whole idea of using what is an independent VoxLABS Communitarian Co-op Model for sharing with Communities everywhere; born as it was of what it meant to have grown up 'on the land' and been educated in Rural Ireland, among a farming and religious community, and families that inspired us to do better through providing us with an education they never had; to understand from our past which had no-hierarchies, something my late mother always cherished; to appreciate that Co-operatives were the true toolbox for building our and other Communities, as my late father had always firmly believed and instilled into me; and of course that when you are fortune enough to be born on the land, you always belong there and it never leaves you, indeed it teaches you everything you need to survive. We learned there that Culture was more important than Currency in the world. And our Teachers showed us how it was our Irish Language that was both the preservation and code to understanding of all that it means to be Irish, and what it means to embrace every other Culture - Culture being that which makes us all unique. We learned how genealogy, our family tree, teaches us so much about who we are, where we come from and what values were handed on to us, often unseen - so that in turn we can see our future pathway as individuals and as a people; and to appreciate the sheer over-riding value of books in finding our way. With all its inherited values from the great Irish & Celtic heritage that gave such profound sanctuary so freely to the world for hundreds of years - whether as missionaries led by Doctors & Nurses, Lawyers, Teachers, Religious or simply as a naturally enterprising Diaspora people who just cared enough to do, who took the risks that are the measure of life itself. It was all about people then and so too again today, so VoxLABS returned to those precious values again today to point  just one new way into the future for all of us, together, who wish to do.

So the evidence of that illustrious Irish past is preserved around the World too, in many far away places - such as the Missions of the Far East, and Africa, in the street names of San Francisco, among the fruitpickers stretching from California to Florida along the Mexican Border, and which south of that border is memorialised every September as the San Patricios and as town names in Mexico - but especially in the many Monasteries left behind by our monks, as so well recounted in the annals of Thomas Cahill with his bestseller book: "How the Irish Saved Civilisation", among them recalling the treasure trove of books preserved by those monks after the fall of the Roman Empire, including the Book of Kells. All this rich and famous heritage was cherished and handed down to us through the centuries in the written word of our Gaelic language, but also by the great Storytellers, in our music and by word of mouth rather than the monuments with which our UK neighbours and others are familiar with today. Today at VoxLABS, in a world amidst a rapid but great transformation lies immense opportunity, we know that only we the people everwhere can continue to discover from within ourselves and not others, as helped by that great understanding which we have inherited from that past to enable us to grow in a Social Marketplace - leading us to recreate a new future for not just our own people but also that of disadvantaged people worldwide whose journey we appreciate and so often shared in the past - through once again reclaiming the non-hierarchical and cooperative values of that past and together with our fellow World E-Citizens implement these lessons in a spirit of compassion and enlightened self-interest for all people of the world in a true cultural exchange. With that shared Vision, thats where VoxLABS today begins its Journey into that exciting New World of discovery for all.

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