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Homeshores Direct: a Festival of World Cultures 365

The new Social Marketplace is a gigantic marketing arena primarily in the Developing World, requiring the addressing of more than 4 billion people across borders, across languages and across cultures, and for which both supply and demand partners on both sides of borders do not have a corresponding understanding without local insights. Hense VoxLabs first of all seek to reachout to others through their Diaspora Communities in the first instance, who do understand both the lanuguage and the Culture of those vast Communities, and on both sides of the borders to a far greater degree - as well as, crucially, knowing their latent requirements in needs and wants. Providers can thus reach this marketplace at VoxWorld.Coop, which exclusively uses the innovative VoxLabs® Model and specifically here its Merchandisers (Dispensers), with our without a Culture Showcase to promote each other's Cultures; in a co-promotion with dotCoop and VoxWorld, the joint relationship known as VoxWorld.Coop; dotCoop being the top level domain brand for the 800 million member Co-op Movement, accessable through three Channels and backed by the convenience of seven alternative interfaces as described earlier - the channels being:

  1. VoxWorld.Coop: Shop in Shops, offline                            
  2. VoxWorld.Coop: Virtual Retail Networks, mobile accessable 24/7                          
  3. VoxWorld.Coop: Portal eShops, online 24/5

The Merchandisers are designed to drive the Self-Funding nature of such ventures which are greatly assisted by enabling Sm'art Start: E-CO Prem'iere Narrowcasting Services.


Can represent any Group within Diaspora Communities, as in following examples, and are open to reachout with Content or through any of the specific Narrowcasting services from licensed Service Providers at any of the following, as well as other, Locational Outlets:

Accessories Outlets
Sports Stores
Mobile Consumer Electronics Outlets
Co-op Outlets
Post Office
Airport DutyFree Outlets
Homeshores Outlets
College Outlets
Library Outlets
TeleCentre Outlets
Hotel Outlets
Hospitality Outlets
Car Hire Outlets
Bank Outlets
Pub Outlets
Bureau Outlets
Redemption Outlets
Independent Service Operated Outlets
Culture Centres Outlets
Music Outlets
Books Outlets
Great Composers
Diversity Employer
Culture Brands
Interactive Community Brands

Way of Life
Nurses Outlets
Commissioning Outlets
Dreamketing Outlets
Culture Concept
s Outlets
Culture Stories Outlets
Great Themes Outlets