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Many or most Governments or
Schools/ Colleges/ Universites are unable operationally or simply do not have the funds to address the scale of the ever growing Nurses Shortages (and other skills shortages), not any time soon. Yet this is about much more than Nurses Jobs alone, its about all Carers or Caregiver providers and their jobs. This situation already affects or will shortly affect all of our lives very soon, as has been well documented by WHO (World Health Org) and also by ICN (International Council of Nurses) - the latter having published a report as far back as 2004 entitled: "Global Shortage of Registered Nurses - an Overview of Issues and Actions", as available at:
http://www.icn.ch/global/shortage.pdf.  It confirms that the scale of problem is far greater in Africa than USA for example, or indeed elsewhere, just as the reasons and solution options are varied too, but it affects everwhere. We have seen for example that Filipino nurses emigrate upon completion of their education, mainly for over-riding economic reasons, to help fill this major shortfall; and primarily going to the Countries where other people can best afford to for those services aka. the Developed countries. We now see some doors closing to them because of language issues, as in Japan or through other supplementary exam issues such as in USA. Consequently, but through no fault of the Travel Nurse Emigrants in general, whole Families and Communities are deprived of their valued social inputs for a time, back in the Developing Countries at home, while of course benefiting from the Remittances in valuable compensation. Meanwhile, many of their own people remain seriously under-served in medical care, while their hospitals close and many of their doctors retrain as nurses to earn overseas a similar high standard of living for their families and indeed communities. That is not a long-term answer, it is shortsighted. And the answer is not to argue about the merits or not of emigration, of remittances or of social consequences - the time for talking has long been over - but instead the answer is to innovate through New Ideas, to inspire through choosing radically New Ways - through Sm'art Social Purchasing

, to develop a new Wellness System to minimise the strain on Healthcare, to adopt all that eHealth strategies have to offer and to enable people adopt a better way of life that they can afford - and especially one that is accessible to all. In so doing there is also a huge opportunity to create millions of more Jobs in Traded 'Wellness & Heathcare' Services; many of them at home with homecare and from home through providing  international traded-services in care.

We need a fundamental respect for all people of the world - no borders, no culture or no language barriers are an excuse any more, given advent of technology; in fact those very barriers create Sm'art Job opportunities for millions. Hospitals are no longer the big answer to everyone's physical ills and woes either - we need Wellness to be prioritised, in Clinics and in HomeCare. We need to change our ways of doing things, adopt new ways - and fortunately today there are many options and opportunities to do so with fantastic advancements in ICT Devices. Together many people and organisations have all been attempting in our own way to answer intuitively 'the plaintiff cry for change' from the voices of the four billion poor and under-served everywhere, beginning with what is known as the greatest single need in the world today - that cry through the ages for proper, decent healthcare, for care in general; providing an answer that is born of the right to basic human respect and dignity for everyone. VoxLabs®, VoxFranchise® and VoxWorld.Coop offers its New Ideas and New Ways to help bring about some of that change in the world. Fundamentally we all know that without health, job opportunities never appear; and our Irish missionaries down through the ages have seen every day how whole families go hungry, indeed often face a life in abject poverty or worse, never getting a chance for a proper education as a result. There are a billion people in the world today who never know from day to day from where the next meal will come. In that vicious cycle, we know and the see too how millions of their children cannot learn on empty tummies; and without proper education....well, the wheel of misery just goes round and round, and it continues until we all come together and collaborate as 'one Community Service Provider' to break that vicious circle. The problem is known, the answers available - and together we can all solve it with One World at Work - communities working in tandem with each other; where some communities offer Tele-care, others Tele-teach, some others Tele-tech, or some offer Training; all across a vast landscape of community needs. Every person is at the very least entitled to an opportunity to fulfil their dreams, to build a life for themselves, their families, and their communities - so why is the world waiting, what is it waiting on....a Global Initiative? The real answers today are almost all coming from the gound-up, the grassroots, rather than top-down. A Sm'art Start is what is most needed now - the world already holds in its collective hands a solution to this poverty crisis today, what has been missing to date has been the will to go that extra mile and implement it. 



As a guideline, when you have a look at this list of the fastest growing occupations in USA 2010, according to the U.S. Department of Labor., almost all of these careers are in Computers or Healthcare.

  1. Computer software engineers, applications
  2. Computer support specialists
  3. Computer software engineers, systems software
  4. Network and computer systems administrators
  5. Network systems and data communications analysts
  6. Desktop publishers
  7. Database administrators
  8. Personal and home care aides
  9. Computer systems analysts
  10. Medical assistants
  11. Social and human service assistants
  12. Physician assistants
  13. Medical records and health information technicians
  14. Computer and information systems managers
  15. Home health aides
  16. Physical therapist aides
  17. Occupational therapist aides
  18. Physical therapist assistants
  19. Audiologists
  20. Fitness trainers and aerobics instructors
  21. Computer and information scientists, research
  22. Veterinary assistants and laboratory animal caretakers
  23. Occupational therapist assistants
  24. Veterinary technologists and technicians
  25. Speech-language pathologists
  26. Mental health and substance abuse social workers
  27. Dental assistants
  28. Dental hygienists
  29. Special education teachers, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school
  30. Pharmacy technicians "