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Sm'artWorld™ Prem'iere: Interactive Community Brands Licences


Homeshores Direct: a Festival of World Cultures 365 

INTERACTIVE COMMUNITY BRANDS LICENCES: Your Diaspora are the a latent asset and vital ingredient in Development of your E-Community of tomorrow - including Migrants, but also among the footprints left by those who vacated your shores for economic or other reasons and even perhaps as far back as those from your community who spread their wings around the world even centuries ago. The embers of the fires they lit very often still burn brightly in Communities far from these shores, ripe and ready to be rekindled. In the end, 'there is no place like home'. Everyone's Community is a Global Community today, and with advent of ICT and social networking, that turned the world into one global village, then everyone's Community can clearly become a Global E-Community tomorrow. Now with VoxLabs® Model, everyone's Community can also go on and become a 'Social Brand' in their own right - and one that can communitate in direct dialogue with its Diaspora; communications that are based on substance where you can tell them what you are about and what you want them to do as a Diaspora for your Community; which communications then lead into a deep and passionate involvement and ongoing connectivity with your Diaspora. We see this beginning with caring for people, where it matters most, in a Sm'art Start: I-Care -NursesVox.Coop Card Services.

We call this Social Brand an 'Interactive Community Brand', the Brand of your Community that appeals to your Diaspora and their Neighbourhood Communities where they act by default as virtual 'Cultural Ambassadors', your book that everyone reads - a Brand which every Community can build, using some or all of the above building blocks. From this vantage point a Local Community can show their Diaspora 'The Way' to engage with them in a major global effort, a plan of campaign; thus proceed to build its own worldwide Virtual E-Community ('Sm'art Community') with its own Sm'art Jobs creation in what we can see could with forsight an empowering force for a distinctly non-hierarchical Community - comprising, optionally, of:


  1. Sm'art Jobs Centre
  2. Sm'art Co-operative (Pick-up & Drop-off Stations)
  3. Sm'art Credit Union (MFI, Money Transfers)
  4. Sm'art Community Hub (TeleCentre)
  5. Sm'art Culture Showcase (Gift Outlets) 
  6. Sm'art College (CIDE, Remote)
  7. Sm'art Self-Help Clubs (HTA)
  8. Sm'art Enterprise Centre (Workshops)
  9. Sm'art Tourism Centre (Sustainable)
  10. Sm'art Centres of Culture
  11. Sm'art TV Station
  12. Sm'art Radio Station
  13. Sm'art Library
  14. Sm'art Record Shop
  15. Sm'art Video Store
  16. Sm'art Sports Clubs
  17. Sm'art Theatre
  18. Sm'art Gathering Places
  19. Sm'art Wellness Centres
  20. Sm'art Retirement Centres
  21. Sm'art Social Marketplace