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Homeshores Direct: a Festival of World Cultures 365


The Prem'iere Sm'art Wallets's Accounts Services open the door for New Ways to save money on your Money Transfers and to leverage those benefits for your Homeshores's Community Development in the Sm'art Social Marketplace. As a metemediary model we want you firstly to be informed - so you should first link through (below) and checkout the up-to-date Remittance Prices Worldwide at World Bank Group, always a vital source of data; secondly, you should link through to The Money Converter.com and get the up-to the-minute Exchange Rates you ought to be paying; and thirdly, you are invited to find the best rates to send money overseas with SendMoneyHome.Org. Now you are fully informed and in a position to know the full extent of the value that is on offer. You are now fully prepared to engage with our first Card service for our Sm'art Wallet Account and and invaluable source of income for Families and equally invaluable export earnings for Countries and Communities alike. If you have not the time, nor the access we are working hard to find you find the most affordable service providers.

Then, and only then, the Sm'art Wallet concept can take that process to another level with you - helping you to create Sm'art Jobs at home for themselves and/ or their Familiy and indeed whole Community, in an integration with Cultural activities:





Remittance Prices Worldwide
Source : World Bank Group


FDIC Money Smart
Online Financial Education Curriculum (USA)

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"Diaspora Money Transfers" Sm'art-Wallet Accounts Services

  1. Low-Cost Account Card Value proposition services
  2. Recognised service providers Account Card services authorised
    1. Fast-Safe-Secure Account Card services
    2. Accessible Account Card services for both remitter & recipent
    3. Affordable Account Card services for all
    4. Convenient Account Card service to locate
    5. Simple Account Card services to use
  3. Free "Diaspora Money Transfer" VoucherCards with Sm'art-Wallet Account Services - under  prepaid, planned purchasing programmes
  4. Sm'art Hub Fund leverage of Money Transfers under Social Purchasing plan
  5. Opportunities for Diaspora Bonds, Remittance Securitisation & other financial instruments.

LEVEL 1: E-CO Prem'iere "Diaspora Money Transfers" & Sm'art Wallet Account Cards

  1. Diaspora Applications in leveraged Sending Money Home, Calls Home & Homecoming Travel - for Community Development, through Culture-based Education for Careers, Trades, Workskills & Traded-Services Co-ops to fill demand for Global Shortages of Workers & Traded-Services. 

  2. With 'dotCoop', the top level domain, in a Co-Promotion dialogue with Under-served for development of Community Co-ops.

  3. In support of dedicated E-Communities.Coop, the Co-Branding partners, for 'Sm'art Hubs' driven job creation.

  4. In association with dedicated Community 'Life-Work 100' Apex Organisations as Co-Marketing partners

  5. From VoxLabs 'Homeshores-direct' Brand Catalogue & Storefronts Listings, the authorised 3D Brand Content Providers.

  6. Additional deep discounts in 3D 'Package Deals' Programmes - Bronze 10%, Silver 20%, Gold 30%, Platinum 40% & Palladium 50%, available under CBO prepaid planned purchasing programmes & projects.

  7. Offers available through Outlets, Websites and Mobile channels @ 'Social Movements' Co-Locational partners.

  8. With E-Community 'Revenue Shareout 20 %' Value Co-creation - in 6% CBO Affiliates, 4% CBO Agents, 6% Local Educate the Educators Fund, 4% Local Sm'art Hubs Fund.

  9. And with 'Invest in.....Work At Home', a 5% Levy Contribution Fund in support of elected 4 in 1 Sm'art Hub Projects, as administered through nominated Vox Foundation trustees, and available for Matching 4 in 1 Funds from Development Agencies, Sponsors & Local Government Job Creation Programmes.

  10. Plus vanity 1800 Sm'art Hub Opportunities Freephone number, together with Sm'art Hub Sponsors.

  11. For operation through authorised VoxLabs® Model's licensed service providers.

  12. An original 'Sm'art World' creation by VoxLabs® Model for Social & Cultural Ideas Spaces