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Homeshores Direct: a Festival of World Cultures 365


The VoxLabs® Model was designed as a Traded-services dominant concept to generate new experiences for under-served populations worldwide through co-creation of value with their Local Communities and Diaspora Orgs set within a Learning environment in a new value proposition - using unique VoxLabs Systems to build a value creation network in a cross-border social marketplace dialogue to market with Communities themselves and for themselves while relying on traded-services dominant logic. E-Community branded social purchasing services can be accessed by any underserved Communities using VoxLabs-registered Community 'Sm'art Hubs', under innovative Product Platform Programme services, as now available from VoxLabs® Model's licensed Service Providers to offer the following Solutions in Community Development, starting with opening of of Diaspora Money Transfer Accounts Services: 
  1. Simplicity  - 3 x Stages in ubiquitous Implementation Workplans
  2. Convenience  - 8 x Steps in sequence of Rollouts servitisation
  3. Accessibility - 7 x Levels in scope of Prem'iere Programme customisation
  4. Affordability - 5 x Options in scale of Content Provider productisation
  5. Value Proposition - 3 x Dimensions in social purchasing Package Deals


LEVEL 1: "E-Communities.Coop" Prem'iere Sm'art Vouchercard

  1. Diaspora Applications in leveraged Sending Money Home, Calls Home & Homecoming Travel - for Community Development, through Culture-based Education for Careers, Trades, Workskills & Traded-Services Co-ops to fill demand for Global Shortages of Workers & Traded-Services. 

  2. With 'dotCoop', the top level domain, in a Co-Promotion dialogue with Under-served for development of Community Co-ops.

  3. In support of dedicated E-Communities.Coop, the Co-Branding partners, for 'Sm'art Hubs' driven job creation.

  4. In association with dedicated Community 'Life-Work 100' Apex Organisations as Co-Marketing partners

  5. From VoxLabs 'Homeshores-direct' Brand Catalogue & Storefronts Listings, the authorised 3D Brand Content Providers.

  6. Additional deep discounts in 3D 'Package Deals' Programmes - Bronze 10%, Silver 20%, Gold 30%, Platinum 40% & Palladium 50%, available under CBO prepaid planned purchasing programmes & projects.

  7. Offers available through Outlets, Websites and Mobile channels @ 'Social Movements' Co-Locational partners.

  8. With E-Community 'Revenue Shareout 20 %' Value Co-creation - in 6% CBO Affiliates, 4% CBO Agents, 6% Local Educate the Educators Fund, 4% Local Sm'art Hubs Fund.

  9. And with 'Invest in.....Work At Home', a 5% Levy Contribution Fund in support of elected 4 in 1 Sm'art Hub Projects, as administered through nominated Vox Foundation trustees, and available for Matching 4 in 1 Funds from Development Agencies, Sponsors & Local Government Job Creation Programmes.

  10. Plus vanity 1800 Sm'art Hub Opportunities Freephone number, together with Sm'art Hub Sponsors.

  11. For operation through authorised VoxLabs® Model's licensed service providers.

  12. An original 'Sm'art World' creation by VoxLabs® Model for Social & Cultural Ideas Spaces

LEVEL 2: "E-Communities.Coop" Prem'iere Sm'art-Wallet

LEVEL 3: "E-Communities.Coop" Prem'iere Sm'art-Phone

LEVEL 4: "E-Communities.Coop" Prem'iere Sm'art-Card

LEVEL 5: "E-Communities.Coop" Prem'iere Sm'art-Box

LEVEL 6: "E-Communities.Coop" Prem'iere Sm'art-Disc

LEVEL 7: "E-Communities.Coop" Prem'iere Sm'art-Gift