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The Service Economy has been growing rapidly through Servitisation for a decade or more, ever since the Internet revolution of mid-90's, and especially after the then called 'Information Superhighway' (now Information Economy) had taken root. The sudden DotCom Boom came to an abrupt end at turn into the 21st Century, the DotCom Bust bringing to an end that short phase of what was a rapid 'transfer of wealth', as Warren Buffet called it. The engagement with the Knowledge Economy then began in earnest as we now know, but that future requirement proved to be a far more challenging experience - and in fact ended abruptly in 2008 with that enormous Global Bank/ Property Crash, a system brought to its knees by Property Sub-prime lending and Derivatives trading. Now, an era of new 'wealth creation' has in fact begun in earnest, through the MSME's and , we believe, a Co-op Boom, a DotCoop Boom that follows. To participate, ICT Skills are increasingly becoming foundational requirements for all good and sustainable Jobs.  Before focusing on our particular Work at Home application - beginning with Smart Start: Life-Work-100 Sm'art care Services -  it is beneficial to survey the new market space and how it is developing so far:

VoxLabs® re-present here four different US sources to serve as a general guide for you in choosing your Pathway through these Recessionary times - be that a Hot Job, an In-Demand Trade or indeed your Life-Work Career. The US, home to so many well known Global Brands, Multi-nationals and Globally Integrated Enterprises across the world thus serves as a good guide as to what is happening around the rest of the world too. The VoxLabs' Start Smart begins with one, "Sm'art Care", encompassing HealthCare, HomeCare and TeleCare to start - which we choose because everyone needs Care sometime, and being the most basic of human needs and entitlement for all of us and itself being born of a fundamental repect for every person across every culture and every border. We also include ICT (Information & Communications Technology, or Computers), being the very foundation stones of virtually all other Jobs, Trades & Careers of tomorrow - including for Carers. We show three separate sources for in-demand Jobs measurement, to help you with your choice of direction  - you can browse through all three to build a fuller picture:


  1. Top 10 Jobs in-Demand - USA 2010 (ezinearticles.com)

  2. List of Recession Proof Jobs & Sectors 2010 (supportingcareers.ie)

  3. Recession Proof Industries 2010 (socyberty.com)


Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?Top-10-Jobs-in-Demand&id=3808782

"Here is a list of the top 10 jobs in demand in America, not necessarily in any order, but it will give you an idea, and below we will talk about some very profitable alternatives.

  1. Physical Therapist - Restores physical health, flexibility, and motion in people who have been injured or because of illness or disease. Requires a master's degree, plus certification and state licensing.
  2. Computer/Network Security Consultant
  3. Sales Director - A successful sales director in this economy will go far. Responsible for setting and meeting sales goals, generating new accounts, and training and mentoring new recruits.
  4. Nurse Practitioner - Requires a master's degree plus certification.
  5. Intelligence Analyst - Government job. Gather and analyze international policies and military strategies. Stress is high and there's an element of secrecy involved.
  6. CPA - If you have a knack for crunching numbers. Tax preparation or financial analysis.
  7. IT Project Manager - Information technology. Lots of opportunity here, all companies need tech people who know their stuff. Most employers require 5-7 years experience.
  8. College Professor
  9. Physicians Assistant - Requires a masters degree, 100 hrs of training every 2 years, recertification every six years.
  10. Systems Engineer - Information technology. Sought after by a diverse range of employers, from aerospace to device makers, to car manufacturers and large corporations. Undergrad engineering degree required.

So there you have it, the top 10 jobs in demand in America. All of these careers require a college degree and some require several years experience, as well as certification and licensing. Obviously these ten jobs are not for everyone especially in this economy. The rising cost of college tuition and completion in a shrinking job market make it even more challenging.

Thanks to technology and the internet there are some highly lucrative alternatives emerging onto the scene right now. The internet has revolutionized the way business is being done around the world. Every day millions of people are searching the internet for ways to make money online. Savvy internet entrepreneurs position themselves in front of these people with cutting edge business models and teach average people to create full time incomes from home."

2. List of recession proof jobs and sectors 2010

Source: http://www.supportingcareers.ie/industry-insight/detail/a-list-of-recession-proof-jobs-recommended-by-international-experts

1. "Health Care - Health care is one sector which will never shrink, no matter what the economic conditions are. Hence, it is number one in the recession proof job list.

2. Education - Another important sector which is least likely to slowdown. In fact, the more tough the economic conditions, more is the competition and hence more the value of education qualifications. So, if you can grab a career in the Education field, as a professor or researcher, you are relatively much more safe.

3. Environmental Areas - With the world ecology suffering year after year and people getting more and more environmental conscious, any job related to the environment upliftment will only gain importance.

4. Security - The crime rate is not depended on economics. In fact, there is a tendency for it to rise during difficult economic times and recession. Thus, the need for security personal, police officers, airport and sea port security, and trained security for corporates and housing complexes shall always be in demand.

5. Business promotional activities - With the slump, business owners the world over are accelerating their promotional activities. The demand for business analysts, aggressive sales executives, business consultants is higher than ever before. Everybody is looking for new innovative ideas to keep their business going and make higher profits. If you can fit the role, you have a bright future.

6. Accounting - Another section which is recession proof. The need to manage and update accounts for any business, large or small, is mandatory, irrespective of a recession or not. In tough economic times, the regulations are enforced aggressively and books of accounts are checked in detail to avoid any possibility of a scam.

7. Software design and development - Every business now has an online channel. In fact, I know of small sweet shops having a website where customers can buy online! The reach of the online medium is phenomenal. And in current times, every business is utilizing this medium aggressively.

8. Content Writers - Just having a website hosted is not enough. It is important to get enough response through it. And this is where content comes into play. Moreover, it is also very important too that the site is Search Engine Optimized. SEO (search engine optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) are gaining importance, and hence Content writing, SEO and SMO activities are one of the the top recession proof jobs.

When you are searching for a job, see if you can grab one in the above sectors.


Prashant Parikh is a Web Entrepreneur who likes to think out of the box and bring new ideas to life. Prashant has been working online for the last 10 years and specializes in designing User Interface and Search Marketing."




3. Recession Proof Industries 2010

Source: http://socyberty.com/work/recession-proof-jobs-in-2009-2010/#ixzz10F7sNw7A

"Are there any industries, where jobs will be stable throughout the current financial crisis?

If we compare the current recession to earlier ones like in 1981-1982, 1990-1991 and 2001 in the USA, we would see how some sectors did not lose jobs and the number of jobs even grew in some.

  1. "Security – No matter how bad the financial crisis gets, the need for security shall not decrease. Jobs like firemen, police, law enforcement officers, customs and security services, forensics, and shop security personnel may even need more skilled personnel during the recession.

  2. Healthcare – The need for skilled nurses, doctors, psychologists and psychotherapists, analysts, caregivers, medical assistants, physical therapists, home health aides, medical records staff and health information technicians will hardly decrease and may even grow during the recession.

  3. Education – The need for trained teachers and some other skilled people in the core processes of the education industry in highly populated growth areas remain constant during recessions and will probably remain so now.

  4. Personal Care – Barbers, hairdressers, beauticians and cosmetologists also could keep their jobs. Businesses in the upmarket range might lose customers but those who cater to downmarket needs will probably survive.

  5. Legal Professions – Skilled professionals in the claims and compensation sectors, or those dealing with bankruptcies, and contractual disputes usually see more work during recessions.

  6. Food Industry – People can’t give up eating even during a recession. Cheaper take-aways and eateries would need more staff ready to work at lower pay to function than luxury restaurants, which may not have enough customers.

  7. House and Car Repairs – Skilled house repair servicemen like plumbers or electricians in densely populated areas didn’t lose their jobs during previous recessions. Though not many new houses are being built, emergency repairs are vital. We might drive older cars, but they need to be serviced and repaired. Cleaners will still be needed.

  8. Environmental Sector – The demand for skilled professionals in environmental health and protection has been constant and is not likely to diminish during the recession.

  9. Sales and Marketing – Business need to market more aggressively in hard times. Skilled marketing and salespeople working on commission pay basis would keep their jobs even during the recession days.

  10. IT and Accounting Services – IT services need to function always. Skilled people working to provide accounting and IT-related services in core business functions would still be in high demand throughout the recession and more during the next upswing."