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SM'ART START: LIFE-WORK 100 HUB CO-OP TELECENTRES SERVICES - Online Opportunities to Work at Home as Smart Communities, with TeleCentres as anchor for Community Development Hubs in wealth creation

Most people recognise today the vast contribution that Telecentres Movement has made for many years and which continues today to make for society, assisting vast numbers of previously underserved people to cross the digital divide and to prepare for today's exciting new era of the Knowledge-driven Innovation Economy - or, more explicitly, the era of the Service Economy. Yet most Communities are only beginning to realise or fully appreciate the full scale of the enormous opportunities that this presents for those who prepare (or are already prepared) themselves right now, and this time right in their own homeshores or hometowns. These opportunities were once only open to Migrants, mostly economic migrants; those who had to leave home, family and friends - and leaving behind too the many social consequences of a denuded population or young and perhaps qualified people, despite (as argued by recipient countries) the compensation in money transfers for that associated 'brain drain'. Today many of these and other Jobs. trades or Careers can be created at home (conversely with great social advantages and major cost savings too), this time as Online Communities - whenever and wherever evolving Telecentres can take the next step to become a Community Development Hub ('Sm'art Hub') anchor. This we envisage being implemented through such a Sm'art Hub collaboration with an International Traded-Services Centre, a Master Hub in Ireland in an ITSC Traded-Services Innovation.

As we begin our specific Startpoint focus on Care & ICT, the following Top 30 Fastest Growing Occupations in USA 2010 will serve as a useful guide:



Looking at this list of the fastest growing occupations, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. - note that almost all of these USA 2010 in-demand careers are in Computers (ICT) or Healthcare (Carers):

  1. Computer software engineers, applications

  2. Computer support specialists

  3. Computer software engineers, systems software

  4. Network and computer systems administrators

  5. Network systems and data communications analysts

  6. Desktop publishers

  7. Database administrators

  8. Personal and home care aides

  9. Computer systems analysts

  10. Medical assistants

  11. Social and human service assistants

  12. Physician assistants

  13. Medical records and health information technicians

  14. Computer and information systems managers

  15. Home health aides

  16. Physical therapist aides

  17. Occupational therapist aides

  18. Physical therapist assistants

  19. Audiologists

  20. Fitness trainers and aerobics instructors

  21. Computer and information scientists, research

  22. Veterinary assistants and laboratory animal caretakers

  23. Occupational therapist assistants

  24. Veterinary technologists and technicians

  25. Speech-language pathologists

  26. Mental health and substance abuse social workers

  27. Dental assistants

  28. Dental hygienists

  29. Special education teachers, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school

  30. Pharmacy technicians "

At VoxWorld.Coop www.voxworld.coop - where we have worked collaboratively with many other organisations over two decades to develop a community-driven model devised by VoxLabs® Sm'art Model - this next stage development in the creation of the Community Development Hub is a twin link-up, locally with Sm'art Traders and globally with Sm'art Outlets. It is designed to grow collectively in creation of one's own Sm'art Community, and to participate in the new Social Marketplace as a Virtual Community. The initiative or enterprise therefore must come from within one's own Community - and in order to provide the e-commerce content for borderless supply direct to their worldwide global diaspora, and later to Social Movement or Social Cause communities. It is unique in that it is self-financing, can grow as demand dictates from 'a little acorn to a great oak tree'....from a patented VoxLabs® Dispenser Concept System display to a full-blown Sm'artShop, all through VoxLabs® Model. 

These new services are called Traded-services where, and despite the recession, there is still a huge unsatisfied demand and global shortage for many such services across virtually all ICT-enabled industries, materially led by Health and Education, the big budget (if underfunded) areas of Government. Many of these jobs are, evidentially, not filled today and because of skill gaps or retirements in Development Countries; and most of these services are yet to be provided across all Developing Countries due to lack of affordability, accessibility, convenience as well as technology investment limitations. Many shortfalls also reflect the continuing mismatch in a serious marketplace gap between Educational bodies supply and ever-changing Marketplace demand. These in-demand job opportunities are often classified as Tacit Interactive Jobs, requiring the crucial blend of judgement and experience as well as skills, and have been growing more than twice as fast as the more routine or transactional jobs in USA for a decade; and which have been earning far more because of the skills involved too, while growing to about half of all jobs in US over last decade. And, most importantly, with Culture becoming an ever increasing part of that in-demand response, led by Health & Education - we have entered a period of great change as marked by the Global Crash of 2008, and bringing with it the often unseen vast opportunities in jobs and genuine wealth creation for people of the Developing World, with so much to offer that is in-demand elsewhere in the world. In 2005, C.K. Prahalad (as did many others write before and since) wrote eloguently about these great Opportunities that lay ahead, in his book: "The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid", where he saw a great opportunity to better the lives of so very many, especially those that was open to change among any or all of the 4 billion Under-served people of the world.

Now we know that the Telecentre model continues to evolve to meet the new challenges that have arisen with the arrival of the mobile and especially the smartphone of recent times, led by iPhone with its countless, ever-expanding applications. We see how the Multi-national Corporations (MNC's) that ruled the jobs landscape for a century have also evolved into a now much more fleet-footed, the so-called, Globally Integrated Enterprises (GIE's) - one that can procure products and services from anyone, anywhere in any given month through automation, offshoring & outsourcing as well as business process streamlining. But this overall development is as much an opportunity for those who are Sm'art Community-ready, as being a threat to those who are not ready or do not see it. This New Era is one that will drive demand for MSME's (micro and small to medium-sized enterprises) like never before, what VoxWorld.Coop calls the Sm'art Traders, using traded-services from local communities everywhere as uniquely 'packaged' in form of a Culture Showcase. The primary (so-called) servitised, productised or customised platform formats at VoxWorld.Coop are culture-cards, culture-disks and culture-designed accessories....all in a unique display unit and dispenser.

Essentially this all means we are witnessing the introduction of an era in Social Purchasing, sometimes called Ethical Trading, for and between Communities, through its own people from around the world, people who will 'vote with their wallet' - and can  open one's own Culture Showcase Exchange at associated Telecentre Movement locations, with Diaspora and followed by Social Causes in supporting Outlets worldwide. A Community can start as simply as with with a Money Transfer Card, Travelcard, Callcard or Culturecard- each leveraged to benefit local homeshore Community Development Hub projects; and where a VoxLabs
® Dispenser takes a little more space than a one-cubit foot Dispenser to showcase one's culture or can grow to a fullscale retail outlet of several thousand square feet to highlight it - complete with interactive kiosks and displays and online, offline or mobile services attached.