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Homeshores Direct: a Festival of World Cultures 365

Sm'art Consulting Franchisors: the Consulting Franchisors that can guide your Community towards a more explicit, workshop-driven implementation of Vox Franchise® model, including your own Community Sm'art Hub© & an internal Development Centre facilities. Choose this option where you want authorised independent consultants to offer hands-on advise to Communities on utilisation of VoxLabs Interfaces below in order to to reap the new Educational and associated Jobs benefits; in addition to providing know-how for customisation, productisation and servitisation with VoxLabs® Model for benefit of your Community. Ideal for education facilities at Off-Campus Colleges, and at Co-ops and Corporate education facilities  those who either now or in the future wish to provide their own Continuing Educational Programme courses to fill some of the vast skills gaps in this era of chronic global shortage of skilled workers. These Sm'art Consulting Franchisors can provide the foundation stones for a more explicit, Workshop-driven implementation of the VoxLabs® Model, followed by the Vox Franchise® Outlets tand the VoxWorld.Coop® Culture-Brands, and including representation at International Conference presentations - through the format of a Sm'art L-E@rn Programme.

This Sm'art Consulting Franchisor can take you each step of the way, to Next Stage of the VoxFranchise® Sm'artshop-driven Community.Coop Outlets. This VoxFranchise® option is provided on a revenue sharing basis. Now there are four options, four different and unique ways to 'vote with your wallet', through economic or Social Purchasing at VoxFranchise® - when Community Diaspora members purchase one or all of the following products through any participating VoxWorld.Coop® Storefront:  


   1. SM'ART TALK direct with your Homeshores

   2. SM'ART MONEY TRANSFER as leveraged for development of Homeshores Sm'art E-CO Hubs, to create Sm'art Jobs

   3. SM'ART SHOP direct from at your Homeshores Outlets

   4. SM'ART CULTURE as experienced in a Homeshore Festival of World Cultures 365

The VoxLabs option is made available through Sm'art Consulting Franchisors on a revenue sharing basis. Additional services are also provided through this channel.  Previously, Assumption University of Thailand (ABAC) became a world leader in provision of E-Learning services since its creation of its College of Internet Distance Education (CIDE) with its ambition of offering E-Learning services over internet to 100,000 student and making ground-breaking 'one stop services for University education' available to 'for anyone, from anywhere, and at anytime' as their slogan says. ABAC's CIDE was established in 2002 when only c.10-20 million students were studying worldwide over internet and when its student base was 18,000.  In 2007 ABAC's acting Chief Operations Operations Officer for their Computer Internet Distance Education (CIDE), Professor Dr Chaiyong Brahmawong, delivered an address on the VoxWorld.Coop application of VoxLabs® Model - it having been chosen by UNESCAP as a leading example of a Virtual E-Business for the Greening of Business, under a Conference theme at UNESCAP's Green Growth Policy Dialogue in Bangkok 2007, an address entitled: "Virtual eBusiness: A Case of VoxWorld.Coop Collaboration with AU-CIDE and other International Organisations in Added Value Creation for Asia". CIDE have agreed an Outline Plan for implementation under a VoxWorld.Coop Programme & Project in a CIDE-driven Continuing Education Programme for Nurses & Careworkers. 

Dr Noel Jones of Capacity Building International (CBI) Consultants is a current Visiting Professor at ABAC University in Bangkok, Thailand, was a Visiting Professor at the Joint Vienna Insititute in Austria from 1993-2004 and was a staff member of World Bank and IMF  for 15 years during that time. He has travelled the world on behalf of CBI doing Consulting work for past decade. During that time he also became au fait with VoxWorld.Coop application especially in Educational field and in general with the communitarian application of VoxLabs® Model for VoxWorld.Coop. In doing so he spoke by invitation at several International Remittance Conferences in  support of it as a leading Communitarian model that addesees issues facing the Diaspora Communities worldwide. His many Presentations concluded at Inter-American Development Bank, Washington, USA in 2005, entitled: "VoxWorld.Coop: Consumer Model for Accessing Underserved Markets". Noel at CBI is today available on an individual basis or as team-lead for VoxLabs Model E-Teams to address Community implementation requirements for VoxLabs® Model & VoxFranchise® Smartshop-driven Outlets and VoxWorld.Coop® Culture-Brands. 

Franchisor Partners can choose from following Licensing options over the duration of the full Programme, to be provided within VoxLabs SLA Standards:

E-CO Sm'art VoucherCard Formats Licences
E-CO Sm'art Cards Format Licences
E-CO Sm'art Cells Format Licences
E-CO Sm'art Disks Format Licences
E-CO Sm'art Dispenser Concept System Licences
E-CO Sm'art Display Concept System Licences
E-CO Sm'art DiasporaBox Concept System Licences
E-CO Sm'art Shop Systems Licences

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