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Homeshores Direct: a Festival of World Cultures 365

Sm'art Retail Franchisors -  Retailers can provide the most rapid access from your local Community to your global Community, significantly aided by installation of a Vox Franchise® Sm'artShop at their worldwide Co-op Outlets, including re-presentation of their products and services from your Co-op Catalogue. VoxLabs® is a ground-breaking Next Generation network model, which specialising in provision of new Sm'art O&O Services through customisation, servitisation & productisation - services as provided through collaborative local, regional and global Community-based Orgs via Community brand portfolio management;. VoxLabs® uses innovative 'shopper stopper' merchandisers, its other seven consumer interfaces, culture branding, franchise outlets-under community concepts, stories and themes, and many other aspects of VoxLabs model for E-Community.Coops. Choose this option where you want greater participation in creating added value for your own Community - through Sm'art | Out on your Own


Ideal for retail chains, airports, hotels, car hire, phone shops, banks, travel Agents, culture stores, tourist shops, mobile consumer electronics outlets, money transfer agents, bureau de change locations and independent service operated or redemption outlets who either already or wish to target underserved Communities and Diasporas in global Neighbourhood Communities.
Providers of VoxWorld.Coop Culture Showcases displaying the best in cultural collections, compilations, iconic works, artist commissions from across the world's regions, countries and local states or districts - while specialising in showcasing Community brands and providing new ways and new ideas in retailing 24/7.

This Sm'art Retail Franchisor can take you each step of the way, to Next Stage of the VoxFranchise® Sm'artshop-driven Community.Coop Outlets. This VoxFranchise® option is provided on a revenue sharing basis. Now there are four options, four different and unique ways to 'vote with your wallet', through economic or Social Purchasing at VoxFranchise® - when Community Diaspora members purchase one or all of the following products through any participating VoxWorld.Coop® Storefront: 


1. SM'ART TALK direct with your Homeshores
2. SM'ART MONEY TRANSFER as leveraged for development of Homeshores Sm'art E-CO Hubs, to create Sm'art Jobs
SM'ART SHOP direct from at your Homeshores Outlets
4. SM'ART CULTURE as experienced in a Homeshore Festival of World Cultures 365

And VoxFranchise® enables you to open your own E-Community branded Storefront at the VoxWorld.Coop®, the private label Outlets; or your community-based organisation members can build/ own their own MicroFranchise virtual eBusiness using VoxLabs toolbox and interfaces - in order to buy and/ or sell direct to and through your Global Neighbourhood Communities worldwide. VoxFranchise is a metamediary, not a middle man or wholesaler, that supplies you with a complete E-Community toolbox to build your own E-Community Brand - and can also introduce partners interested in licensing your products, when using VoxLabs model and its ECO-friendly packaging systems.

Sm'art Retail Franchisor Partners can choose from following Licensing options over the duration of the full Programme, to be provided within VoxLabs SLA Standards:

E-CO Sm'art Programmes Licences
E-CO Sm'art Projects Licences
E-CO Sm'art Portals Licences
E-CO Sm'art Packagers Licences
E-CO Sm'art Publishing Licences
E-CO Sm'art Pointcasting Licences
E-CO Sm'art Podcasting Licences