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Homeshores Direct: a Festival of World Cultures 365


So how can Communities access the Social Marketplace? The answer can be found in what can termed 'social purchasing' or ethical purchasing - 'thinking before we buy' as worldwide consumers, especially in developed countries and from developing countries, by simply 'voting with our wallet'; just asking ourselves before we spend 'who benefits' from our purchases and even better if we ask ' who ought to benefit'?. Millions of people have seen and already responded to what Fair Trade, Product (Red) and others have already done with products - now much more needs to be done, and we can do so much more......but this time with digital products - Digital Culture Products & Services, starting with Sm'art Product Platforms

to be specific. That is what we term Sm'art Social Purchasing. With access to the internet we can readily find the answers we need for us all to arrive at an informed personal decision - one that will make a real difference and impact in other people's lives; yet doing so much more, with the same money. Why ? -simply 'Cause it matters! Today we have no real excuse, not one that stands up to analysis anyway - countless books have been published for years on the subject too and it is all very well represented or recorded by leaders in the field, letting everyone who wants to be aware, very aware.....with books like Bottom Billion (Paul Collier), Bottom of the Pyramid (CK Prahalad), Voices of the Poor trilogy (World Bank) and many excellent articles too. All the evidence that we all need is there now to see, out in the open. All the reports we need have long been completed. The talking has long been done. And the people skills abound with which to do it - only an initiative(s) is needed now to tap into and direct those skills towards people's greatest needs - poverty, that threatens world stability as it feeds insecurity and fuels anti-social behaviour. There is a better and achievable way forward. First we need an Awakening to the realities that confront us, followed by an Awareness and then a coming together, a Gathering - often called 'the wisdom of the crowds', putting our collective mind to work - and not just because the world is on the precipise, due to a failure to confront these real and present dangers, a failure to take the long overdue actions while allowing such poverty to serve as the root of so much evil. All the people of the world deserve and are entitled to the respect and dignity that gives them equal opportunity to build a fruitful life for themselves, their families and communities. And that begins with Caring for People- Across Borders and Cultures, healthcare - health before wealth, indeed health is wealth!. One of the best ways then for everyone to find the money needed to get that Care is if we engage in Sm'art Social Purchasing.




Sm'art Jobs: StarterPaks
A Collateral Wallet Roadmap to your Future


The Social Purchasing "Sm'art Jobs" StarterPaks in-your-Wallet open the door to traded-services income generation and a new way to live and to provide. Wallets can be obtained from VoxFranchise® with cards and USB discs can be obtained through a variety of participating ICT-powered outlets at one of these provider locations: Community Hubs, High Street CyberCafes, NGO TeleCentres, local Public Internet Access Points, Village Knowledge Centres, InfoCentres, Community Technology Centres, Community Multi-Media Centres, Multi-purpose Community TeleCentres, Citizen Service Centres, Public Libraries, Community Colleges, Social Enterprise Centres, Universities, Corporate Campuses, Hotel Business Centres, as well as Airline, Car Hire and Airports Internet Points or similar outlets.

The Sm'art Jobs StarterPaks are available in one Package deal
with  patented POS Display Dispenser or in monthly parts as below, with online, offline or mobile versions provided:

  1. ICT - Certified ICT Skills Course on USB disc and essential in accessing most Jobs tomorrow, for both the traditional jobs that we know and all the new ones rapidly emerging enabling online opportunities for you to work at home.
  2. Education - Certified Remote Education Courses on USB disc and vital in advancing your job prospects tomorrow, for sustainable traded-services, high skilled jobs, workers co-ops, creative services or hospitality services; FDIC Money Smart certificate curriculum online, on disc or over mobile thats builds Financial Knowledge, Security & Confidence as you learn how to leverage Diaspora Money Transfers to build your local Community Hub. .
  3. Finance - Financial Wealth Account cards and necessary to avail of all the facilities open to you for building your own progressive Community Development with microfinance services and to avail of the incentivised Vouchers from participating Service Providers.
  4. Innovation - New Collateral Wallet Ideas from VoxWorld.Coop to leverage your Community Art in a collective Community monetisation of Cultural sources and centres with your Diaspora.
  5. Traded-Services - New Ways to earn with Community Hub driven TeleTeach, TeleCare, TeleTech and a hundred other Tele opportunities to fill tens of millions of vacant Smart Jobs and in-demand Services with traded-services, high skilled jobs, workers co-ops, creative services or hospitality services.

As an example of what could be done - in addressing the Haiti crisis on World Bank blog by Dilip Ratha, the renowned Remittance specialist over last decade, VoxWorld.Coop wrote the following on his blog in Jan 2010 immediately after the earthquake and contacted agencies working on the ground in Haiti and USA: https://blogs.worldbank.org/peoplemove/helping-haiti-through-migration-and-remittances 


"Your blogs are always so very well informed in the area of global Remittances that they are very often thought-provoking - and none more so than how money transfers could help the people of Haiti today, all in addition to the essential Aid services of course. While the world does not yet know how to react fully to the sheer scale of the suffering, devastation and fear that pervades Haiti right now- a country that is only one third the size of the island of Ireland but with 50% greater population, and already a disenfranchised people- the world can hear the cry of the people of Haiti and respond to them on a far wider frontier, to enable them to climb out of their misery and to now open up a far brighter future for their children. They are a strong, proud and independent-minded people who have suffered too much already, even before this earthquake. They must not have entered the world spotlight in vain now but instead we can ensure that this disaster will lead with a degree of certainty to a much better life for all of their people. This can be achieved through ongoing Social Purchasing. Shoppers of the World will unite today under strong leadership such as you have long given over this past decade on how Remittances can end poverty, being the root of so much evil in this world of ours. People of the world have now a real opportunity to act and vote with their wallet daily to change the world of the people of Haiti. People of the world are now only awakening to their plight through this dreadful tragedy, but an ongoing awareness can be translated through Social Purchasing into us all building a true Global Neighbourhood Community - helping each other to help ourselves. Richard O'Farrell"


We must now make that happen for people of Haiti, as well as Africa, Asia and many other places. And in doing so everywhere, communities can collectively create millions of new and lasting jobs - especially jobs in their own homeshores, in the form of traded-services...from home and also at home. Then we will see that the great financial crash that consumed the world's attention for past two years can indeed serve as a great good for all. It can be seen to have been the Great Awakening that the world has so badly needed, and for so long too; where all people can now be empowered; where fear can be replaced by a Plan; where all you need is a bright idea, one little spark of imagination, one small flash of inspiration or one individual or community initiative.



SM'ART SKILLS: So now that the talking has long been done, the talking-shops have ended - we all know now of the vast pool of untapped skills around the world including those very much in-demand such as nurses, teachers & ICT skills everywhere. People are not held back from supplying that need by any lack of initiative, foresight or insight but by essentially a lack of college access, available places or convenience; which in turn is often caused by a lack of suitable college tutors aka. to deliver ICT-literate, remote, student-centric education....to anywhere, anytime, anyone. So there is an even greater need in addressing the global shortage of nurses, being the need to 'educate the educators' - which resource lacks the necessary funding itself, and especially for the technology required today in such education and service delivery. Then again, while such education is being increasingly provided offshore in Developing Countries where it is much cheaper, availability of their resultant services is being taken up in general by communities overseas in Developed Countries that can pay most for these graduates - which demand is largely going to the highest bidder, the wealthy nations, because of a gross shortage of supply there. That leaves developing nations at a grave disadvantage. New ways need to be found to meet the global demand in all countries. And new ways are indeed possible, with advent of information and communications technology (ICT) and eHealth services.

SM'ART TRANSACTIONS: The Buyer offers a debitcard, a credit card or a tradecard (purchasing card) while getting a fixed credit period from creditcard or tradecard provider before the are required to make settlements, thus generating positive cashflows - assuming onward sales are made before settlement falls due, while occuring in all cases of reloadable cards. Meanwhile the Supplier gets actual instant payment or prior assurances of reliable and rapid payments for sales, in same way as one would reserve or sell hotel accomodation. In all cases the sales are supplier direct via a point of sale or point of purchase; the money being remitted goes direct to your selected merchants account - whether the sale is made at Community Hub©, on your own e-commerce website, at Diaspora outlets or wherever the merchant card payment system in place. Neither VoxLabs nor nay other middlemen are used or allowed into this process outside of the relevant card or payment company and its structures. And the Community Hub or Sm'art Trader providers of the content as the merchants can alone choose which card or payment mechanisms are acceptable to them.


SM'ART CONTENT: Yet only one initiative(s) in education is what is needed today to tap into and release that great resource and direct those unused skills towards satisfying people's unmet needs worldwide - while meeting an even greater need as a direct objective..... allievating and then eliminating the dire poverty (people who have to live on c.$2 a day) that threatens world stability as it feeds insecurity and fuels anti-social behaviour. Yes, there is indeed a better and most achievable way out of the grasp of that poverty. Today we are witnessing a great Awakening to the realities of what confronts us all, a by-product of the global financial crash of 2008 - how the world is pulling back from the precipice to which the world had arrived because of a failure to confront these real and present dangers; that being an abject failure in Social Leadership; a failure to take the long overdue actions...while allowing poverty to put 'on hold' the lives of billions of people, while in doing so creating a vacuum that served as the root of so much evil and corruption. So today there is a window of real opportunity for a great Awareness to raise its head in an appreciation of each others respective cultures. Possibilities abound for a great Gathering to follow in a celebration of those cultures, a virtual festival of world cultures - available direct from homeshores. All the people of the world deserve and are entitled to the respect and dignity that gives them an equal opportunity to build a fruitful life for themselves, their families and communities.

BEING PART OF IT: When you become part of it - firstly, you will be a member of VoxWorld.Coop Communities in the social marketplace; secondly, you will be leveraging Social Purchasing through the VoxLabs® New Business Model with its innovative formats and community customisable interfaces through Vox Franchise®; and, thirdly, you will; be ready to buy and/or sell your own content in customisable and servitised products via VoxWorld.Coop Outlets, and all collectively under your Interactive Community Brand© name. Now it is time to present your servitised product offering. Vox Franchise® prioritises ICT-based innovative digital products designed to satisfy your Diaspora demand in this new social marketplace, focusing on your culture to fill a latent demand among your diaspora, as part of one online global community neighbourhood; availing of low cost reproduction in volume and with ability to outsource and/ or offshore all or any additional business or community services you may require to participate in this vast social marketplace experience - and all on a revenue sharing basis, where the barriers are taken down and removed.

It's up to every Community to take the first step in helping themselves - to fix a vision for themselves that captures the imagination of their own community; that gives them unity of purpose to fire everyone into collective action, acting as one global Community. Starting with Care, giving care to the world - bearing with it the wonderful gift of courage, and the gift of hope...to all those with such great needs.