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Universal Social Purchasing (USP)


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We read a lot about Social Purchasing in general, about those enlightened shoppers who 'vote with their wallet', the ever growing numbers who ask they buy 'who benefits most here' before - those with the (most often discretionary) spending power who also bear in mind the Coping Classes, simply 'cause it matters, as they increasingly become a card-carrying member of a more Caring Society. They know in their hearts and minds that Change is inevitable, indeed an essential ingredient, before we can all as a Society move on. Now on more specific terms we call this process Universal Social Purchasing (USB), as this outlook on life gathers pace.

SM'ART LIFEWORK: Now that the talking is done, now that the talking-shops have ended, and now that the fog has been lifted through shared insights - we can all look and see the vast pool of untapped yet essential skills all around the world, especially those with essential "Lifework skills" that are so very much in-demand today - such as Nurses, Teachers & ICT skills everywhere. Let's take one, the Nurses, then extrapolate to other essential Lifework groups with global shortages. We call it Smart Lifework because those who take up this lifework are mostly devoted for life to their chosen career, but who now require ICT skills to meet tomorrow's world demands.

We have all come to realise that those people living in Unreached Communities everywhere have in fact these skills at hand already but as yet untapped; that they are not held back from supplying those needs to their own people and indeed others by any lack of initiative, foresight or insight but essentially through a lack of access to Education. That ranges from need for the pre-requisite digital literacy, language, courses availability, quality courses assurance, numbers of places on offer, affordability or even locations of the College.

Less understood, however, is that these quality College Courses shortages are in turn often caused by a lack of suitably qualified College Tutors, those with the pre-requisite technology, language, course knowhow and experience as well as inter-personal cultural and other skills required to deliver ICT-literate, remote, student-centric Education that is in demand today for anyone, anywhere, at anytime. The greater need in addressing the critical Global Shortage of Nurses in their millions worldwide is the prior need to 'Educate the Educators'. To do this, the Countries with the most would-be Student Nurses populations lack the necessary funding resources, and thus the technology required to provide such education and service delivery to those new standards required by young people today. Today such education is increasingly being provided offshore in some Developing Countries, because it is much cheaper for the Country & Employer alike, but the availability of the resultant Nurses services are being taken up in general by overseas communities in the Developed Countries because they can afford to pay most for their graduates. Thus services are largely going to the highest bidder, the wealthy nations, because of a gross shortage of supply there too due to their own Health & Education budgetary constraints. That leaves developing nations at a grave disadvantage. New ways need to be found - and indeed are available when we look closer - to meet the global demand across all countries and people. These new ways are made possible with advent of information and communications technology (ICT) for provision of E-Health traded-services within every Community.

SM'ART TRADERS: When we think Care, we first think Nurses; when we think Nurses, we first think Hospitals; then we think Clinics and then the Carers in the Communities. Today or tomorrow we will all need one, we all get that. The emphasis will change, needs to change. Every Community needs not just Nurses who 'Care For' (the Unwell) but increasingly needs Nurse Coaches who 'Care About' (our Wellness) their Community. In that tomorrow, it's all about Communities first, Nurses & Carers in general as attached to their Hubs and providing local and global Traded-services. If affordability of those Services is the obvious first big obstacle to successful E-Health implementation, then Universal Social Purchasing (USP) is the perhaps unseen answer, the actual solution. To whom will that USP appeal most, to their Diaspora Community - those who care most about and want their familiies and people back home to have a good quality of life, connected home through a lifelong sense of longing and belonging. And in that scenario the Community Hub and their Community Brand become the providers of the new content in form of traded-services through worldwide merchant networks. Traded-services can be paid for by debit cards, credit cards but also in exchange for USP Vouchercards that are also open to sponsors underwriting. Those Smart Traders beget the Livelihoods of many, still working at home, providing both local and global services.
SMART SECTOR: When you become part of it here at ICCO through your participating TSO membership - firstly, you will be a co-member of those VoxWorld.Coop promoted ICCO Communities in the social marketplace; secondly, you will be leveraging Universal Social Purchasing (USP) through its VoxLabs virtual New Business Model with its innovative formats and community customisable interfaces through Vox Franchise in Ireland; and, thirdly, you will be ready to buy and/or sell your own Content in customisable products and services at VoxWorld.Coop authorised Outlets, and collectively under your own Interactive Community Brand name(s). Then it is time to present your own servitised product offering, where Vox Franchise prioritises innovative ICT-based digital products designed to release and satisfy your Diaspora's latent demands in this new social marketplace; focusing on your culture as part of one great online Global Community Neighbourhood. In doing so you will be availing of low cost production in volume and with ability to outsource and/ or offshore all or any of your required B2B business or B2C community services that you may require, from Ireland, as an Social Innovation Hub, as you participate in this vast social marketplace experience - all on a revenue sharing basis. There, the barriers to Livelihoods are gredually dismantled and finally removed. That is the World that we envisage and can co-create with the Communities of tomorrow, and their constituent Third Sector Orgs (TSOs) of the Social Sector. With ICT added, we call it the Smart Sector.

SMART COMMUNITY ACTION: While we can only promote this new thinking, it's eventually up to every Community to decide or not to take their own first step towards this new world - by first fixing on a vision for themselves, one that captures the imagination of their own community alone; one that gives them a unity of purpose that will then propel everyone into collective action, to work together as-one global Community....thinking different, but with shared beliefs.

A Community that Cares for others cares for itself, and somehow finds the Courage they need embedded in their actions while together giving the great Gift of Hope to their fellow Community members in reaching out to their Coping Classes to satisfy their great needs while answering their own, with new Livelihoods.

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