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Homeshores Direct: a Festival of World Cultures 365

The first productised platform features our customised module below for Dr Martens branded Laces & Accessories, which was traded simultaneously in over 40 countries under our themed 'Options in Originals' concept. It is a leading Rolemodel example for Sm'art E-CO Hub© of how simply everyone can trade globally today under their own brand concept, story & theme while outsourcing and/ or offshoring all the services required such as Patent Packaging & Assembly, Added Value Managed Services, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, etc. The replica laces collection devised was a standardised presentation of every shoe and boot lace produced by Dr Martens in all qualities and lengths of their original famous footwear down through the years. It sold 3,000 miles of laces in first three months, an extraordinary feat of production, logistics and worldwide shipping to 40 countries simultaneously by all parties - including a three week order turnaround to Irish Distribution Centre using our unique Display System. Today we also offer other Product Platforms, led by
Sm'art Culture Wallet Concepts On-Card.


In this example, to serve as a guide to what is possible for your Community Brand - the resultant Laces merchandise sales was up to 25 times all previous laces product sales in their leading markets. The Retail Return on Investment was up to 40 times previous models. The laces display space was as little as 16% of all previous display methods. The brand handling specialised in successful sales and marketing including over a dozen International Expos, with order aggregation by destination (wholesalers, distributors in 40 countries), with supporting kan ban stock order, brand shop in shop integration, shipping aggregation with main footwear product orders at Brand central warehouse as well as prior approval of concept, design, prototype, production, logistics and also supplier payments together with outsourced distribution centre authorisation in Ireland. In this case, with the exception of actual production, the main work was outsourced and offshored to Ireland - from product concepts, story & theme generation and integration, bar coding algorithms, exclusive IPR packaging cum production rights, global product sourcing & deliveries to authorised distribution centre, kan ban stocking or product and for dispenser & auto-merchandising support packaging for best sellers, ICT-based order & production aggregation & placement, product & packaging customisation, marketing presentations, instore marketing materials concept & production, worldwide presentation preparation and delivery to a dozen Expos from London to Las Vegas, Logistics (packaging assembly & labelling, barcodes, ISO standards, kitting, pick & pack, shrinkwrapping), distribution centre operation, kan ban stocking & shipping.


Our product and packaging Concept System was then extended to include Dr Martens Accessories range - with brand logo & design printed T-shirts; jacquard socks & underwear/ vests; custom belts & braces and embroidered hats & jeans. They all sold simultaneously across 40 countries on all Continents through c.300 wholesalers and distributors into over 5,300 shop locations.

Today the "Sm'art Dispenser System" has now upgraded to include three times the product platform ranges, provides customer servitisation as well as eBusiness services and Community services. The concept has been extended to include remote shop management and instore marketing options. Three versions of the model are now available - online, offline and mobile, to cater for digital culture products and volume production issues in satisfying global demand. All are made available here to global Communities for customisation. Our Display Systems & other six Interfaces can be customised & personalised for your eCommunity, eCorp, eCoop, eCollege or Affinity Group. The options are endless, all that is needed is a commitment to your own programme. Every other tool is available to you, through your Sm'art E-CO Hub© and via co-branded VoxWorld.Coop Outlets for implementation within your customised Social Purchasing Programme today.