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Sm'art Culture Wallet Concepts On-Card


Homeshores Direct: a Festival of World Cultures 365

SM'ART WALLET CONCEPTS: This second Productisation features opportunities for 'options in original' Leather Wallets as a platform for Community.Coop Cards range, and which can carry a Community motto that stands for you and your Way of Life together with a booklet carrying your Community Story. The wallets to be featured can include the twin 'his and hers' family card-wallets to emphasise its 'borderless world' nature and with of objective of being delivered complete with a incremental collection of empowering cards - optionally to include paycards, debitcards, credit cards, ATM cards, membership cards and many others. All from a Vox Franchise® delivered programme through VoxWorld.Coop Outlets, and exclusively under private Community label. Long lasting pure leather is the acceptable standard offer. A range of colours are available from VoxLabs authorised providers, currently for production by India producers. Private Label options include metal bar, foil printed or embossed logo applications subject to minimum quantitiies. Alternatively, you can proceed with disc options at: Sm'art Culture Libraries On-Disc



Wallets are the very symbol of wealth creation for you, your family and your wider community. Uniquely our Wallet Concepts with Cards can empower you and your people in enabling you to create your own Virtual Community, so that everyone can participate fully in the vast Knowledge and Innovation Economies of today and become a member of the Sm'art Community World. You already have all the ability you need already or spread within your wider Community. You have a latent demand already existing within your own Diaspora and their global neighbourhood community too. And you have all the tools available to you to build your own Sm'art E-CO Hub© right here using the VoxLabs® New Business Model for Virtual Community-building; and through it with its member-empowering sister operation - VoxWorld.Coop, in a co-promotion of the co-op movement worldwide with dotCoop (DotCooperative LLC). Holistically, the Sm'art E-CO Hub is enabled for integration with existing or future Community Co-op Development Centres, TeleCentres, Self-Help Groups & Social Enterprise Centres.



Now you can release the power within yourself, your family and your community - opening access to borderless Microfinance (led by Money Transfers), Smartphones, Travel & Culture - with the Sm'art E-CO Hub© Wallet as now available at VoxLabs Providers or later online or through smartphones. You can be part of a Virtual Festival World Cultures 365. Startup now, stand out as a brand or go out on your own, accessing a new route to a better Way of Life. Tomorrow you can thrive both in and from within your own culture, in a micro-franchising opportunity 4U.

It starts with a job/ trade of course - having one or finding one. Where your community migrants went of necessity in yesteryear, you have the alternative opportunity (and much of it due to the trading corridors they have opened as a result) to trade from the confines of your own home, village, town or homeshores tomorrow. You have a free choice now ever since advent of the internet, you are free as always to travel for work/ a job of course but with the option to trade from own home, hometown or homeshores. You can now help build your own Community Brand, fill your own Hub© Wallet - advance along the road to a new and better Way of Life. But thats just the very beginning - Money Transfers from such work, whether generated from Migrant Jobs overseas or through Trade from home, is vital income indeed. Yet you need credit to then grow a self-sustainable business at home, and in doing so to collectively help create a Sm'art Community and build a Smart Economy in your homeshores. There is a great unsatisfied need for Microfinance. Yes, you need some funding to grow your trade at and from home - though not to startup - and being money which has rarely been available in or to traders in developing world or communities alike. You can find that Microfinance here too as you grow, and leverage money transfers. You don't want to wait for or perhaps even need Aid any more, many want to stand up and stand out on their own two feet so-to-speak, become independent. And you discover that all the resources you need are already all around you or available otherwise to you, if only you knew how to tap into those resources globally you feel. You have services to offer - either now or services that you know you can learn about for the future - and the internet shows us all that there are millions of nurses, careworkers, technology and other services are in endless demand worldwide for all to see, in fact tens of millions of jobs or services need to be filled today urgently...though in new ways. The old ways no longer apply. So how can we all get together, even virtually, to fix the problem? Through borderless collaboration - it needs whole new business models to cross borders and bring both sides together. VoxLabs® is just one such New Business Model, as the "Custom Wallet & vouchercard platform" illustration above demonstrates how to do it.