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Homeshores Direct: a Festival of World Cultures 365

VoxLabs® essentially seeks to help leverage the vast surplus product capabilities and capacities in the West (led by ICT technologies) in order to address, in an engagement with Communities in Rest of the World, the enormous global shortages in skilled Jobs or skilled Trade workers worldwide, led by millions of skilled Jobs shortages this decade for Nurses, Carers, ICT & many other skilled workers worldwide - what are known as 'interactive tacit jobs'. Those are jobs that require experience and judgement as well as knowledge. It all needs to be harnessed and differentiated under your Community Brand, and applied to providers of services as Sm'art Brand Licences. Yet this is something we can all learn, when we have the opportunity such as can be opened up from here for Communities using VoxLabs® model. Indeed tomorrow. With these innovative tele Traded-Services skills on board - you can fill, or learn to fill, many of these jobs and trade gaps to serve these global shortages worldwide ongoing. Start Smart - see the
Top 10 Jobs in demand today in USA. And while there are over a hundred varying walks-of-life, or Life-Work, that we aim to address in time with VoxLabs® model, we have elected to start with with Care World, and people who Care, for a world that cares; being what we believe the world needs most of all today. While there are many ways to care, we are prioritising caring about people, across cultures in an increasingly borderless world. Everything flows from there. Know it or not - you have all the tools available today, that are affordable and possible now for you to Start your own E-Community Development, certainly when using the VoxLabs® internet-based Virtual E-Business Model; ready then to engage with your grassroots to form or focus your Community Co-op as a new way forward for you and your Community where you can earn more, eat and live better, or learn to earn, indeed learn as you earn. Sm'art |Productisation partners can choose from following Licensing options over the duration of the full Programme, to be provided within VoxLabs SLA Standards.

Whereupon you can progress to collectively build your own interactive Community Brand ready for worldwide recognition and trading, building that brand in access to your global Diaspora and Open Your Own Storefront at VoxWorld.Coop Outlets. With the
VoxLabs® model you can create a job or trade for yourself, or indeed help create a 100 or even thousands of more jobs for your wider Community - depending on your Community size, level of commitment and vision for your people. It's up to each of us, its our choice, our vision for ourselves.

Now the Diaspora Communities are central to how VoxLabs
® seek to create more Online Opportunities for Jobs & Trade, more Work at Home opportunities and so the model is dedicated to and inclusive of serving the cross-border or borderless Mobile E-Communites - firstly, people who need or want to travel the world for work elsewhere, connecting through their Diaspora Community-based Orgs; secondly, is dedicated to serving Communities through those who spend their life helping others in Social Causes Orgs; and thirdly, is  dedicated to serving Communities through Cooperatives, Credit Unions, TeleCentres, Self-Help Groups and Social Enterprise Orgs - the Social Movements Orgs. Many things are possible, some seemingly impossible goals are achieveable by those who believe in themselves and what they can offer. VoxLabs® was created to offer a helping hand in generating such new business for you, your family and your Community. This innovative model can be used to assist you and your people to Start E-Community Development - using the VoxLabs® New Business Model. Focused first on working or trading Homeshores-Direct, it uniquely seeks to embrace an atmosphere of a virtual Festival of World Cultures 365 - presenting 'New Ideas, New Ways' for learning, earning, shopping & saving to those going Out On Your Own wherever they might be, while reflecting the real values of your own Culture. There are three types of Outlets for your Community Brand:  


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