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Sm'art Packaging Licensees


Homeshores Direct: a Festival of World Cultures 365

Sm'art Packaging at VoxLabs has three dimensions - Single Unit Dispensers, Multi-unit Shop Displays & cross-border Diaspora Boxes. All have different uses but one underlying common goal - more earning power for Diaspora Community at home and abroad. These Point of Sale (POS) Merchandiser Systems are designed to assist in Community Brand trading in this era that clamours for Social Branding; trading with an audience that appreciates your offering most because they understand your language and culture, and specifically to enable Homeshores-direct from Hubs supply of servitised products or Sm'art Servitisation that ensure reliable, affordable prices at accessible locations.

They are backed up by Pick-up Stations at Home ('Hubs') and Drop-off Stations abroad ('Outlets'). VoxLabs Sm'art Packaging has already developed a complete range of servitised Product Platforms as well as identified a vast range of applications as described earlier in this portal. Their locations can be essentially wherever you find your Diaspora population centres in general; and in particular wherever there is convenient surplus retail space or even new retail space available. In addition they are dedicated to application by and for each Community, ideal for agency Affiliates at home and abroad, local Cause marketing integration in Social Purchasing, Travel Culture Showcase Exchanges
and promote online opportunities to work at home:


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