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Homeshores Direct: a Festival of World Cultures 365

Tourism apart, most cultural wealth generation opportunities will occur for communities through use of Outlets - albeit as varies as optional routes with Online, Offline and Mobile versions; specifically Community Co-op Outlets as we see it. Validation of offerings in Online and Mobile versions very often succeed on back of Offline, the physical shop, Outlets. We visualise this opportunity as crystalising in form of Culture Showcases, set within both established Shops and New Retail Outlets too - as prior expertise is not required, as these can be fully acquired, where necessary, through remote learning of the Services Sciences. Culture Showcases can allow a Community to open a vitual network of Community Outlets with access to their Diaspora, can even build a Community Brand awareness. A VoxLabs' Culture Showcase fundamentally is comprised of content promoted by Culture Centres like local Radio & TV Stations, and by Cultures Sources like local Libraries. However our definition of Culture extends to the wider capture - it includes "....the total of the inherited ideas, beliefs, values, and knowledge, which constitute the shared bases of social action.... what is regarded as excellent in arts", where we see eveyone as being gifted in life with their own personal 'art' form, often being one that has yet to be discovered within. Your Culture Showcase can include three types of Interactive Brands - licensed and supportive Global Brands, licensed and more actively involved Culture Brands, and most of all building your own Community Brands where your Global Community can participate in the Culture they know and love, every day and wherever they live. Sm'art Customisation Partners can choose from following Licensing options over the duration of the full Programme, to be provided within VoxLabs SLA Standards:


Interactive Community Brands Licences
Interactive Culture Brands Licences
Interactive Global Brands Licences


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