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Homeshores Direct: a Festival of World Cultures 365

APPLICATIONS: VoxLabs® Model includes, as chosen from our Gallery, this montage of Dr Martens' branded Original Accessories & Shoelaces, which was simultaneously traded in 40 countries and is an example of how simply every Brand, including Community Brands now, can trade globally with their own dedicated concept, story & theme; going global or even being born global within as little as a 6-month timeframe. And today our Display Systems & other Interfaces can be customised & personalised in creating your own E-Community, E-Corp, E-Coop, E-College or your E-Affinity group. The options are endless, all you need is the commitment to undertake your own programme. Every other tool-of-trade is available to you directly at or through VoxLabs® Model for you to reachout to your Diaspora through your Community Brand, or perhaps under a Licensed Global Brand merchandise and services with VoxFranchise® Smartshop, or to leverage the power within global Culture Brands to support your local Social Causes; or even through a co-promotion with VoxWorld.Coop if you wish to collaborate or even become a member of the Cooperative Movement in order to build and promote your own interactive Community.Coop Brand. All of which can be provided in the ECO-friendly VoxLabs Model packaging, through VoxFranchise Sm'artshops or VoxWorld.Coop Interfaces and Outlets. Ultimately, we promote the concept of Sm'art | Culture Showcase Exchanges

between Diaspora & Homeshores Communities.



Above is a Kiosque collage of a complete replica range of AirWear Dr Marten branded Leisure Laces and Accessories as sold worldwide under our 'Options in Originals' concept in our point-of-sale Dispensers - being our trademarked packaging as carrying a unique concept, story and theme. It was created, designed in and fulfilled from our authorised Ireland Distribution Centre for Dr Martens and was distributed successfully in over 40 countries worldwide. The entire project from conception, with exhibitions from London to Las Vegas and worldwide distribution to 5,300 shops took six months.


SMARTSHOP KIOSQUE: The Components of the VoxFranchise Kiosque are now extended to include many other Options for diverse Point of Sale and Point of Purchase locations available to Community Brands today:

  1. iPOS
  2. mPOS
  3. iKiosque
  4. iPOD
  5. iPhone
  6. iRoom
  7. iSeat
  8. iCar
  9. dRadio
  10. iTV
  11. iScreen
  12. Dolmen Disque Display
  13. Dolmen iKiosk
  14. Disk Burner
  15. Premiere Unit
  16. Methagon Unit
  17. Pentagon Unit
  18. Butagon Unit
  19. iPOS Smart Reader
  20. mPOS Smart Reader
  21. Smart ATM
  22. Disk Burner


OUTLETS: There are many available new services and powerful formats too, to expand demand for Community Brands-

  1. DutyFree Outlets Format
  2. Culture Showcase
  3. SNS, Shop-in-Shop
  4. VRN, Virtual Retail Network
  5. ISM, Instore Marketing
  6. RSM, Remote Shop Management
    1. Kit Boxes
    2. Display Plynths
    3. Showcards
    4. Door Stickers
    5. Window Themes
    6. Promo T-Shirts