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It has been recognised for a decade or more that online businesses need lots and lots of new ideas in concepts, branded stories and themes to keep consumer interest alive and alert to their offerings; but most of all to address the needs and wants of the 4 billion who live at so-called Bottom of the Pyramid. Capturing the imagination of customers in these metamarkets have long revolved around addressing customer needs in new ways, what you/ your Social Brand can do for them - in form of clusters of transactions; becoming ever more part of their daily lives - making their lives easier, happier, less costly, offering better lifestyles, more rewarding etc. The day of merely selling your wares or are well and truly over as we all recognise. Those new solutions require insights into the way of life of this new marketplace. DotCom crossed industry boundaries, creating value opportunities but did not create wealth - merely transferring wealth instead. Now we have entered a new era - in wealth creation, tapping into latent demand for culture; that is only generally accessible from within each culture. Now add the fact that there four billion largely under-served customers today, for whom the old business models no longer apply - the products are not affordable no matter what the deal. We developed a new model that has many new factors embedded as set out in Sm'art Model Consulting.

For them before purchasing comes need for Jobs, or Trade- earning the money to spend in the first place- thus a need to find or, as increasingly today, to create Jobs; which in turn, means a prior requirement for Education too. Amidst the gloom of the financial collapse of 2008 in West, we can see that there is a world shortage of skilled Jobs - jobs that cannot be filled in the conventional way; are beyond the capacity of western Universities to fill. There-in lies the real tale - Nurses, Teachers, ICT workers...all required for the Knowledge and Innovation Economies in which all countries can play new and profitable roles. Those who look and really listen today can see that the World has now entered a period of very great change; one where we need and we can take charge of our own lives. The ICT revolution provides the means - reducing complexity to simplicity. The World has the need. And there are millions of Jobs to be created to provide new worldwide ebusiness services, customer services, community brand traders, service providers to new business models, change agents and community-based organisations. It is up to each Community as to who leads and who follows - the difference will be in levels of initiative. Only one thing is certain - very many of the winners fo tomorrow will be new entrants and very different virtual organisations, such is the level and credibility of change required. Today's consumers are operating in a quasi reverse auctioneering model - you are increasingly bidding for their business, and that in future will also include bulk community-wide purchasing; and they increasingly do not mind where you live, who you are or what size of organisation you run; what matters is an assurance of reliability and quality of course....but particularly being near-instantly available, cluster offerings of mega value and embedded in a customisable brand story that captures the imagination. Communities have that opportunity on their doorstep today.


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