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Sm'art Packaging Licensees
Sm'art | Servitisation
Sm'artWorld™ Prem'iere: Innovative POS Merchandiser System Licences
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Sm'art Services RateCard
Sm'art Services RateCard


Homeshores Direct: a Festival of World Cultures 365

SM'ART SERVICES RATECARD: Apart from Servitised Product offering from your own Catalogue, Services & Ratecards are also available for provision of following Services with Platform Products described earlier -
Content Product & Services Rates are provided at 10% gross revenue (face value). Aditional revenues earned are redistributed as Free Vouchers or Discount Coupons within Package Deals. Added Value increases with duration of Agreement eg. Diaspora planned purchasing programmes to fund local projects. Enabling services including VoxLabs Packaging & InStore Marketing are extras, where required. Typical Rates for all other services are based on basic €£$1 per member per month; in certain cases these taking form of micro package deals of services. Discounts are available ob basis of 12 months for price of ten advance reservations. Escrow accounts are utilised, followed by Outsourced Treasury Management account services later. Prem'iere exclusivity services are marked Extra. Some Services may be provided free of charge to user, marked FOC; from time to time some are also bundled free with other services:

  1. Community Services Providers Listing, 10%
  2. Community Product Providers Listing, 10%
  3. Franchise Service Providers Listing, 10%
  4. Specialist Consulting Teams Listing, 10%
  5. Triple Product Platforms, 10%
  6. VoxPoints
  7. Customised Upload
  8. Customised Top-ups
  9. Customised Downloads
  10. Interface Customisation
  11. Smartphone Services 28
  12. Prem'iere Rights, Extra
  13. Income Stream Deposits, FOC
  14. Long-term Agreement Deposits, FOC
  15. Packaging Deposits, FOC
  16. Front Screens Deposits, FOC
  17. Kan Ban Deposits, FOC
  18. Co-Marketing
  19. Co-Branding
  20. Co-Sponsorship
  21. Co-Location
  22. Portal Narrowcasting
  23. Smartphone chips, Extra
  24. Packaging System Tags, Extra
  25. Global Brand Portfolio Management
  26. Underwriting
  27. Digital Rights Management
  28. Licensed Intellectual Property Rights, Extra
  29. POS Packaging Dispensers services, Extra
  30. POS Displays services, Extra
  31. POS Diaspora Boxes service, Extra
  32. Logistics Software services
  33. Supply Chain Management Software services
  34. Outsourced Managed Services
  35. Designer iKiosk Customisation, Extra
  36. Portal Advertising ratecard
  37. Interfaces Sourcing Services
  38. Interface Creative Services
  39. Free-with-Product Franchisee deals
  40. Self-Liquidating Member Deals
  41. Concept, Story & Theme Initiation services
  42. Community Revenue Shareout services, FOC
  43. Minutes-of-Use Services
  44. Pooled Accounts
  45. Global Operations Centre
  46. Membership Registration, FOC
  47. Partner Registration, FOC
  48. DotCoop Licensing,
  49. Project Services, FOC
  50. VoxStudios Services
  51. Packager Services
  52. Programme Services
  53. Publication Services
  54. Podcast Services
  55. CAT Listing,
  56. Storefront services.
  57. FreeCAT, Barter
  58. Franchisors
    1. InHouse (Causes), FOC
    2. Cooperative (Movements), FOC
    3. Consulting, FOC
    4. Retailers (Diasporas), FOC
  59. Master Franchise Centre Services
    1. ATM Title, 250k
    2. ICB Title, 250k
    3. VoxWorld.Coop Education Academy
    4. VoxWorld.Coop Trade Centre
    5. VoxWorld.Coop Finace Institute
    6. Local Investment Projects Oversight
    7. Matching Funds
    8. Diaspora, Social Causes & Movements Levy
  62. Vox Affiliates, FOC
  63. Vox Agents, FOC