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We exist today in a Service Economy, where in Developed Countries perhaps as much as 70% of GDP are generated from all kinds of Services. This presents a great opportunity for Products to act as a platform for Services. Products today have an ever increasing element of Service in their offering, and this is known as Servitisation. Increasingly we are seeing services rapidly growing in Developing Countries primarily in the Big Budget areas of Health & Education Services, as well as in Financial Services in banking, debit & credit cards, insurance, investments, money transfers etc. Product-centric is no longer the route the top brands are taking, but have evolved instead into a co-creation of value with an increasingly networked audience. Experience is everything now - and retail experience has got all the advantages for audience capture, so brands have taken an ever increasing presence in retailing; from shop in shop sections, to factory outlets, to a full blown high street presence like the mobile phones and mobile consumer electronics brands. Customers want to participate, to live the brand - this evolved from Theme Parks which you experienced once every few months, year or years; into Endorsements by Stars of stadium, screen and stage that you saw and enjoyed every week; but now has evolved into the whole Arena experience that you engage with every other week. In line with that Brands moved from promoting good causes, into culture brands supporting communities at large. Now Communities themselves have a Voice of their own, a brand of their own and an audience of their own that appreciates it. That audience participate too in that brand, when for example members of a Diaspora return to and re-experience their homeland and all it has to offer them over and over again.

And there is an everyday version of that too - a T-Shirt is a mere product, that's until it promotes a Brand that stands for something you relate to, and better still if that is your Community Brand; then it the T becomes something else if it carries your favourite Quote thats says what you are about in life, for example. A Wallet is a product, until it offers cards and vouchers that empowers you, or shows you how to engage with your Community for example in a 'Homecoming' package deal that expands your experience and encourages others to follow suit. A Mobile phone is a product, until it delivers a trailer or preview of what that anticipated holiday could be like, complete with reservation and money transfer capabilities and all at low cost. Thats everyday Servitisation.

VoxLabs Packaging through its
Sm'art Packaging Licensing is an empowering instrument in delivering Servitisation and raising operational funds alike - the unique Packaging being a product servitisation concept carrier, a community storytelling carrier and a culture theme carrier. In doing so it provides a mechanism for channel outreach to Under-served Communities and in doing so helps generate funds for provision of international traded-services from Workers Co-ops at Home - through dedicated Community Narrowcasting for intending Service Providers of Education & Product /Services, co-promoting Culture Brands, would-be Community Sponsors and others in:

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