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Homeshores Direct: a Festival of World Cultures 365

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed its the only thing that ever has" (Margaret Meade)

Independent Sm'art Communities & Sm'art Institutions are set to grow exponentially from within today's Knowledge, Innovation or Smart Economies - and just as fast as independent computer networks blossomed with arrival of the Internet and World Wide Web before them not so long ago, since 1995 in particular; reflecting the vast opportunities (and risks) coming down the track as we enter the new Social Marketplaces. The reason why this is so is that only local leaders and community-based organisations really understand and appreciate what their own individual community's needs and wants truly are; and thus know to whom one can collectively make meaningful offers in any local setting, especially from an international stage being from or through their own Diaspora. Ideas born today are increasingly 'born global' - thus going global simultaneously; as these ideas can be replicated in high volume, and even distributed immediately via internet downloads, in an instant. It is their Community-based Orgs that these Communities must depend for future awareness and initiatives. These initiatives can be unleashed through the power of cooperation, and direct shared technology and other resources while facing towards one common community goal - One World at Work. As Communities, we can create our own Vision 2020 for Tomorrow, and/ or perhaps we can join a
Sm'art Global Initiative.

To create your Sm'art Communities you need a Vision 2020 for Tomorrow - new technology alone will not do that alone. The hub of VoxWorld.Coop Communities will be international Community Co-op Centres (titled the 'Sm'art E-CO Hub' at VoxLabs) backed by Community-based Organisations (CBO's) at home and away, in an ICT co-promotion worldwide with dotCoop (.Coop©) top level domain of Cooperative Movement; where the initiative must come from those with that vision, and where the benefits primarily then go back to your Homeshores-Direct. One can learn, earn, shop and save at the Sm'art Hub - in fact from anywhere, at anytime via anyone - once you have or hav elearned the skills and made your community Diaspora connections. The days of economic and social sacrifice in your homeshores, perhaps denuded by migrants who were forced to leave home for economic reasons, to earn a living are now wide open to major life-changing initiatives now. The technology and other means are available at or through VoxLabs®. Use the VoxLabs® communitarian model developed over many years since 1991, complete with all the tools required to satisfy what is a huge untapped latent demand worldwide for services not yet available - from online Outlets to shop-in-shops formats for best sellers, to virtual retail networks via interactive kiosks in cost-saving community collaboration, or simply via Dispensers & Displays in existing retail and new locations and diaspora boxes at shipping desks; all provided complete with culturally-integated, market-driving Interfaces...the Dispensers, Displays, Diaspora Boxes, Sm'artcards, Sm'artcells, Sm'artshops and Vouchercards. 

We can ignore this evolution at our peril - whole Industries have already vanished in front of our eyes with arrival of the dotCom boom and bust; while small, new, low cost, fleet-of-foot, enterprises are springing up everywhere, with benefits flowing to those who have the Vision and those who are prepared to make the Commitments to that vision. Entire Communities are in danger of being left behind however, should they fail to become part of the Knowledge Economy developments worldwide; being events of Epoc proportions, that now heralds the arrival of ever more potent Innovation, and the Smart & Social Economy that follows. Products of yesterday are being replaced by Services of today. The focus of the world has moved from the 'physical property ownership', that which was the hallmark of all banking projects of 20th Century - and is moving relentlessly onwards and upwards now into a world dominated by 'intellectual property' ownership, one that is already the hallmark of 21st Century with its Innovation Economy. This is where the 'Railroads of the 19th Century' can be paralleled by the 'Broadband of the 20th Century'; where the 'Trains to the 19th Century New Frontiers' back then
can be paralleled by the 'eCommerce of 21st Century New Frontiers. We have just passed through an era which the esteemed Warren Buffet called "wealth transfer, not wealth creation", the latter being the far more important era into which we have only now entered. Whereas in the past, entire Countries survived on Migrant Remittances, the Money Transfers from the enterprise and risk-taking of their migrant or diaspora community; tomorrow, on the virtual frontiers of this new world that is emerging by the day, every Community can survive and prosper by going Out on their Own as Sm'art Traders, Opening their own HomeStores Co-ops at Sm'art Hubs, and building their own Community Co-op Culture Brands; this with the aid Culture Showcases & Sm'art Shops from Vox Franchise® and become a vibrant and successful Sm'art Community in its own right; all from within their own community; this time generating local wealth creation, using their own or perhaps other social franchise toolboxes like those from VoxLabs® Model.

In the Evolution of Sm'art Communities, a Sm'art Community has been defined as 'an interconnected group of people with significant areas of common interest' whether connected online, offline or over mobiles; usually around a Community Hub or Centre. It has also been described as 'an eco-system of interconnected people contributing to a shared community vision in an outreach to their wider, global community'. Either way, these initiatives are invariably led 'from within', by their own people aka. 'by the community itself, for the community itself'; being those who alone posess the tacit knowledge essential to the  generation of trust, vital in assessing their own vision and critical pointing out the right direction towards their own key goals on their roadmap to their future. The time for waiting on Governments or Aid to arrive is over - you can now 'follow your own yellow brick road to your Emerald City' and Trade your way Out and Up!.

Many people are not acutely aware of the implications and sheer opportunities that abound within the notion of the Sm'art Community, just as we may not be aware of the impact of ICT (Information & Communication Technology) revolution on the Co-ops of tomorrow. And so we coined the term 'E-Communities.Coop' to reflect those dramatic changes, as we embrace them within the VoxLabs
® Model, in ways such as with the visual of a this VoxLabs® interactive Kiosk©. Those who have embraced and committed to the Sm'art Community concept are now ready today for the dotCoop© boom that will replace the dotCom bust we saw at the turn of the century, to which ICA.Coop open letters refer http://www.ica.coop/publications/pressreleases/2008-g8.pdf. Later you can open your own Community Brand Catalogue or Storefront now with VoxWorld.Coop Community Outlets, using the VoxLabs® Model toolbox as a Social Franchisor and as shown here in an application for Community Brands in a VoxLabs Culture Showcase as seen here; become part of a 'much more than profit' network of collaborative organisations.    


This is a New World, full of New Ideas for a New Way.....much of what we see today, post 2008 global crash in Stock Markets, Property Markets, Businesses & Pension Funds all around us is a vivid reminder of what happened in the days of the Gold Rush & Land Grab of 19th Century USA and what it became - where those who did not become part of the Change that followed, those who did not risk the change, became residents of the Ghost Towns that were left behind. Today is not different, except they will known as Ghost Communities and it will be a worldwide phenomonen. The Great Search is on - Sm'art Communities are discovering ever more uptapped latent wealth and amidst their own people, right within their own Culture - and for which they discover they have an untapped global audience with a huge latent/ previously unseen demand....being from within their own Diaspora, and onwards into their associated global neighbourhood communities wishing to carry their own culture with them around the world - and to people for whom they have (perhaps unknowingly) become trusted ambassadors.

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