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Homeshores Direct: a Festival of World Cultures 365


All Social Purchasing based Diaspora Programmes are designed to be Self-Funding. There is no need for upfront seed funding to start your MSME (micro and small to medium-sized enterprises), all you do need is New Ideas that evidently appeal to your people when sold in New Ways, and especially attract the support of your Diaspora. The only prerequisite thus is that there is an unsatisfied latent demand for what you offer, which demand is measurable by a willingness to purchase your servitised product, perhaps right from prototype stage. Either way your product or service can be featured in your own Community Culture Showcase, in a process of Cultural Xchange, with Sm'art | World Cultures Kiosque



So how does the VoxLabs® Model work? Fundamentally, where is the demand most likely to arise from within your Diaspora community - within Community-based Orgs (CBO's) at Alumni, Way of Life Orgs, Affinity Orgs, Workplace Orgs, Community Retailers, Convenience Stores, Money Transfer outlets, Migrant Orgs, ISO's etc - which products and services can be purchased and paid for in one of four basic ways:

  1. Via your community Online Outlets using debitcard (or creditcard), paypal, amazon simple pay etc.
  2. Via your community Offline Outlets using (reloadable) customer debitcard or creditcard at iPOS terminals.
  3. Via your community Offline Outlets using business tradecard for preloaded bulk Dispenser or Custom Kiosque purchases.
  4. Via your community Mobile Outlets using debitcard (or credcard) for smartphone purchases or at contactless mPOS terminals.
ROLLOUT PLAN WITH VOX FRANCHISE HUBS & SMARTSHOPS - Just as soon as you and your Community decide on what Diapora route you are going to take - you can proceed to Implementation with your Community under a VoxWorld.Coop Rollout & Workplan below; where we can help you generate real impact for your and your Community over as little as the first six months period with a comprehensive, standardised Global Programme, ranging between Startpoint (Month 0) and until end of final part od Sm'art Jobs delivery in Month 6. The Social Marketplace is very much about Services today, and tomorrow it will be all about Customisation, followed by Productisation and Servitisation - given the speed of growth of Knowledge & Innovation Economies everywhere....turning attention to what imaginative services are attached to your particular servitised product offering today. How are you different from what is already 'out there'. While this is challenging no doubt for all of us, it can be overcome by one word, Culture - looking deep into our own Culture! It is our Culture that differentiates you and your people from everyone else. It is your Culture that beckons when the MNC's pulls out of your town and you have to row your own boat for Community survival; or perhaps they never were there in the first place, so you may always have had to do that, to fend for yourselves. Whichever way, VoxFranchise® prefers to think of you and your culture as being a card-carrying member of a Festival of World Cultures© 365. One that your global community wants to get to know and understand better.And your Culture Card can be carried every day around in every member of your Diaspora, always aware, always near at hand.


THE PRODUCT PLATFORMS OPTIONS: To proceed, you need to select at least one of the three parallel Product Platform options for community customisation with Co-op Money Transfer Voucher (as illustrated below):
  1. Custom Wallet & VoucherCard platform
    1. Custom Cards from a range of up to 21 customisable Community cards options, each provided in a sleeve with up to six free redeemable vouchers.  Discounts cards can optionally be included in Community wallets.
    2. Custom Redemption Vouchers to provide special package deals for money transfer, cellphones, travel and edutainment and can include free Cellphone vouchers with each monthly card under planned purchasing programmes.
  2. Custom Laces & Accessories platform.
    1. Custom Accessories Including T-Shirts, socks, hats, underwear, belts, braces, stationery, etc. Provided in a variety of dedicated VoxLabs packaging as shown elsewhere on these pages. Optionally provided with Community concepts, stories and themes - services including foil printing, logo printing, embossing, embroidery, compression & jacquard.
    2. Custom Footwear Provided in a customised Diaspora Box with added value. Also provides up to 37 Ranges of Footwear Laces in a dedicated Dispenser- including sports laces,  leisure laces, original laces, reflective laces, etc.
  3. Custom M.C.E. Reader & USB-Library platform
    1. Smartphones with a range of almost 30 services
    2. Dual discs in USB formats
    3. Mobile consumer electronics with uploaded content

The social marketplace is very much about Services, given growth of Knowledge & Innovation Economies; about deciding what added services are best attached to your particular servitised product offering. While this is challenging no doubt, it can be
overcome by one word - your Culture! It is your
Culture that differentiates you and your people from everyone else. VoxLabs® prefers to think of your culture as being part of a homeshores direct, a Virtual Festival of World Cultures 365. Your Collateral Wallet & Cards can then be envisaged in an example, as per the attached "Co-op Money Transfer Voucher illustration", of how you can place your brand on that customisable card in that wallet (below); as all ll available through Vox Franchise® today.


Social Purchasing - illustration


The Sm'art Jobs StarterPaks are available in one Package deal with  patented POS Display Dispenser or in monthly parts as below, with online, offline or mobile versions provided:

  1. ICT - Certified ICT Skills Course on USB disc and essential in accessing most Jobs tomorrow, for both the traditional jobs that we know and all the new ones rapidly emerging enabling online opportunities for you to work at home.

  2. Education - Certified Remote Education Courses on USB disc and vital in advancing your job prospects tomorrow, for sustainable traded-services, high skilled jobs, workers co-ops, creative services or hospitality services; FDIC Money Smart certificate curriculum online, on disc or over mobile thats builds Financial Knowledge, Security & Confidence as you learn how to leverage Diaspora Money Transfers to build your local Community Hub. 

  3.  Finance - Financial Wealth Account cards and necessary to avail of all the facilities open to you for building your own progressive Community Development with microfinance services and to avail of the incentivised Vouchers from participating Service Providers.

  4. Innovation - New Collateral Wallet Ideas from VoxWorld.Coop to leverage your Community Art in a collective Community monetisation of Cultural sources and centres with your Diaspora.

  5. Traded-Services - New Ways to earn with Community Hub driven TeleTeach, TeleCare, TeleTech and a hundred other Tele opportunities to fill tens of millions of vacant Smart Jobs and in-demand Services with traded-services, high skilled jobs, workers co-ops, creative services or hospitality services.




Custom Wallet & Vouchercard platform



Over duration of the 'Wallet & Voucher-card' Programme rollout & workplan - the following services, covering range of 21 x cards, all with redeemable Vouchers attached and with up to a target 40% in Added Value, can be made available for provision on an outsourced basis to Communities:

  1. Paycard

  2. Debitcard

  3. Creditcard

  4. Smartcard

  5. ATM card

  6. Money Transfer card

  7. Callcard

  8. Travel card

  9. Culture card

  10. Membership card

Custom Laces & Accessories platform


Over duration of the 'Laces & Accessories' Programme rollout & workplan - the following services can be made available for provision on an outsourced basis to Communities:

  1. Community Branding

  2. dotCoop co-promotion  

  3. Printed designs

  4. Embossed designs

  5. Foil print designs

  6. Jacquard designs

  7. Embroidery designs

  8. Embroidered Applique designs

  9. Compression designs

  10. Artist designs 



  Amazon Kindle with VoxWorld.Coop files



Over duration of 'M.C.E & USB-Libraries' Programme rollout & workplan - the following services, covering Culture product category sources, can be made available for provision on an outsourced basis to Communities:   

  1. Radio Stations

  2. TV Stations

  3. Record Labels & Private Collectors

  4. Libraries

  5. Book Publishers

  6. Culture Centres & Famous Icons

  7. Sports Clubs

  8. Tourist Organisations

  9. Lifestyle Culture Orgs eg. Showbiz

  10. Studios BackCats