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Homeshores Direct: a Festival of World Cultures 365 

Social Purchasing begins with Customisation, where you can take any product or service and Localise it to that of your Community, Co-op, Culture, or even Affinity Group (eg Nurses, Teachers) within that Community. We have seen how this can be done in collaboration with VoxLabs® Model - at home, or abroad depending on issues such as capacity, capability and commerciality. We prioritise Card Services here as we commence with Custom Vouchercards for ease of logistics, of merchandising and also to facilitate online, offline and mobile sales. Thus if your Cultural choice is Music, or maybe an Audio Book - Diaspora purchasers can download your customised offering to their Computer; or upload/ download it to their Mobile phone, iPOD or othe rmobile device; or buy as a prepaid card in an (Co-op) Outlet like, just as we could do with such as iTunes at one of their stockists. Uniquely all Services on offer will have three distinguishing features - Innovation, Education & ICT. But we also take Customisation to another level here - driven by Social (or Ethical) Purchasing of Services, a distinct alternative way to the work that has been done so well with Products per se, by such as FairTrade and other social brands. In this case, a relatively small percentage of face value of card is 'invested' in Local Projects, thus creating a commercially-driven pool of MicroFinance over time for local Community Projects, in conjunction with matching similar funds from others interested in promoting your Community Development. Programme Sales are also generated through new channels to market - going Homeshores Direct through Community-based Orgs, where also participants share in the distribution revenues. All of which is in addition to the Sustainable features of all Programmes as discussed earlier, such as with Tourism, where prioritisation goes to Content Providers of local origin - thus keeping much of the earnings at home, as marshalled through Sm'art Outlets Licensing.

The following Sm'art Customisation services are available to Outlets Service Providers for Licensing, to be provided within VoxLabs SLA Standards:

Customisation - NursesVox.Coop Card Services
Customisation - IndianVox.Coop Card Services
Customisation - LatinoVox.Coop Card Services
Customisation - PinoyVox.Coop Card Services
Customisation - AztecVox.Coop Card Services
Customisation - PinoyNurses Vox.Coop Card Services
Customisation - IrishVox.Coop Card Services
Customisation - EuropeanVox.Coop Card Services
Customisation - AsianVox.Coop Card Services
Customisation - ChineseVox.Coop Card Services
Customisation - AmericanVox.Coop Card Services
Customisation - AfricanVox.Coop Card Services
Customisation - FrenchVox.Coop Card Services
Customisation - NigerianVox.Coop Card Services