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Homeshores Direct: a Festival of World Cultures 365

VoxWorld.Coop®, in a worldwide Community Development as a Virtual Enterprise Co-op, has been developed over many years as a worldwide independent Virtual Enterprise community network that evolves around the principles of the Co-operative Movement and to work in close proximity with TeleCentres, Social Enterprises and Self-Help Groups or Hometown Groups. Through it, you and your Community can participate in the rapidly growing Social E-Marketplace, where you can buy and sell customisable traded-services as well as products - to and through your Diaspora Organisations, acting as 'community ambassadors' via the VoxWorld.Coop Brands, Outlets & Job/Trade/Career Creation using VoxLabs® Model. VoxWorld.Coop® exclusively uses the VoxLabs® New Business Model as dedicated to Communities in a virtual enterprise model to promote local Community Development, specifically and uniquely through Social Purchasing. VoxLabs® Model utilises eCommerce in its application for benefit of Co-operatives, Social Causes, Cultural Centres and Sources, other Social Movements and Community-based organisations. It is designed to leverage cross-border Diaspora remittances or money transfers as well as leveraging other social purchasing products and traded-services for homeshore development purposes. Being homeshore export-oriented in nature, VoxLabs® is open to membership by Partners as Community Service Providers - including new distribution & retail outlets in developing countries - by Community-based Outlets at Travel Agents, mobile shops, mobile consumer electronics shops, money transfer agents, convenience stores, filling station stores, migrant shipping desks, culture centres, community brand outlets, retail franchise chains, ISO-ATM location etc; also by Credit Unions, Banks; all Hospitality Outlets at Airports, Airlines, Hotels, Restaurants, Car Hire, Tourist shops; Corporate Diversity Employers at hospitals, clinics, other Employers etc; by Colleges or Career/ Alumni-based organisations - and  together with 'no borders' participation via their homeshores community co-op Sm'art Hubs in developing countries, by cultures or by communities of every ilk. Local Community Co-op Hubs may be opened at one or more of local Cooperatives, Social Enterprise Centres, Community Development Centres, Post Offices, Library Knowledge Centres, TeleCentres, SHG Centres; or Off-Campus Community Colleges & Universities or Schools. International Traded-Services are one of the key drivers of the emerging Sm'art Communities and Sm'art Economies. They will also be supported by a Sm'art E-CO | ITSC Finance Institute

in Ireland, from where Local Centres can be opened at your Community.Coop Operations Centre in Sm'art Hub:



Recognising and believing in the notion of the equi-distant Customer, VoxWorld.Coop® has been laying the foundation stones over the years for the resultant absolute necessity to and by 'going global simultaneously' in a global collaboration and groundwork extending over two decades, building relationships with many organisations and other people from around the world who are unified by one desire - they all care about people or want and even fervently believe that they can help people to do things very differently into the future. Many have provided vital operational services; some have devoted a great deal or a little time; some have given a lot of their time in travel, efforts and engagements; a few have given all of their time - on a pro bono, a work-at-risk, charitable or perhaps a volunteer basis. Some have contributed substantially with crucial funding instead (or in addition to their other contributions), and others have simply given whenever and wherever they could deliver in spare capacity of services-in-kind while others have given valuable advice and general support. It took all of these forces to bring about a successful end result for Communities the world over. All made it possible in one way or another to get to here today - to help address a global crisis among disenfranchised people and in a world that has lost its way and is refocusing.


Indeed today people, will Social Media, more and more people with a Social Awareness and conscience are finally starting to really listen, listening with their heart, and perhaps unknowingly are daily becoming part of an ever-growing informal coalition-of-the-willing everywhere, those who want to do something that has Real and Sustainable impact, something that possesses the power within to literally change lives, many many lives, all around us and permanently. We all witnessed that coming together in Haiti & Pakistan of late, when calamity struck an already impoverished people and everyone felt something within them that made them want to find a way to answer the plight and the cry of those wonderful people. Many other ongoing solutions in remittances and Diaspora Bonds were proposed by such as Dilip Ratha at World Bank and others too. Now the time has come for us all to deliver.  


The internet revolution in technology has changed everything utterly - made solutions like Social Purchasing all possible, where there is a consumer there is now a New Way for all of us to participate in delivering powerful solutions and on an ongoing basis. Foundations and Charitable organisations have been carrying all the burden for too long, and yet they do not have sufficient funds or other resources to answer the scale of the global problem. It means that health, education and even jobs or trade are open or can be open to all when we open up our minds to the alternative or other possibilities together and see the vast opportunities that abound, as yet largely untapped, for all - wherever one might live or whatever one's circumstances. The VoxWorld.Coop portals attempt to address those needs and help any community anywhere who are willing to step forward and take the initiative themselves as many are - and to simply make the necessary commitment for themselves, their families and their community. The informal VoxWorld.Coop® coalition-of-the-willing can indeed help too where, together, you have more than a lone voice, but a collective Voice (or Vox). one that gets heard too - you learn how to get into cooperative action as one global community with and through your own diaspora. But it's up to every Community to take that crucial first step, to help themselves to climb out by reaching out - and to first fix a Vision for themselves that captures the imagination of their own Community and gets their support; that then inspires unity of purpose to fire that imagination in those around them and propel them into collective action, as one global Community. Each starting with a belief that "i-Care", showing and giving care to the world - bearing with it, as it does, the wonderful gift of courage, and the gift of hope...to all those with such great yet basic needs; caring across cultures.  Together we can all achieve the Goal: One World at Work.

Organisations wishing to participate are free to join with VoxWorld.Coop® Virtual Communities in a network here to learn more about others experiences or can participate in ongoing worthwhile inter-community exchanges; or alternatively your organisation may choose to go directly now to www.voxworld.coop or its regional portals and become a leader and rolemodel now for other local communities in your region. Either way we look forward to meeting and working with you to activate your own Community Co-op programme and local Community Development project.