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Homeshores Direct: a Festival of World Cultures 365

"The concentration of wealth in a minority rich and the social exclusion of the majority poor constitute the greatest threats in the history of democracy and peace in industrialised countries as well as in developing countries.... Cooperativism is the only capable movement to counter these threats." Roberto Rodriquez - President, International Cooperative Alliance




VoxWorld.Coop, a worldwide Community Development in a Virtual Enterprise Co-op. 

VoxWorld.Coop has been devised and developed over many years as a worldwide, independent, virtual enterprise community network that evolves around the principles of the co-operative movement and is working in close proximity with TeleCentres, Social Enterprises and Self-Help or Hometown Groups. Essentially VoxWorld.Coop concentrates, within the Social Marketplace,  on bringing together Communities for the purpose of promotion the filling of a huge demand for the so-called Tacit Interactive Jobs...jobs requiring expertise, experience and decision-making skills.....now accounting for half or more of the labour market size...jobs that are still very much increasing in-demand....and indeed with global shortages of millions of workers....where you can also earn much more.....and being jobs that last...being mostly ICT based jobs. The world economy is now a Service Economy today, driven by knowledge and innovation. The (intellectual) property that is in your head and not those on the steets now reign supreme - it's a voyage in self-discovery, re-discovery, fulfilling dreams, distinction, prestige, imagination, origination, spontaneity - in rich life-experiences. VoxWorld.Coop is an application of Sm'art World | VoxLabs Model.


Through it you and your community can participate in the rapidly growing Social Marketplace, where you can buy and sell customised traded-services and products to and through your Diaspora Organisations, where participants can act as 'community ambassadors', via the VoxWorld.Coop Hubs & Outlets, using the VoxLabs model. VoxWorld.Coop exclusively uses the VoxLabs® virtual enterprise model to promote local Community Development through Social Purchasing, sometimes known as ethical purchasing - products and services with a 'more than profit' motive. VoxLabs® is a new type of business model for Community Development in a Social eCommerce application for the benefit of Cooperatives, Social Causes, Cultural Centres and Sources, Employee Workshops, Social Movements and Community-based organisations in general. It is designed to leverage cross-border Diaspora remittances or money transfers, as well as leveraging other social purchasing of products and traded-services, exclusively for homeshore development. Being Homeshore exports-driven by nature, VoxWorld.Coop Social Marketplace is open to membership by approved Community-based Organisations (CBO's).  Community Outlets demand may be reached online, mobile or offline among existing or new distribution/ retail outlets in developed countries or communities - through travel agents, mobile, mobile consumer electronics, co-operatives, money transfer agents, convenience, filling station, shipping desks & ISO-ATM location; credit unions, bureaux, banks & co-op banks; corporate diversity employers incl hospitals, clinics, homecare & wellness centres; dutyfree outlets at airports & airlines; hotels, restaurants, tele-centres, spas & car-hire; tourist shops, culture centres & sources, retail franchise, convenience & fastfood chains; colleges or career/ alumni-based organisations or other CBO's. Local Community Co-op Hubs may be opened at or with one or more of local Cooperative, Social Enterprise Centres, Community Development Centres, Post Offices, Libraries,TeleCentres, SHG Centres, Community Colleges, Universities or Schools or any other suitable Community location that can facilitate international traded-services as one of the key drivers of the emerging Sm'art Communities within the emerging Sm'art Economies.

Today, people who are really listening, listening with their heart, are perhaps unknowingly daily becoming part of an ever-growing if informal Changemakers movement everywhere - those who want to do something that has real and sustainable impact, something that possesses the power within to literally change lives, many many lives, all around us and permanently. We all witnessed it in Haiti, when calamity struck an already impoverished people and everyone felt something within them something that made them want to find a way to answer the plight and the cry of those proud people. Many solutions in remittances and diaspora bonds were proposed by Dilip Ratha at World Bank and others. VoxWorld.Coop's proposed that Social Purchasing could be another indeed ongoing solution for Haiti as our comments show on Dilip Ratha (World Bank) blog of 20th January 2010 - Haiti & Social Purchasing http://blogs.worldbank.org/peoplemove/helping-haiti-through-migration-and-remittances.
Dilip is a leading global authority on remittances and is doing exceptional work worldwide in that area for a decade or more now, gathering detailed and reliable global remittance information so we all better understand the scale of problem and are encouraged to find new ways to address ongoing issues. The whole idea of social purchasing is further expanded on our portals  at

www.voxworld.coop and elsewhere on our sites and you can also participate today as a Diaspora Org in our Social Marketplace on this issue at www.voxworld-coop.ning.com.


The internet revolution in technology has changed everything utterly, the foundation stones of every job are changing. Now ere solutions like Social Purchasing are all entirely possible; a Small Change in each of our spending habits can have a profound effect on millions of people. Where there is a consumer will out there and there is now a new way for all of us to participate in delivering powerful solutions and on an ongoing basis too. Foundations and Charitable organisations have been carrying all the burden for too long, and yet they do not have sufficient funds to answer the scale of the global problem today. Fundamentally we are addressing 4 Billion people at so-called Bottom of the Pyramid who try to survive... every day.... on c.$2 a day; yet they have so much to offer when we look closely. It means that health, education and even jobs or trade are open or can be open to all when we open up our minds to the alternative or other possibilities together, and then see the vast opportunities that abound, as yet largely untapped, and for all - wherever one might live or whatever one's circumstances. There is a World out there ready for a Real Change, all that is needed is Changemakers. The VoxWorld.Coop portals attempt to address those needs and help any community anywhere who are willing to step forward and take the initiative themselves as many are - and to simply make the necessary commitment for themselves, their families and their community. The informal VoxWorld.Coop coalition-of-the-willing can indeed help them to help themselves. There there is strength in unity, and people have more than a voice, even if its one that had not yet been heard - people can learn how-to get into co-operative action as one global E-Community with and through your own Diaspora. But it's up to every Community to take that crucial first step, to help themselves to climb out by reaching out- to first of all fix a Vision for themselves that captures the imagination of their own Global Community and thus ensures their support; a Vision that inspires unity of purpose to fire that imagination in those around them and propel them into collective action, as one global Community. We start with Care that is central to the welfare of all communities, showing and giving care to the world - bearing with it, as it does, the wonderful gift of courage, and the gift of hope...to all those with such great yet basic needs; caring across cultures. 

To read more and to participate with your community or community based organisation you are invited to contact us at: www.voxworld-coop.ning.com and to see what we can all do together. Organisations wishing to participate are free to join their regional or global VoxGroup Communities network there..... to learn more about what they can do to make life better for their people or discover others experiences or just to participate in ongoing, worthwhile, interactive community exchanges. Either way we look forward to meeting and working with you with a view to helping in activation of your own Community Co-op programme and local Community Development project:  


  1. KEY ISSUE ANALYSIS - market analysis, customers, competitors, strategy, skills gaps, traded-services, work at home, going out on your own, USP, opening a website, VoxLabs Sm'art Hubs, Culture sourcing.

  2. AMBITION DEVELOPMENT - CVP, customer analysis, goals, targets, 3-year plan, licensing, e-commerce development, Vox Franchise Sm'art Outlets, culture packagers.

  3. VISION DEVELOPMENT - designs, systems, VoxLabs microfranchises, quick wins, ICB brand-building with VoxWorld.Coop Culture-brand showcasing, culture integration.

  4. INITIATIVE DEVELOPMENT - process plans, performance measurement, M.I.S., SEO, SEM, collaborative innovation, culture distribution.

  5. ACTION PLANNING - marketing profit margin, rollout & workplans, change agents, customisation, productisation, servitisation, value creation networks, VoxWorld.Coop Storefront & CAT, culture users.