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Homeshores Direct: a Festival of World Cultures 365

A whole range of Multi-National, Globally Integrated, Small-to-Medium sized Businesses and Governments alike have all along been Outsourcing & Offshoring basic operational and supporting Business Processing Operations to, mostly, lower cost Economies - ranging from standard Call/ Contact Centres, Computer hardware, Mobile Electronics, Chips or Apparel Manufacturing; to Doctors & Legal Receptionists, Webmasters & Designers, Content Writing, Training, Virtual Professional Assistants, Recruitment, high-skilled Contract Employees & Temporary Staffing; to Accounting, Payroll, MIS & Finance; to Software Development & ICT Services; to Logistics & Supply Chain Management. Tomorrow that Innovation will be supported through a Sm'art E-CO: ITSC Traded-Services  Centre

The Internet has already opened up the World with eCommerce and mCommerce, and the Social Marketplace, aiming to serve the 4 Billion People currently under-served; now driving a vast demand for an array of people with Languages & Cultural backgrounds for application in a diverse range of fields covering over 100 career paths, but with a demand that is self-evident already in Sales & Marketing, in sectors such as Industry & Commerce. Tens of millions of people with Tacit knowledge are now required to fill the Global Shortage of skills-mix in Nursing/ Care, Teaching/ Education/ Training and
the Services-Sciences roles; all required to fill the latent demand across a hundred or more Traded-Services fields of expertise with ICT Services to fill the gaps which cannot be filled by Jobs or Career-minded people alone. And there are many advantages in Outsourcing & Offshoring of Innovative Traded-Services across that whole spectrum of opportunities, now ever becoming a major growth-driving arena for all participants in the world's so-called Smart or Knowledge Economies.

The VoxLabs
® Model, with it's Innovative Packaging & Point of Sale Systems as well as Online, Offline and Mobile capabilities can make vital contributions for E-Communities Co-ops through the assisting in the creation of local Sm'art Community Hubs for local service providers aka. Sm'art Traders as well as Community Culture Showcases & Branding-enabling providers to benefit from the enormous existing Marketplace of O&O as well as related Homeshoring Contracts - with Added Value Creation Innovations for BOP (Bottom of Pyramid) in:

  1. Community Life-Work 100 Traded-Services;
  2. Community Branded Product Servitisation, Productisation & Customisation;
  3. Community Ethical / Social Purchasing in conjunction with Diaspora, Social Causes & Social Movements;
  4. Community Culture Showcases in Franchise Formats for Point-of-Sale (POS);
  5. Community Social Branding with direct dialogue, substantive engegement & ongoing connections
  6. Culture Concepts, Stories & Themes;
  7. Multi-Supplier Presentational Concepts for Community Brands at POS;
  8. Multi-Brand Presentational Concepts for Community Brands at POS;
  9. Community Co-op Tele-Homeworking;
  10. New Community Products Idea generation;
  11. New Community Services idea generation; 
  12. New Markets at Bottom of Pyramid;
  13. New Channels to Markets at Bottom of Pyramid;
  14. New E-Communities.Coop Sm'art Brands;
  15. New E-Communities.Coop Sm'art Hubs;
  16. New E-Communities.Coop Sm'art Outlets.