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Universal Retail Franchise for Social Inclusion (S-URF)


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If TeleCentres are the Digital Gateway for M-SME's to the Global Marketplace, are UNIVERSAL RETAIL FRANCHISES the pathway to SOCIAL Inclusion (S-URF) for Communities & their Universal Social Brands?

Universal Retail Franchises for Social Inclusion (S-URF) are ideal solutions for Coping Classes community trading - among the Unemployed, the Low Income Earners, the Less Well Educated & the Ageing Populations. Today - opening opportunities in World Outlets @ Telecentres, Co-operatives, Village Cafes, Hospitality points, Tourist hotspots, Culture Centres, Diaspora shops, Worldshops and Third Sector Org locations. Coping Classes can trade new and innovative traded-services content under co-shared Universal Social Brand label(s) there. It is important to differentiate here the 'Community Brands' we talk about from the 'Brand Communities' of private sector - where the former are already owned by the social/ third sector communities themselves (though they often know it not), the latter are typically owned by private sector orgs. The main advantages of those S-URF outlets for Community Brands is that far more benefits flow out into the Community, rather than flow up to the stakeholders as would happen in private sector.

Telecentres are the ideal starting point here for the engagement of the Communities & their Villages with their global communities for Universal Social Brands (USBs) trading purposes. Telecentres are already widely recognised as the digital gateway for M-SME's (Micro & small-to-Medium sized Enterprises) of all sectors to the Global Marketplace. They provide that crucial initial motivation for their Users to 'cross the digital world threshold', to overcome that often under-stated but dreaded 'keyboard fright' that otherwise freezes so many into inaction, and instead start them out on the road to engagement with the digitally networked world for self-empowerment.

All that is needed is a leap of the imagination, to see the vast untapped opportunities in that Social Marketplace for their Community's Universal Social Brands. This is where a Community's Voice gets heard and heeded, it's the place where Social Purchasing of the future is born, where their Universal Social Brands meet a socially enlightened global audience. Gradually we are coming to appreciate that literacy today is no longer about language alone as we know it, it now includes digital literacy; and which digital literacy precedes financial literacy as well as social and economic literacy too.

So in this attached Digital Inclusion article, reality strikes as Coast & Country reports: "As well as helping our tenants, there are business implications in opening up the world of the web to them. At a time when so much is changing in the financial circumstances of social housing tenants, social registered landlords have a real stake in helping those who are financially excluded because of a lack of access to the internet. Putting a digital inclusion policy in place makes business sense as well as helping residents improve their financial circumstances and life opportunities."

This E-Communities.Coop group is one such promotion by VoxWorld.Coop for that Third Sector, with one concrete objective - the formation of ICCO (International Community Coopererative Organisation), to be created by Communities themselves for their M-SME & TSO trading purposes under a wholly owned European Cooperative Society (SCE) structure, and dedicated to the sole purpose of self-promotion of local M-SMEs (TSOs in Third Sector) under their own recognisable local Community Brand labels, in one co-shared re-presentation through dedicated POS display units, shop-in-shops and showcases....of their arts & culture, social sector content, lifework services and lifeskills content....being that for which their Community Brand are already recognised and credited. When a local M-SME or TSO markets its product or traded-service, their Community Brand thus stands over their authenticity, quality, assurances, etc. They are known as social brands, for which there is a ready social marketplace as constituted of social purchasers.

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