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VoxLabs™: The Birth of a Virtual E-Business Model


Homeshores Direct: a Festival of World Cultures 365

Access the World Knowledge & Innovation Economies today for your Community with VoxLabs Model at VoxWorld.Coop. As you visit us on this VoxWorld.Coop Portal you will find countless New Ideas and New Ways on How-to Create your own Job while you also Work at Home, right within and for the ongoing benefit of your local and global E-Community; on how-to setup your own independent E-Community Co-op and provide new and in-demand Traded-Services direct to your Diaspora and their local neighbourhood Communities in hospitality, culture and many as yet unsatisfied e-Skilled services wordwide; on How-to Learn & Earn when you open your own or your E-Community's Personalised Online Sm'artShop so you are in charge of your own future, as you avail of all the far-reaching features of e-Commerce trading open to you here. Startup as an E-CO Hub Trader and Le@rn, E@rn, Sm@rtShop and S@ve, all as enabled by VoxLabs, the virtual eBusiness model for Communities, starting with your First Website and Social Innovation Brand. Prepare to issue your Community or E-CO Trader VoucherCard with VoxWorld.Coop today; or simply proceed to find out more details, by your Community joining in free with other Communities @ VoxWorld.Coop Social Marketplace for Virtual Communities

www.voxworld-coop.ning.com and start to create your own local Sm'art Jobs today.

The The VoxLabs® Model is an innovative Virtual E-Business Model for Starting your own E-Communities.Coop Development through creation of next generation ground-up, grassroots or so-called Homeshores Direct-driven Sm'art Community Co-ops, to deliver Culture traded-services worldwide within your Diaspora's Global Neighbourhood. It is being introduced to the Social Marketplace through VoxLabs Franchise ('VoxFranchise'), to be made available exclusively through four channels - InHouse VoxLabs Franchise, Consulting, Cooperative & Retail. Fundamentally, VoxLabs is a Sm'art Model for the Smart Economy and is about a voyage of discovery of the Art that we believe lies within each and every one of us. It's about being part of an E-Communities.Coop @ Work evolution within the Social Marketplace, going back to your past to re-discover who we are and who we want to or can become, realising the full potential of what we want to do with our future Life-work. It is devised around the notion that 'every Nation is a Nation of Communities', and which can now be collectively represented through one network of International Community Co-op Outlets (ICCO) - and be One World @ Work at Home. We start with our customised selection with AMAZON A-STORE @ VOXWORLD.COOP, order direct from this Portal (access from this Homepage, end). 

VoxLabs® promotes the notion of Life-Work, and is designed for rollout through e-workteams in over 100 Life-work workstreams to generate Life-work-100 income streams. VoxLabs was itself created from what became a Voyage of Discovery over the decades, with chronology of events as recorded

in Founders Profile at Vox Labs & its non-hierarchical future as discovered embedded in our Irish Culture and rich heritage. Accordingly, we have three Objectives:

  1. firstly, to help you to build your own 'E-Communities Co-ops @ Work', creating online opportunities to work at home as enabled with VoxLabs' Virtual E-Business Model and by backing of Social (or Ethical) Purchasing among Diaspora Communities;
  2. secondly, to help you to open your own online Community 'Social Branded Outlets' for your Diaspora audience worldwide in a Cultural Exchange with VoxFranchise's Culture Showcase Outlets; and
  3. thirdly, to help you to build your own 'Culture Brand' for your independence, self-reliance and empowerment with VoxWorld.Coop's Social Brand.
In doing so we are seeking to respond to a number of Calls for Action - among them being the powerful and evocative case espoused so very well by the World Bank's powerful book trilogy in 2000 - compiled after 60,000 interviews in 50 Countries among billion people living at the Bottom of Pyramid - we have indeed heard, having listened carefully to your plight and are now responding to your Call....to your hopes, aspirations and realities.......in the "Voices of the Poor: Can Anyone Hear Us?".... to your "Crying Out for Change" as in their second book....and in third book "From Many Lands". And as World Bank President Wolfensohn then concluded by summarising your answer to the Question they posed to you: 'what would make the greatest difference in your Lives?';....to which the answer cam back: you wanted '...Organisations of your own......direct assistance through Community-driven programmes.....so you may shape your own destiny.....and have local ownership of funds....'. Thus we concluded: 'You wanted a Hand-up, not a Hand-out'. The VoxLabs® Model is but one solution to those many requests - to be administered through our approved Service Providers.

register as a Sm'art World Co-op Model Partner, and become a Licensed Diaspora E-Communities.Coop Service Provider, you should go direct to the
VoxLabs Licensing Authority.




This VoxLabs® Model Step 1, Sm'art | O&O Services, in continuing Rollout of E-Community Development Programme using VoxLabs® Model from Ireland though its authorised Service Providers is about Self Employment, for those to want to fill workplace gaps - by working on their own trading initiative or idea, or following one of over 100 Career Paths, or want to be part of a Workers Co-op, or perhaps need a more independent way of life. We now take the first step together, as successive elements of VoxLabs® Model unfold in helping you create your own work in chosen MSME, Career, Workers Co-op or Self-Employed Jobs:

  1. SME-driven LifeWork 100 TRADED-SERVICES Sm'art Jobs - joining a Local Community Co-op with E-Communities.Coop @ Work Model, using VoxLabs-listed O&O Services services for creation of your own gap-filling Tele-Services Jobs; as supported by authorised VoxLabs® Service Providers & In-House Franchisors. Features the basic Consumer Interface, now available with all Consumer Interfaces, is the VoxLabs®  patented Sm'art GiftBox Dispenser, USA D412800, as shown below......        

The VoxLabs® Model began life in 1991 to serve the innovation needs of MSME's in addressing the Corporate world, solving MSME problems as gleaned from attending and presentations at many Expos's worldwide; whose innovations sold successfully in over 40 countries, having added 'simplicity' to what were previously 'complex' product offerings at point od sale. With that success and Referenceability from that global stage behind us - we then turned all our attentions in 1997 away from the Corporate world and towards the Community world, as we sought to find answers to what was increasingly becoming a much bigger global need - the 4 billion Under-served people at Bottom of Pyramid (BOP), then and still deprived of many essential services for life through sheer Poverty - due to non availability of essential services; where Migrant remittances have for many years been the primary source of income for countless entire Communities. It proved to be a far greater and more all-encompassing challenge in innovation, and took 15 years to complete due to the transformational requirements of a solution in accessibility, affordability and convenience of services - creating new markets and finding new channels to old markets. Today our answer is called the VoxLabs® a New Business Model innovation - for implementation at BOP through VoxFranchise® Outlets and under VoxWorld.Coop® Culture-Brand for Community Co-ops; which we are implementing in a Sm'art Co-promotion with dotCoop (.Coop). To review all available Category or Product Licences for your Community, you can go direct to the sm'art E-CO Shop.

We start with 'Sm'art' O&O Services, since the model envisages all participating Communities focusing on their Culture and specifically on their Art ie.Community Art; all as set within a new Social Marketplace (SM) environment for Virtual Communities - for which we coined the word we express as 'Sm'art' to capture all the power that this encapsules, and which serves to change the nature of everything that follows. The new VoxLabs® Virtual E-Business Model's Aim is eseentially a Sm'art Co-op for E-Communities - designed to address the needs and wants of Under-served Communities, the so-called disenfranchised of Society, and who elsewhere have been entitled as the 4 Billion People at Bottom of the Pyramid. The Model's Objective is to address their specific Problem of Poverty, their dire need for Work at Home, enabling self-sufficiency and to reduce their absolute dependency on declining Aid. Its Goal is to provide a social economic Solution in the form of collaborative cross-border Traded-Services, called Sm'art Services for creation of Sm'art Jobs at Home; not Jobs as we know them, but rather availing of Online Opportunities to Work at Home. Our Purpose then is to enable the creation of Sm'art Communities, self-generated E-Communities that interlink with their cross-border Diaspora Communities & Neighbourhoods for Sm'art Trading purposes. Our nett Focus is Wealth Creation through the medium of Local Community Co-ops, trading Homeshores Direct - no longer relying on Capitalism (now in Crash mode) for survival, and which failed utterly to deliver on eliminating such a vast scale of Poverty, and are taking a Communitarian, the E-Communities.Coop, route instead where whole Communities benefit from Trading. Out primary Interest in doing so is in supporting the sharing of Culture, through highlighting Community Art - both by Communities themselves and for Communities themselves. It is about Communities forming Sm'art Co-ops and creating Sm'art Jobs on their own through provision Sm'art Services for and with their people worldwide - as enabled by VoxLabs® New Business Model for Communities. In this context, we believe that every member of a Community is an artist, with creativity to offer and a contribution to make - given the tools and an opportunity. We believe Community Art hold the key to Community Development & Advancement - and for all participants there-in. We see the Online Opportunities for Sm'art Services through Sm'art Co-ops, thus releasing the potential to generate Sm'art Jobs for the many.

It's about Communities worldwide standing up for what they believe in, standing out with their unique Culture, then going Out on their Own in a reachout to and through their own Diaspora 
with Sm'art New Ideas in innovative New Ways as they grasp the new Online Opportunities to Work-at-Home - while coming together 'as one' in Sm'art Comunities that collectively will create a new, emerging and more harmonous world, One World at Work. Our focus is on the Under-served, the 4 billion people who live who are forced to live in poverty on c.$2 a day, the so-called Bottom or Base of Pyramid (BOP). CK Prahalad in his book: "The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid - Eradicating Poverty through Profits" emphasises that the BOP is nonetheless an enormous $13 Trillion Economy in size; and goes on to say that those people 'should not be seen as a burden but as resilient and creative entrepreneurs, as well as value conscious consumers' and highlights fact that they are '....people who are joining the Market Economy for the first time'.

The primary application of VoxLabs® will be under banner of
VoxWorld.Coop private-labelled Virtual Communities, within the rapidly growing Social Marketplace. It is being implemented in a dotCoop (.Coop) Co-Promotion into 800 million member Co-op Movement, dotCoop being the prestigious top level domain of the Co-op Communities movement. Where do we begin? You can simply take one step at a time - or you can take all ten steps, beginning what will become a virtual Staircase of Growth for yourself, and a roadmap for your Community. The eight VoxLabs® Model Steps elements are:

  1. Sm'art E-Communities.Coop Model - with Sm'art O&O Services, under Diaspora Franchising Licences.
  2. Sm'art L-Earning Model - with Sm'art Le@rn Programme, under Consulting Franchising Licences.
  3. Sm'art Home-Work Model - with Sm'art Work-at-Home, under Co-op Franchising Licences.
  4. Sm'art E-CO-Hub Model - with Sm'art Out-on-your-Own, under Retail Franchising Licences.
  5. Sm'art Culture Showcase Model - with Sm'art Customisation, under Outlets Licensing Licences
  6. Sm'art Innovation Model - with Sm'art Productisation, under Brand Licences
  7. Sm'art Funding Model - with Sm'art Servitisation, under Packaging Licences
  8. Sm'art E-Business Model - with Sm'art Model Consultants, under Supplier Licences

VoxLabs® Community Co-op Model aims to empower you to take control over your own life, your own future, opening up your own way of life, to find a job you love to do or become your own E-Community Co-op Trader; while working from your own e-Communities.Coop HomePlace, helping you to become Home-Smart within a Smart Community, with Home-Work where your cost of living are lowest for you and where your family and commnity benefits most. It will empower you, eliminating obstacles where possible, through co-operative participation in developing your own local Community Development Hub with Vox Franchise®, then advancing to building your own interactive Interactive Community Brand and in opening up your own Community Outlets with co-sponsored VoxWorld.Coop® - in reaching our with your traded-services to and through your global Diaspora Community in form of a Culture-Showcase Exchange. 


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