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We are now taking the following sixth step together, as successive elements of VoxLabs® Model unfold in helping you create your own Work in your chosen M-SME, Career, Workers Co-op, Self-Employed or Customisation Jobs to fill some of the millions of unfilled Sm'art Jobs through Sm'art | Brand Licensees:

  1. SME-driven LifeWork 100 TRADED-SERVICES Sm'art Jobs - joining a Local Community Co-op with E-Communities.Coop @ Work Model, using VoxLabs-listed Sm'art | O&O Services services for creation of your own gap-filling Tele-Services Jobs; as supported by authorised VoxLabs® Service Providers & In-House Franchisors.
  2. Career-driven LifeWork 100 HIGH-SKILLED Sm'art Jobs - taking up a Career with Sm'art Learning Model, using VoxLabs-listed distance Sm'art | Learn Programmes services for creation of your own gap-filling Tacit Interactive Jobs; as supported by authorised VoxLabs® Service Providers & Consulting Franchisors.
  3. Community-driven LifeWork 100 CO-OP ENTERPRISE Sm'art Jobs - starting your own Virtual Enterprise Co-op with Sm'art Home-Work Model, using VoxLabs-listed Sm'art | Work-At-Home services for creation of your own gap-filling Jobs Opportunity; as supported by authorised VoxLabs® Service Providers & Co-op Franchisors.
  4. Self Employed-driven LifeWork 100 CREATIVE Sm'art Jobs - owning your own business with Sm'art E-CO Hub Model, using VoxLabs-listed Sm'art | Out On Your Own services for creation of your own gap-filling Entrepreneurial Jobs - as supported by authorised VoxLabs® Service Providers & Retail Franchisors.
  5. Hospitality-driven LifeWork 100 SERVICES SCIENCES Sm'art Jobs - discovering new business ways with Sm'art Culture Showcase Model, using VoxLabs-listed Sm'art | Customisation services for creation of your own gap-filling Edutainment Jobs - as supported by authorised VoxLabs® Service Providers & Outlets Licensees.
  6. Productisation-driven LifeWork 100 CUTTING EDGE Sm'art Jobs - discovering new business ideas with Sm'art Innovation Model, using VoxLabs-listed Sm'art Products for creation of your own gap-filling Community Development Jobs - as supported by authorised VoxLabs® Service Providers & Brand Licensees. Features the fifth Consumer Interface, being introduced with this step, is the customisable VoxLabs® Sm'art Dispenser, Patent D412800 (USA) available with the Accessories product platform, and as illustrated below........                                                                   Branded Smart Dispenser, patent D412800
While developing this model over two decades to confront head-on the vast challenges of this giant Social Marketplace, the VoxLabs® Model observes and supports the Business Principles as set out in "The Base of Pyramid Protocol; Toward Next Generation BOP Strategy" (2008, Cornell University):

Branded Smart Dispenser, patent D412800

The Ten BOP Operating Guidelines (BOP Protocol):
1. Suspend Disbelief – be willing to admit ignorance
2. Put the Last First – seek out the voices seldom heard
3. Show Respect and Humility – all parties have something important to contribute
4. Accept and Respect Divergent Views – there is no one best way
5. Recognise the Positive – people that live on $1 per day must be doing something right
6. Co-Develop Solutions – creating a new business takes mutual learning by all partners
7. Create Mutual Value – all parties must benefit in terms important to them
8. Start Small – begin with small pilot tests and scale out in modular fashion
9. Be Patient – it takes time to grow the ecosystem and win trust before the business takes off
10.Embrace Ambiguity – the greatest opportunities often arise from unplanned events and circumstances

We have arrived at a completely new horizon following the Global Crash of 2008, where we see a Social Marketplace replacing the old and more materialistic ways of doing business worldwide and providing (which old ways failed to do) for People. People are moving to the Centre of this emerging Social Marketplace, as Communities. We have some way to go yet as in this new scenario Communities will form their own Co-ops, albeit set with corporate structures. These Co-ops will be Sm'art Co-ops, focusing on Traded-Services instead of traditional Products for Job creation; using more technology, remote education and services innovation to generate New Business. They will be a feature of Under-served or disenfranchised Communities in both Develping and Developed Countries alike - no distinction, throughout 21st Century. Communities can vary enormously too - they can be country-wide or local towns or villages; they can be affinity groups with common interests, or career oriented such as Nurses, Teachers, Causes, Movements or, as here, Diaspora Orgs. The objective is simple however, One World at Work.

Using VoxLabs
®'s innovative Virtual E-Business Model in collaboration with Outsourcing & Offshoring or O&O Servitisation Providers, you can built a world-of-your-own - formed by E-Communities.Coop built from grassroots-up, and also choose to go Out on Your Own to create your own Job or Trade. Either way you can start to generate new income, so you can live the live you would love to lead, while at home; travel-for-work is no longer a necessity in tomorrows world, but it remains a great option of course for those who wish to (or are able to) gain added experience in opening up to new or different opportunities. This is what we call it the E-Communities.Coop Way, adding another dimension to the Co-op Movement. It's about more-than-profit; it's about making money to live but it's about much more than money too. It moves our focus from a materialistic world, to one where we all can get at least the opportunity to reach our full potential.  It's an independent way, localised according to our respective Cultures, on a very different path from the yesterday that led the world into a mire. It's a E-Communities.Coop opportunity that is now open to any or all under-served people and under-developed communities all over the World - where we can share New Ideas and New Ways to create together our own Community Roadmap to an exciting Future for all. Above all, it's a new way of looking at and seeing things, indeed at life itself - through the eyes of your E-Community Co-ops. Where we see beauty in every face. Its about discovering a New World - a World-at-one with itself, one we can get to know and love through World Links, World Mobile, World Travel, World Music, World Sport, World Radio, World Famous places and people.....a World at Work, and World Cultures to appreciate. Everyone can participate, everyone can learn, and everyone can benefit.

VoxLabs® is a New Virtual E-Business Model as dedicated to Under-served BOP Communities to achieve three Objectives through Authorised Service Providers (ASP's), the Licensees: 

  1. VOX LABS®: Opens up vast New Opportunities through the creation of a collaborative Community Service Provider licensees and using this Work-at-Home model for Job, Career & Traded-Services generation so that we can address, together, the Big Issue of global shortages of millions of skilled workers and services - serving some of the 4 Billion People currently under-served across countless languages, cultures and borders while starting with the foundations in provision of Care/ Wellness services.

  2. VOX FRANCHISE®: Opens up vast New Opportunities with this Shop-from-Home model that generates access to the new Social Marketplace as we reach out, together, to Virtual Communities with a new Co-operative supply model in affordable Products and Services for 4 Billion People at so-called Bottom of the Pyramid - as we address the global Capacity Shortfalls in services through a trade-off for Surplus Capability in Technology Products.  

  3. VOXWORLD.COOP®: Opens up vast New Opportunities in an Social-Brand model for Social Innovation, a virtual make-a-market toolbox for dedicated service providers that enables emerging Smart Communities to embrace their worldwide Diaspora Communities as virtual cultural ambassadors - as we, together, Learn to Love the Life we yearn Live as we rediscover our future from the heritage of our past.

Our Journey on the Community Co-op Way begins with a fusion of Communities, Co-ops and Culture - in a collective reach out to Diaspora community-based organisations, initially, to help open up a new way of life for under-served and under-developed Communities around the World. Fundamentally its about availing of new job and trade opportunities in the so-called Knowledge, Innovation or Smart Economies now rapidly growing worldwide - World Jobs, striving to create One World at Work. You could think of VoxLabs® as a 'go-between or enabler' that converges the offerings of many diverse Community Service Providers, those authorised under In-House Franchising Licences, into one Consumer Service Provider for benefit of your Communities, Co-ops and Culture. Only authorised VoxLabs® Licenced Service Providers can participate, to ensure a high Standard of ongoing service for you and to ensure the Independence of those providers; while we remain an metamediary or go-between - thus avoiding becoming intermediaries, middlemen or a tied-house for any MNC or Brand Provider. When you choose to travel on this journey with us, it will help spark new ideas and new ways in online opportunities for you to work-at-home, to live your dream, or fulfill your Community vision for itself.


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