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VoxLabs® Plan involves the parallel creation of an Internationally Traded-Services Centre to drive demand though Community Co-op Traded-Services innovation, as well as innovation in Outsourcing & Offshoring. It is focused on sustainable E-Communities.Coop Work (Jobs/ Trade/ Careers) - more precisely known today as Tacit Interactive Jobs, to clearly distinguish them from other kinds of work. These Jobs require high skills of course but in addition require Experience and also require Judgement. Taking one example of a tacit interactive job, a Doctor - we would rightly expect a Doctor to have all the appropriate qualifications, and to have the necessary skills Experience but, even more importantly, we would expect them to make the right Judgement call on our health when we present to them. And Tacit Interactive Jobs are most sustainable, are also growing in demand several times faster than more routine or the simpler-to-perform jobs which are fading. They are also taking up near half the jobs market in USA today, are high value contributors and consequently are higher earning too for service providers. Our primary focus at VoxLabs then, initially, will be on Tacit Interactive 'Carer' Work of all decriptions, ranging from Jobs to Careers to online Traded-Services opportunities as fuelled by Sm'art Work: ITSC Outsourcing & Offshoring opportunities. aka. Sm'art Carer Work, so-called Sm'art Jobs

The World Bank's World Development Report 2008 on Global Trends saw Service Jobs growing three times faster than Industrial Jobs, and faster again than Agricultural Jobs. It showed that since as far back as 1985 that International Services have being growing faster than
International Goods or Commodities.

A Service Economy is built on Knowledge (Education) and Innovation. And while Innovation is the key to finding a lasting Solution to the Heathcare problem that at times threatens to overwhelm the world, Healthcare Service Innovation is the answer and that requires radical change, leveraging ICT. That brings us to Service Innovation, and so to describe it in more depth, well...Doblin's book on "Ten Types of Innovation" decribes it best we feel, and categorised as follows:


  1.  Finance

    1. Business Model - How the Enterprise makes money

    2. Networking - Enterprise structure and value chain

  2. Process

    1. Enabling Processes - open to outsourcing & offshoring

    2. Core Processes - differentiating & proprietary

  3. Offering

    1. Product /Service Performance - basic features & functions

    2. Service System - extended system that surrounds the offerings

    3. Customer Service - how you service your customers

  4. Delivery

    1. Channels - how your offers reach or connect to Customers

    2. Brand -  how you express your offer to Customers

    3. Customer Experience - how Customer interacts with company and brand.