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Homeshores Direct: a Festival of World Cultures 365

An Idea for Community Culture Showcases Exchange at TeleCentres?
We are travelling through a period of great change together. We have witnessed the emergence of Information & Knowledge Economies, the Innovation, Services and the Smart Economies, all at various stages since late 90's until today. All members of TeleCentres Movement in particular have crossed the Digital Divide together. TeleCentres have struck a cord at the heart of Communities the world over, and they are now asking for more ways to use what they are learning so as to make greater impact on their lives, working at home with online opportunities. Meanwhile the Co-op Movement has been moving too, with dotCoop and opening up a top level domain to promote their Movement in thgeir move towards online trading. Both Movements care about people and operate at the heart of their Communities. Together that can create one Global eCommunity.Coop and collectively cross the digital divide to achieve both their goals. Its only a small step away from the point which both TeleCentres and dotCoop have already reached. The glue logic for that next step we see is Culture, culture monetisation. At VoxWorld.Coop we see that as manifesting itself as a Sm'art Culture Showcase Exchange, as implemented through a Sm'art Culture Programme.
ICT was and is the starting gate for such Enterprises and we have seen Social Enterprise Centres already grow around TeleCentres. 



Within Europe we are fortunate to, perhaps more visibly, possess an especially rich, exciting and priceless Culture within every Community, one which we should and could now choose to Showcase or exhibit, showing what each Community has to offer in the surrounds of their fellow Telecentres' members. Communities can showcase chosen aspects of their Culture, tell their own story in their own way to their chosen world through the medium of Trade, Co-operative trading, and thus moving away from a dependency on Aid alone today. With Services dominating the trading landscape, this process could within and be driven by TeleCentres as Hospitality outlets in Coffee Shops, Community Hubs, High Street CyberCafes, NGO TeleCentres, local Public Internet Access Points, Village Knowledge Centres, InfoCentres, Community Technology Centres, Community Multi-Media Centres, Multi-purpose Community TeleCentres, Citizen Service Centres, Public Libraries, Community Colleges, Social Enterprise Centres, Universities, University Residences, Corporate Campuses & Cafes, Employee Residences, Hotel Business Centres, as well as Airline, Car Hire and Airports Internet Points or similar outlets. or elsewhere where TeleCentres operate. These Culture Showcases would offer Special Value in latent demand products and services to those using the TeleCentres in a reciprocal arrangement with their fellow members cross-border through a Community Cultural Showcase Exchange. The world needs healing more than ever now, and this is a time of very great once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for every Community to empower and advance together, without dependence of others. Should your Community needs any assistance in getting your Community Culture Showcase operational, VoxWorld.Coop would be delighted to assist and help make it happen.The GMT Methagon Showcase is one illustration of what is possible; there are many others as seen in these pages.





A Community-Coop MicroFranchise Opportunity, 4U


A recent joint study from IDC & Microsoft reveals the scale of that issue - that in 5 years 90% of jobs will require ICT skills. These are the primary issues that VoxLabs model has been designed to address, spanning two decades. Having focused for many years on becoming a poverty reduction economic model and actively participating in Remittances Conferences worldwide - in the final analysis VoxLabs simply concentrated on becoming a New Business Model for M-SME's, small and medium sized enterprises everywhere, and accordingly dedicated itself to the promotion of Community Co-operatives in particular, commencing specifically with the Care Community. More than anything else today, the world needs 'people who care', people who devote their lives to caring. When we look around us we can all see just how much each Nurse or Homecarer already achieves, but billions remain without any care facilities or opportunities.The best way to promote care is by 'voting with our pocket', through what is known as Social Purchasing - where we think about what we buy, as its in our own interests and that of our children. We have become increasingly aware that the global problems can no longer be solved by Aid alone, though we see the wonderful Charity organisations and Volunteers doing great work on behalf of donors, just as they are doing in Haiti today or in Africa. VoxLabs model promotes Trade, specifically Homeshore Trade and internationally-traded services. New ways in collaborative homeshore oustsourcing are now possible using new eLearning education and ICT kits; as fuelled by internet distance education and creation of Community Co-op Hubs for development of ('M-SME's'). This can be achieved by leveraging the vast pool of Diaspora Remittances to provide seed funding in Homeshore MicroFinance, through accessing the power of Diaspora Communites as Social Purchasers and Ambassadors to their wider Community for their people in teh workplace and elsewhere; and finally by availing of the opportunities that Credit Union Movement presents when combined with the vast inputs possible from TeleCentres, Self Help Groups, Social Enterprise Centres and all in the spirit of one Global Community or what VoxLabs calls Social Enterprise Development.It became clear over the years as the West careered recklessly along the path to individualism, that Developed countries increasingly lost sight of fact that the solutions to the many major social issues lay in reality in an actual collaboration or cooperation with the Developing countries. This requires a paradign shift, a radical change in mindset away from 'what one takes out of life' and instead a major new focus on 'what one puts into life'. Thus these solutions that VoxLabs envisages uniquely apply equally to these same problems in every community, both those around us at home as well as communities the world over. As the old Japanese provert says: 'None of us are as smart as all of us' - VoxLabs sees that becoming a reality in cross-border collaboration and cooperation, or what we call Community Co-ops or Community.Coop. Those who wish to see what is wrong with the world can see it now, and so we can collectively focus on the implementation of these new and dynamic solutions with those Communities who already do see the world through a similar prism.  




Nurses worldwide and many times that numbers in care-workers and general operatives - they are required across Hospitals, Clinics or Home-care organisations everwhere. The reasons are many, but that means millions of available Care jobs, yet education capacity or funding resources are
not there to supply what is a basic need of all people. And it does not end there of course - there may be ten times that need in ICT (information and communications technology) jobs for example, again the reasons being many and well known but not yet answered. The solutions are known, challenging but need to be addressed now. Yet this is a time when these Sm'art Jobs are in short supply, even scarce. Fundamentally however it is a mismatch of skills coming through the education and training systems around the world as the new and radically varying demands of the emerging Smart Economies take hold in creating the social eMarketplace.  

The Nurses shortage affects our very lives and has been well documented by WHO (World Health Org) and also by ICN (International Council of Nurses), who published a report as far back as 2004 in report entitled: Global Shortage of Registered Nurses - an Overview of Issues and Actions,

http://www.icn.ch/global/shortage.pdf. We all know that problem is far greater in Africa than USA or indeed elsewhere, just as the reasons and solution options are too. We also see that Filipino nurses have to emigrate to fill this shortfall, primarily to where people can afford to best pay for those services - in developing countries - while their own people
remain seriously under-served, while their hospitals close and many of their doctors retrain as nurses to earn a similar good living for their families and indeed communities by default. That is not a long-term answer. And the answer is not to argue about the merits or not of emigration and its social  consequences, but instead to innovate radically new ways to address healthcare and in so doing create millions of jobs, many of them at home with homecare and international traded-services in care. The present way is not sustainable and yet the technology is there to do so. 

We need a fundamental respect for all people of the world - no borders. We need to change our ways of doing things, adopt new ways - but at least there are many options and opportunities to do so. Together we have all been attempting in our own way to answer intuitively the plaintiff cry for change from the voices of the four billion poor and under-served everywhere, beginning with what is known as the greatest single need in the world today - that cry through the ages for proper, decent healthcare, and care in general; seeking to provide an answer that is born of the right to basic human respect and dignity for everyone. Fundamentally we all know that without health, job opportunities never appear, and our missionaries know how whole families go hungry and indeed often face a life in abject poverty or worse. We know that children cannot learn on empty tummies; and without proper education....well, the wheel of misery just goes round and round, and it continues until we all come together to break that vicious circle. The problem is known, the answers available -and  together we can all solve it as communities working in tandem; some communities can offer tele-care, others tele-teach, some others tele-tech. Everyone is entitled to an opportunity to fulfil their dreams, to build a life for themselves, their families, and their communities -so why is the world waiting? A start is what is needed now -the world already holds in its collective hands a solution to this poverty crisis today, what has been missing is the will to go that extra mile and implement it.