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Sm'art World Model Franchisors


Homeshores-Direct™: A Festival of World Cultures 365™

SM'ART MODEL'S FRANCHISORS: The VoxLABS™ MODEL is designed for Franchising and for distribution-direct through VoxLABS™ FRANCHISORS and their Affiliates cum Agents worldwide.  There are four types of VoxLABS™ FRANCHISORS routes with and through whom Communities can choose to proceed - each offering different ways to achieve your Community's goals @ VoxWorld©.Coop™ Outlets and provide advancement for your people. Each will operate their own virtual E-CO Franchise at either a global (here), regional, national or indeed at their Apex organisational level (if any).  All will be implemented with assistance of VoxFRANCHISE™ and only those displayed on these pages will be authorised to implement the VoxLABS™ MODEL, with backup Outsourcing & Offshoring (O&O) services provided from Ireland. Whichever way you choose to become involved, it will be all About U, and going behind the scenes to assist you in creating your own Culture-based Community Brands.                                                                                                                 

  1. InHouse VoxLABS™ FRANCHISORS - Custodian of VoxLABS™ Book of Rules as exposed to and through Linked Group: "The E-Communities.Coop" and as creators of the intuitive VoxLABS™ MODEL, whose rolemodel in-house VoxFRANCHISE™ will take you each step of the way through all the elements that will transform your Community into a sought-after Brand. Specialising in what is termed today as customisation, servitisation & productisation services are provided through collaborative local, regional and global partners in form of Community brand portfolio management; using its innovative 'shopper stopper' System Display Units merchandisers with custom community branding from and for VoxFRANCHISE™ ALPHApoints™ Hubs and VoxWorld©.Coop™ OMEGApoints™ Outlets franchises - to feature your own community concepts, stories and themes. Choose this option if you are a Cooperative, College or Corporation - especially one with existing, or future plans for or even willingness to form a CREDIT UNION/ COMMUNITY BANKING linkup for employee payroll. Ideal for Homeplace, Workplace or Meetingplace Sm'artshops @ Diversity Employers & Affinity Group locations, or Culture/ Community-based Orgs who wish to support their Communities at home.

  2. Consulting VoxLABS™ FRANCHISORS - the Consulting Franchisors that can guide you towards a more explicit, Workshop-driven implementation of VoxFRANCHISE™ ALPHApoints™ Hubs and VoxWorld©.Coop™ OMEGApoints™ Outlets franchises model, as led by your own Community E-CO Hub & its Development Centre facilities. Choose this option where you want authorised independent consultants to offer hands-on advice in addition to providing insightful know-how for customisation of VoxLABS™ MODEL to your Community. Ideal for colleges, co-ops or corporate-based CAMPUSES who now or in the future wish to provide their own Continuing Educational Programme courses to fill some of the vast skills gaps in this era of chronic global shortage of skilled workers, including Teachers, Nurses & ICT Professionals.

  3. Co-operatives VoxLABS™ FRANCHISORS - the Co-op Apex Organisations that can provide rapid access from your local Community to your global Community through installation of a VoxWorld©.Coop™ Co-op Shop at their worldwide Co-op Outlets including your co-op catalogue. Choose this option where you want greater participation in creating added value for your own Community. Ideal for Third Sector Apex Orgs, their members and their families at home or working abroad who wish to create their own jobs, careers or trades at home; or as off-Campus Co-ops for your particular faculty or associated overseas Alumni Affinity Group.

  4. Retail VoxLABS™ FRANCHISORS - as providers of community branded VoxWorld©.Coop™ Culture Showcases offering the best in cultural collections, compilations, great/ famous/ iconic works, artists commissions from across the world's regions, countries, local states or districts - while specialising in showcasing Community brands and providing new ways and new ideas in retailing 24/7. Ideal for retail chains, airports, hotels, car hire, phone shops, banks, travel Agents, culture stores, tourist shops, mobile consumer electronics outlets, money transfer agents, bureau de change locations and independent service operated or redemption outlets who either already target or wish to target underserved Communities and Diasporas in global Neighbourhood Communities or who simply have surplus space that they can re-deploy.


All above options are provided on a revenue sharing basis. So now there are additional, different and unique ways to 'vote with your wallet', through economic Social Purchasing with VoxFRANCHISE™ - all you have to do is purchase one or more of the Services through any participating Community Branded Storefront @ VoxWorld©.Coop™:  

And VoxFRANCHISE™ enables you to open your own Community branded Storefront at the VoxWorld©.Coop™ Outlets, the private label Community Outlets; or your community-based organisation members can build/ own their own Micro-franchised virtual eBusiness using VoxLABS™ toolbox and interfaces - in order to sell direct to and through your Global Neighbourhood Communities worldwide. VoxFRANCHISE™ is a metamediary or go-between, not a middleman or wholesaler, that supplies you with a complete E-Community Co-op toolbox to build your own E-Community.Coop Brand and/ or to open your own Outlets - where we can also introduce partners interested in licensing your products, when using VoxLABS™ MODEL and its ECO-friendly packaging systems. In just one click you are on your way.

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