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All material presented herein is the property of VoxLabs®. No part of this document may be reproduced, transmitted, stored or translated, in any form or by any means, without the
prior consent of VoxLabs
®. All material herein is expressly Confidential and subject to executed Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements. VoxLabs® reserves the right to make changes in the specification described in this document at any time without notice and without an obligation on VoxLabs® to notify any persons or organisations of such revisions or changes.

The VoxLabs Model was proven out some years ago
around the world with a successful co-branded Rollout & Rolemodel with Laces & Accessories. Today the model is being released in updated versions, created and authored by

, for application to Social Brands to promote Sm'art Jobs within self-starter Communities. Below is a summary of how that application can be implemented for you as a VoxLabs® Franchise through VoxFranchise®:


8. A NEW

This VoxLabs
® Business Plan involves the rollout through VoxLabs Franchise, known as VoxFranchise®, to Retail Franchisees direct and worldwide simultaneously - and intended for ‘bolt-on’ to Global Sports Brands & Social Brands for their existing and also new retail stockists; to provide a high-impact, high-volumes and high speed-to-market for their customers in a VoxLabs® 'Shopper Stopper' experience. It is now open specifically for application by Community-based Org (CBO's) Franchisors, Affiliates & Agents worldwide. The proposed first application of the VoxFranchise® is in an identified and proven major market opportunity – first supporting global Sport Shoes Laces in targetting the Social Marketplace, entitled: "Fitness for a Purpose" Sportslaces focused on 'Health is Wealth' mantra.

VoxFranchise® is a global marketing and technology-driven, fully integrated end-to-end supply chain concept, providing  direct-to-consumer fulfillment under a co-licensing arrangement with Sports & Social Brands combined. The underlying VoxLabs Concept Display System has been fully tested as a Shopper Stopper through application to many Brands including ECCO and Dr Martens co-branded Laces & Accessories ranges, as deployed to over 5,000 stockists globally in over 40 countries and simultaneously; recognising that we are in an era of the equi-distant customer. VoxLabs® & VoxFranchise® recognises that the product and service-provider collaboration offers substantial opportunities in consumer-driven, multi-channel retail markets today where we see Sportslaces & Accessories as a powerful means of bringing about an awakening to the issues facing the CareWorld and in increasing an awareness on all matters concerning Health Education, led by the "Fitness for a Purpose" Sportslaces Campaign.

This specific proposal from VoxFranchise® relates to the global market for Branded footwear Sportslaces & Accessories products. It is focused on a three separate but integrated Concepts - "Sports Fitness for a Purpose" Sportslaces, "Greening of E-Business" Dispensers and "The Voice of the Unheard" LifeWork Accessories.

The proposal involves:

• combining the creative with the commercial in a multi-channel Retail Concept designed to capture an identified major global consumer-driven opportunity in Branded Sportslaces & Accessories, beginning with Sportslaces;
• execution in a Franchise structure and format through which authorised ‘Community Service Providers’ collaborate with Franchisors, Affiliates and Agents in the concept, design, manufacture, packaging, distribution and merchandising of products;
• backing by market-leading Sports & Social Brands in a combined Added Brand Value marketing programme – where the customer is asked to ‘choose one pair free, for a Purpose’ (a Cause) with every pair of Sports, Leisure or Workwear shoes purchased; designed to unleash an explosive latent consumer demand for Sports branded, themed and fashion laces as presented in a kaleidoscope of colour and excitement for today’s statement-making generation;
• extention into a range of co-branded Clothing Accessories, Mobile Consumer Electronics, under a global co-branded portfolio management programme.

Starting with Sportslaces & Accessories, there are three specific target product and market segments:

1. Branded 'Logo Lace' Options (Global sports brands)
2. Generic Brand 'Themed' Lace Options (Sports trade & major multiples)
3. Retail Own Label Brand 'Fun Fashion' Lace Options (Specialist stores)

After original Global Tests & Trials, VoxLabs
® generated significant expressions of interest from a number of Global Brands after its successful rollout worldwide to Leisure Footwear, Retail Specialists & Sports Trades in an application of the VoxLabs Concept System for authorised Brand stockists. This demand was led by a particular interest in a Green-friendly product version. This interest was seriously hampered at the time by both servere production capacity and also capability limitations globally plus need to build an independent organisational structure because of speed of turnaround required for such fmcg orders. New service providers have since increased capacity and capability to satisfy the anticipated demand created by this unique concept and patented Dispensers. In addition the era of the Social Brand has arrived, and we can now add a new and vibrant Caring dimesion to the original proposal in Fitness & Health.

VoxFranchise® Mission: To unlock and tap the latent Consumer demand for a better, brighter and broader Range of Sportslaces & Accessories options, presented in a unique ‘Shopper Stopper' display concept’, portraying a Kaleidoscope of colour and excitement, targetted at the young statement-making consumer.

There is a unique opportunity with
VoxFranchise® Sportslaces, in its worldwide trademarked dispenser, in particular to promote Sports Clubs & Social Footwear in a combined effort, and not just to satisfy the existing demand for Sportslaces & Accessories; but to also create and satisfy an additional latent demand through a focused, marketing-driven, efficient and effective end-to-end supply chain. The factors contributing to this analysis are as follows:

• Brands are pre-occupied with their core footwear business and to which their trading infrastructures are primarily geared;
• Many Retailers (the Brand stockists) prefer to focus on high margin, ‘big ticket’ footwear; whereas Laces in particular traditionally required more in-store handling relative to return on investment;
Accessories on the other hand are an essential part of the retail offer being demanded by customers chasing an Experience that comes with Instore drama and so are an essential requirement of the Brand Image designers;
• Sportslaces, in particular, however are still an essential stylised component and functional part of many Sports Footwear offerings;
• The Sportslaces supply-chain is highly disaggregated, lacking a single end-to-end focus;
• Far Eastern repeat supplies to the Sportslace market can be of low quality, poor reliability, have little presentational impact and generally lack any creative concepts inputs at retail added value level;
• There is not an effective and efficient alternative Sportslace Merchandiser in the designated marketplace; Sportslaces are a highly specialised production activity and requires very specialised and very expensive added value machinery investment to generate the high quality wrapping presentation standards in the high volumes required.
• As a franchise partner, Global Sports and Social Brands together would have immense ‘pulling’ power and wide youth appeal;
• Critical mass profitability can be achieved far quicker and more effectively with the impact of a multi-brand Community Service Provider proposition in what is a crowded retail environment;


Yes! VoxLabs® original experience was with both International & Local Brands - ECCO, Dr. Martens, O'Neills Sports, Fanfare, Gaget Gear - and was proven out as being able to increase Sports & Leisure Laces throughput by 4 to 25 times that of traditional or alternative retailing methods through the use of a dedicated, customised, and supply chain-driven VoxLabs® created Point of Sale UCS Dispensers. VoxLabs® has worked with leading Sports footwear brands, exploring the scale of what is a vast market opportunity in itself. We are also very experienced in the retailing industry over several decades. All originated in the building of a fully integrated, and customisable Laces & Accessories business for Dr Martens, based around its UCS Concept System Display Unit (UCS) and culminated a decade or more in an innovative concept of co-creating Global Footwear Branded Laces & Accessories with Community Social Brands to fund sustainable Community Hubs and local Jobs.

In an example of what we have done and can now deliver through authorised Service Providers - over one six-month period
VoxLabs® created and delivered the following for Dr Martens Experience in our UCS Dispenser Display Unit:

• Created an integrated Branded Laces & Accessory product design concepts, Retailer Catalogues, retail themes
: "Option in Originals" and complete In-store POS concept
• Sourced Product ranges including laces, socks, belts, braces, hats, underwear, t-shirts and jeans;  all presented in a UCS unique, trademarked Branded Dispenser format;
• Produced a customised and integrated Brand Packaging Display Unit using patented UCS Concept System from
• Supported their worldwide Expos across 15 Locations from London to Las Vegas with Prototypes and Trade Presentations;
• Provided
capacity planning services to market-ready supply lines including product production oversight;
• Managed Brand's authorised Global Distribution Centre in Ireland for Kan Ban stocking, Packaging Assembly operations and Product Barcoding & Kitting;
• Supplied Logistical services ranging from Purchasing Order Aggregation, Dispenser Printing, Labelling, Literature, Pick & Packing to Central HQ shipping for Footwear Order groupage and worldwide distribution through 290 Wholesalers and Distributors in 40 countries;
• Provided Instore display services and point-of-sale management system facilitating high frequency self-merchandising;
• Rapid Order turnaround of three weeks, after original actual Rollout took 6 weeks across 40 Countries.
* Computer generated Catalogue with barcoded PriceLists; where the
VoxLabs® UCS ‘Product Accessories Manual’ for the Brand encompassed 175 bar-coded line items.

IMPACT: Steady-State Model Economics
Financially, the UCS- driven Dr Martens Accessories Range proved to be a major success – initial stockist trials over a period of first 13 weeks generated Stg£10.3m in retail revenues. Following these trials, forward orders for the immediate following season reached a run-rate of Stg£60m @ RRP based on laces and accessories computed Trade demand; and with demand projected to double in the succeeding year to Stg£185m @ RRP.

VoxLabs® Franchise evolved from the application of the UCS Concept System to Dr Martens and changed radically in its capability followed by the emergence of the Internet and eCommerce. Taking a longer view VoxLabs® Franchise was evolved into a process spanning two decades to increase Global Capability and Capacity to deliver its Innovation potential:

1991 – 1993: Development of generic "Gaget Gear" Retail Laces Dispenser and Carded Accessories with distribution through Retailers & Major Multiples – Avoca, Lifestyle, Champion Sports, Superquinn, Quinnsworth, Tesco and shoe repair shops.
Installed and serviced Packaging-based Display Units.
1994 – 1996: Identification and quantification of Branded Sports & Leisure Shoelace & boxed Accessory market opportunity with O’Neills, Coxy (France), Collonil (France), Grober (Spain), ECCO (Denmark). Also completed a Nationwide Expo with ECCO.
1996 – 1997: Dr. Martens (UK) Uno-Mark Concept System application. Worldwide Expos & Distribution in 40 countries, 5,300 Stores in multiple Retail Trade sectors.
1998-2001: Development full Supply Chain Management capability with leading US services provider. Developed full Global Logistics capability with leading US services provider. Developed an Interactive Kiosk with leading providers for creation of an online Sm'artshop version of
VoxLabs® Model for Retail Franchisees. Developed a DutyFree Shop variation of model for worldwide Airport Outlets in an application to Mobile Consumer Electronics. Developed a full blown Designer Concept iShop for VoxLabs® Franchise. Developed VoxLabs® Culture Showcase formats for UCS Concept System in application involving a full Shop-in-Shop Experience for High Street, Airlines, Hotels, other Hospitality and Cultural locations. Developed a Celtic Showcase rolemodel for Ireland and announced the Franchise in London in a keynote address to International Logistics Conference, December 1998.
2002- 4: Developed the Sm'artshop & Culture Showcase for Latin America & Caribbean including Mexico (LatinoVox & AztecVox), and for Global Sports Clubs. Crystalised concept and registered VoxLabs Model as a Social Innovator and VoxFranchise in a subsequent role as Social Entrepreneur to target Diasporas in a bridge for benefit of their Local Communities.
2005-6: Created and registered concept of VoxWorld.Coop as a co-promoted Culture Brand with Coop Movement & other Movements as a Changemaker. Developed the concept of a Cultural Digital Hub for provision of Sm'artshop & Culture Showcase digital culture services to the Bottom of Pyramid Communities across digital culture corridors established in the steps of their Diaspora over the centuries.
Developed the Sm'artshop & Culture Showcase for Asia including Philippines (AsianVox & PinoyVox).
2007: Developed the Sm'artshop & Culture Showcase & Sm'artshop concept for application to 800m member Cooperatives & Credit Unions for building E-Community.Coop Hubs for generation of ICT Traded-Services.
2008: Finalised disruptive innovation - concentrated on BOP marketplace to effect major changes for its people who are not getting any services today - in health, education, finance.  Generated hundreds of other Applications for Patents, Trademarks and other IPR.
2009: Worked with five Global Initiatives promoting Services Innovation, Community Banking, African Diaspora, Changemakers and Product Inventions.
2010 - Promoted innovative and global-reaching New Ideas on Social Marketing Sites and high profile Blogs - specifically being Online Opportunities to Work at Home, BOP Cultures Showcases Exchanges at TeleCentres, and Social Purchasing as a Solution for Haiti and other Causes.
Putting into action a new Initaitive promoting BOP TeleCentres as part of the Digital access Agenda Europe in a co-promotion with Cooperative Movement with VoxWorld.Coop to bring online.  New Concept in Laces & Accessories for co-creation of value in Communities by Global Brands with Community Culture Brands ('Social Brands') through VoxWorld.Coop, in association with TeleCentres & Co-operative Hubs.

Typical Franchises normally comprise a brand, physical outlets and a supply- chain. VoxLabs® Franchise is different in that it represents a supply-chain ‘bolted-on’ to existing Global Brands & Social Brands to their retail stockist networks. VoxLabs® defines content and logistics to franchise standards and definitions, and authorises ‘Community Service Providers’ to deliver individual elements of the supply-chain against defined specific Service Level Agreements (SLA's).

VoxLabs®  UCS Concept System, together with the franchise model and ECCO/ Dr Martens application experience in particular, now enables the concept of ‘Community Brands-direct’, with the introduction of ‘Consumer Service Providers’. Rather than moving product and building margins through the traditional slow integrated chain of supplier, distributor, wholesaler and retailer, VoxLabs® Franchise enables delivery from supplier direct-to-consumer (if required or convenient) through the collaboration of VoxLabs®-authorised Community Service Providers. These Providers share in supply chain revenues reflecting the functions performed – i.e. manufacturing, packaging, distribution, marketing, merchandising etc. For VoxLabs® this means acting as Model custodian metamediary (go-between) rather than as an intermediary (differing from all the original Brand applications) in the supply-chain activities - while handing over all Operations to VoxLabs® Franchise for implementation through retail franchisees, national franchisors, local affiliates and supporting agents.

The full VoxLabs® Franchise structure is supported by ten ‘Master Franchise Centres’, available online, offline or over mobile-  covering Innovative Marketing, Logistics, Technology, Finance, Treasury Management, Pointcasting, Sourcing & Procurement, Education and Trade-Services as well as a Global Operations Centre. The extent to which all elements of the Franchise are deployed will vary with development stage and individual applications. All services are channelled through a central Digital Hub, linked to Local Hubs for Sourcing and to Regional Hubs for Procurement. Education, Traded-Services and Finance Centres provide support to VoxWorld.Coop Foundation. The processes also include VoxLabs® Studios and VoxLabs® Mobile Centres. The Master Franchise Centres can be grouped as follows:

VoxLabs® Global Operator Centre: The function of the Franchise Network Operator Centre is to provide a secure Command Centre for franchise oversight and control - including network-wide multi-channel franchisee licensing, billing platform & points exchange and Club programme content creation, together with the monitoring of performance against service level agreements;
VoxLabs® Franchise Treasury Management Centre: The function of the Financial Services Provider Centre is to provide a unique payment platform, based on issue of VoxLabs® Tradecard to retailers for telephone ordering and the settlement of all accounts through outsourced treasury management.
• Master Franchise Centres: These Centres will provide the core Franchise services, as Consumer Service Providers (CSP), of CSP Marketing, CSP Logistics, CSP Technology, CSP Finance, CSP Pointcasting, CSP Sourcing & Procurement, CSP Education and CSP Traded-Services. The CSP Marketing Centre will provide Master Franchise Formats including customised Retail Shop ‘n Shops, Content Catalogue and in-store marketing services; The CSP Logistics Centre will provide the Supply Chain Management Software for iPOS interconnectivity, thus enabling remote inventory management, demand forecasting, available-to-promise order placement, customised auto replenishment as well as specialist customised packaging; the CSP Technology Centre will provide customised templates for iKiosks and content customisation and servitisation services; while the other Centre will provide prepaid services for planned purchasing programmes, outsourced treasury management, retailer tradecards and stockist self-financing and self-liquidating deals; and the Pointcasting function for narrowcasting and broadcasting content and consumer package deal offers and deliver them to mobiles, pocket PC’s and Virtual Retail Networks (iPlasma screens).

VoxLabs® Franchise comprises a ‘10-Point Retail Franchise Plan’:

• Patented Packaging Presentation & Concept System – unique visual merchandising, high-impact branded POS, ‘easy-to-buy, easy-to-merchandise & easy-to-sell’ systems
• Homeshore-direct Retail Distribution – Master Logistics Centre, auto replenishment, quick response restocking
• Kiosque Shop ‘n Shop – power marketing instore, free-with-product Kiosque module, complete stock back-up in Kan Ban system
• Interactive Ordering System – electronic online manual, available-to-promise, order management, demand forecasting unit planning, online buying made easy
• Just in Time (JIT) Product Supply – Product procurement worldwide, capacity booking, JIT delivery, pre-pack order delivery
• Theatre Packaging Design – serialised packaging & product, retail concept and themes, culture & community affiliation
• Sm'artshop Remote Inventory Management – iKiosk, multi-media iPOS auto order repeat option, multi-lingual call centre option,
VoxLabs® Q&A, extranet visual communication
• Barcoding System – barcoded price lists, track & trace, System Tags, barcoded delivery and packaging information labels
• Instore Marketing – authentic brand identifier, in-store communications impact, customised theme packaging, gift pre-packed
• Internet Communications – extranet cyberpark, online ordering system, online pointcasting plasma screen

By leveraging existing Global Brand cachets and their existing substantial stockists networks, the VoxLabs® Franchise Shop ‘n Shop concept can be rapidly deployed. This capability has already been proven through the adoption of the UCS Concept Display System by Dr Martens, a Global footwear brand through over 5,000 stockists in forty countries. Having tested the model in that environment, this extended proposal concerns the application of the resulting franchise model to Global Sports Brands with ECO-Spun green-friendly Laces & Accessories, which can reach in excess of 100,000 stockists with leading Global & Social Brands worldwide. That is replicable per sector as Range expands.

Over the last ten years Ireland has acquired a reputation as a generator of growth founded upon new and innovative technologies backed by a strong educational system in a green-friendly environment. This forms a credible background against which to roll-out an integrated new marketing, technology and logistics-based franchise added value concept. The development of
VoxLabs® Franchise has been largely centred on Ireland and the intention and desire is to base the company in Ireland where it will carry out its core Master Franchise functions of franchise management and oversight. Specifically the headquarters of the Franchise will be located in Ireland, with Regional and National Hubs created in line with demand.

Clearly Community Service Providers are authorised and appointed to the
VoxLabs® Franchise based on ability to meet defined standards of performance. Based on the experience and observations with Dr Martens and other Brands, VoxLabs® can provide a significant number of franchise services from and through Ireland in collaboration with others - including creative and other marketing services, innovative POS packaging manufacture and printing, product assembly, laces & accessory added value products, packing and wrapping and distribution as well as legal and administrative support.

Employment creation as a result of this initiative will occur at two levels – Franchise management & oversight needs and paticularly within the Community Service Providers. Effectively, the Franchise creates and satisfies latent demand Communities Co-ops, bringing additional business volumes to their respective operations.