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Homeshores Direct: a Festival of World Cultures 365

"The concentration of wealth in a minority rich and the social exclusion of the majority poor constitute the greatest threats in the history of democracy and peace in industrialised countries as well as in developing countries.... Cooperativism is the only capable movement to counter these threats." Roberto Rodriquez - President, International Cooperative Alliance 

VIRTUAL ENTERPRISE INTERFACES: A New World has opened up for us all. We no longer stand-alone, we can be part of one overall community effort. Collaboration has become the order of the day, ever since the advent of the e-collaboration hubs a couple of years ago. We no longer need to travel for work as our only option or wait for the MNC's (multi-national corporations) to bring the Jobs to our neighbourhood - we can create our own jobs through trading in form of internationally traded-services; filling the in-demand tacit interactive jobs, requiring skills, experience and judgement. We can all find one suitable job - especially if we work in collaboration with others. What we do not know today, we can rapidly learn tomorrow, even while on the move - no need to wait any longer. And what we cannot readily learn ourselves we can find locally as an add-on service, or we can outsource or contract out worldwide - while also controlling your costs very carefully too; we can use modern tools to reverse auctioneer our requirements if our scale of operations is big enough. We no longer have a limiting factor necessity for startup funding, or venture capitalists, or business angels nor indeed a need for an expensive head office cost, with office/ sales staff, all kinds of consultants, a car, travel & hotel bills etc - though they all remain optional extras. The road ahead is no longer blocked by any insurmountable need for bankers, distributors, or logistics - you can operate from home, or from a local Enterprise Centre. Your virtual e-Business can even be 'born global'. If there is not a Community Hub around, start on with others of like mind. You should first look for an existing or future planned TeleCentre in your town or village. If there is not one yet - start one yourself. You can find support from Sm'art E-CO: ITSC Education Academy


Your new marketplace will very often revolve around access to your global diaspora initially. Your premiere brand will likely be your E-Community brand. Your future field of work will mostly likely be in traded-services, replacing dependency on traditional workplace jobs. The market is the Social Marketplace. The opportunities are endless, and open to all - whether your interest is to buy or to sell. The world is now a very different place indeed, a Sm'art World driven by the virtual ebusiness or virtual enterprise. The MNC's (multi-national corporations) of yesterday are all changing around us too, so we must adapt or lose out - where they have become what are called 'globally integrated enterprises' (GIE's)...where we will see the spin-off jobs going perhaps into Workers Co-ops as they down-size or right-size. The VoxLabs® New Business Model provides you with all the essential tools you need to adapt to these changes. All the format and other services required are available from authorised VoxLabs® service providers right here, the Licensees. As you grow then, you can either hire staff - and being service driven - they could operate from home or the local Enterprise Centre; or even be based at customer or supplier locations as special point of contact persons; or you can even outsource the service worldwide today. So you can choose to open up your own offices, your staff, your facility or not....its all your choice. Whichever way you go, you can then sell in this new, vast Social Marketplace on established product  platforms or even use your own off-the-shelf e-commerce platform. All you need is the idea(s) to develop and the initiative to run with them.

Now the montage below of Dr Martens branded Laces & Accessories: 'Options in Originals', was traded simultaneously in over 40 countries under our devised 'Options in Originals' concept. It is a good example of how simply everyone can trade globally today under their brand concept, story & theme - with the exception of production, everything was outsourced and offshored to Ireland - including the worldwide marketing concept & theme, packaging IPR & production, product & multi-supplier sourcing, customisation, market presentations, lCT technology, Logistics (labelling, barcodes, ISO standards, kitting, pick & pack), distribution centre & shipping. Today our Display Systems & other Interfaces can be customised & personalised for your E-Community, E-Corp, E-Coop, E-College or your E-Affinity Group. The options are endless, all you need is the conviction to make the commitment to your own E-Programme. Every other tool is available to you via VoxLabs® and through VoxWorld.Coop Outlets - commencing with these portals. All servitised products are presented or re-presented in the ECO-friendly VoxLabs® packaging, wallet, card or shop formats as well as through other Interfaces. 

Release the power within yourself, your family and your community - with access to borderless Microfinance (led by Money Transfers), Smartphones, Travel & Culture - with the Sm'art Hub Wallet as now available at VoxWorld.Coop or later online or through smartphone. It is Homeshores Direct: a Virtual Festival of World Cultures 365. Startup your E-Community now, stand out and go out on your own, accessing a new route to a better Way of Life for all. Tomorrow you can thrive both in and from within your own culture, in a micro-franchising opportunity 4U. It starts with a job/ trade/ career/ agency of course - having one or finding one. Where your community migrants went of necessity in yesteryear, you have the alternative opportunity (much of it due to the trading corridors they opened as a result) to trade from the confines of your own home, village, town or homeshores generally tomorrow. You have a free choice now ever since advent of the internet, free to travel for a job or alternatively to trade from home. Either way you can help develop your own E-Community workforce, open or own your own Outlets and build your own Community Culture-Brand - filling your own Wallet on the road to a new and better Way of Life.  

But thats just the very beginning - Money Transfers, whether generated from Migrant Jobs overseas or through Trade from home, is vital income indeed. Yet you also need credit to then grow a business that will serve you well at home, and to help create an economy in your homeshores that will serve the needs of your Community. So of course there is a great unsatisfied need for Microfinance. Yes, you need more funding to grow your trade at and from home - though not to startup - that which most often has rarely been available in or to E-CO Traders in developing world or communities. But! you can find that here too as you grow. You don't want to wait for, maybe cannot get or even need Aid, but you want to stand up and stand out on your own two feet - with VoxLabs® Model you will discover that all the resources you need are all around you, when you knew how to tap into those resources globally. When you have services available or just an idea to offer - either now or ones you know you can learn for the future - then the internet already shows us that there are millions of nurses, careworkers, technology and other services  in endless demand worldwide for all to see, in fact tens of millions of jobs or services need to be filled today urgently. So how can we all fix the problem to benefit everybody? We can achieve all this in borderless collaboration - which needs whole new business models to cross borders and bring both sides together, such as the VoxLabs® New Business Model.

For this purpose, we have developed VoxWorld.Coop® for dedication to homeshore E-Community Development for people everywhere. It is a low cost Virtual Enterprise and e-commerce driven model that is self-funding when implemented using VoxLabs' Sm'art Hubs, VoxFranchise's Sm'art Outlets and VoxWorld.Coop's Culture-Brand. The New Business Model enables whole Communities to buy and sell customisable Culture-Branded traded-services and products to their Diaspora through those Hubs & Outlets, using the VoxLabs®, the minimalist Virtual Enterprise model. It revolves around the concept of borderless Social Purchasing - connecting with your own Diaspora, communities who care and organisations that need your services worldwide. It's a Social Franchisor using Custom Kiosques to build Smart Communities providing customisation and servitised Culture Showcases for people everywhere - those who wish to go out on your own, create their own Virtual Communities, avail of Green Businesses opportunities, Money Transfers leveraging, Diaspora agencies and many other opportunities open to all today.     


  So what in essence does the VoxLabs® New Business E-Model provide?   

  1. SMART VOUCHERCARD & Premiere Diaspora Accounts
  2. SMARTCARD & Premiere Money Transfers Home
  3. SMARTPHONE & Premiere Homeshores E-Community Hub
  4. SMART KIOSQUE & Premiere Global E-Community Outlets
  5. SMART DISPENSER & Premiere Homeshores Community ATM
  6. SMART DISPLAY & Premiere Sm'art Job Creation
  7. SMART DIASPORA-BOX & Premiere E-CO Trader Networks