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Athough the word 'Tacit Knowledge' may be still unfamiliar to many of us, yet every Apprentice or Trainee understands the concept 'in practice' - they know they have learned on-the-job better through any explicit show-how, intense observation or training workshops; or indeed through text, visuals or any college course alone. Tacit Knowledge is however very important in the current climate as Innovation grows in importance every day - it's where all Ideas begin and which over time need to translated into Explicit Knowledge for Implementation via Whitepapers, Presentation Papers, Manuals, Books, Internet, Intranet, Extranet, Training Workshops, Forums, Knowledge Bases, Lectures or any Social Media form used to flesh-out the idea and turn it into reality. The volume of Job Opportunities for Coop driven Communities can be gleaned from the Open Letter from Co-ops to G8 Governments.

Typical Tacit Knowledge sources arise from such as expertise, work experience, know-how, indigenous knowledge, undocumented work practices, trade secrets, 'tricks of the trade', informal networks, informal business alliances and strategic partnerships. It is usually understood as Knowledge that is 'unrecognised, unexpressed or undocumented'.

On the other hand, Explicit Knowledge sources are typically very different, taking forms such as hardware & software, user manuals, documented best practices, process tools, portals, knowledge bases, formulae, directories or supplier/ customer databases. In this case
it is usually understood to be Knowledge that is 'documented, encoded or recorded'.

In the overall terms of its relevance to Diaspora Communities - the place we are in now in the world can be seen to have originated as discussions on Sustainable Development in 1992 (Rio Summit); grown centrally throughout 2002-5 with World Bank and other Global Agencies into Knowledge-driven Economy thinking; reaching out to National Levels by 2007 as Knowledge-driven Development through such as ADB Development Bank. From that point we can observe that it moved into the process of what may be called Knowledge for Poverty Alleviation phase, at Local Community Level by 2008. This is recognised as having given people the capacity to act for themselves, to become enablers, to be more effective, to solve problems and get better results for themselves.

While Information alone told people 'what is, and what is interesting, to know what', Knowledge on the other hand gave people the 'know how, what works and what is useful', being Information that also brings about changed circumstances for people. VoxWorld.Coop participated in a number of these processes through participating, speaking and attendance roles at Remittance Conferences, Workshops & Forums in London, Washington, Bangkok, San Francisco & New York over the decade to 2005, after which point the Social Marketplace had taken sufficient hold and no longer wanted what they saw as Talking Shops but Action instead and full Participation in that Action. By 2009 then this Knowledge phase and grown into full Knowledge Management -  focusing and becoming embedded as Knowledge Assets, or Intellectual Capital or Intellectual Property Rights in
People, Processes, Stakeholders & Technology - generating more effective action through Business Processes leading to Valuable Results for participants today. Finally today, in 2010, this has brought us to where both the Developing and Developed Worlds are now ready to engage in New Ways with New Ideas, through what we have been calling a Coalition of the Willing or those eoperating out of Enlighted Self-interest and Compassion - all opening the door for New Community Business Models. VoxLabs® is one such Model, VoxFranchise® once such Culture Showcase and VoxWorld.Coop® one such Social Brand Application, all ready to manage Innovative for Sm'art Communities within their Sm'art Economies.