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Homeshores Direct: a Festival of World Cultures 365

Emigration & Community Development Hubs as an Innovative solution for all: 

In difficult times like these, when Jobs have become an ever more precious commodity, people and whole countries turn to self-protectionism. Many people without sufficient income, especially disenfranchised Communities at so-called Bottom of the Pyramid (despite the mystical and often exotic travel destinations they otherwise present), have begun to realise however that  there are new ways, new ideas and new technologies with which to tap into the latent value that resides within themselves and their own culture right around them - indeed one that opens the door to many new and inspiring opportunities for them to behold. eg. in re-discovering the Great Silk Road or the the Oregon Trails. These treasures are found deep within everyone's own Culture, accessable through and protected only by every Community's own language. And is that same Culture that differentiates us from all other peoples, other cultures and indeed other Communities. Services sopportunities abound as can be seen at Sm'art Retail Franchisor Licensing.

Today we all have the technological capabilities available to us in TeleCentres or perhaps at Home through a Computer or indeed over Smartcells. We thus have the possible means to enable us to spread the word ourselves and monetise with care our own treasured cultural assets, through sharing them with and through our own online global Diaspora communities - in a world that is fast becoming one true global village. Very many Musicians for example now believe that we are only custodians of our music, and of our culture - something akin to what land means to farmers - that is passed on from one generation to another; threasured and protected, or added to by singer or musicians interpretation or indeed by songwriters as it passes along.

Whichever way, these new earnings can also open doors to Microfinance, for leveraging that gain; to build our own way of life or local economies, after which many
new and far greater possibilities begin to emerge. We have seen this happen in Latin America, and again of late in Hiliary Clinton's recent speech in NY on
Building Remittance Investment for Development, Growth, and Entrepreneurship (BRIDGE) http://blogs.worldbank.org/peoplemove/node/1300:

"In a

speech in New York City on September 22, 2010 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton explained how BRIDGE would work to raise critically needed Development funding :


“…Now, if they [migrants] send these remittances through the formal financial system, they create huge funding flows that are orders of magnitude larger than any development assistance we can dream of. By harnessing the potential of remittances, BRIDGE will make it easier for communities in El Salvador and Honduras to get the financing they need to build roads and bridges, for example, to support entrepreneurs, to make loans, to bring more people into the financial system…..Through BRIDGE and its in-country partners, local banks will be able to leverage their remittance flows….With the leverage from remittances, the local banks will be able to get lower-cost, longer-term financing for investments in infrastructure projects and small businesses.”

The financing structure proposed under BRIDGE is similar to that used by banks in several remittance-receiving countries such as Brazil, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Peru and Turkey, to raise over $15 billion in international financing..........."

People in all parts of the world are today very aware, with the advances in ICT and Internet, of what they have and also what they do not have...and of what they can do about it. They fully appreciate that while Asian & African Nurses, for example, are important in and to western people and hospitals - and that while Remittances or Money Transfers have provided a great deal of compensation to their families and communities - that there is also a huge global shortage of Nurses and a vast unsatisfied demand for all kinds of careworkers among Asian and African Communities themselves. They realise that these services are desperately needed but are not available to them because they cannot afford them. They increasingly know too that it is indeed possible to at least alleviate at least some of that great problem through use of new innovative ideas, finding new ways of doing things today using technology......such as in tele-nursing, tele-care, tele-homecare....Services that they can provide themselves to themselves and to global marketplace. They can see that these services would create Work at Home, in the form of countless and very necessary Jobs, Careers or Traded-services at home. In doing so we are collectively addressing global health issues, ones that increasingly affect us all in borderless spread of diseases like HIV, TB and Bird Flu. We are all acutely aware of the social advantages and the much lower cost base involved in working from our Homeshores direct to the world, especially in grasping online opportunities to work at home.

Now the means are also there too to accelerate this activity with the creation of local Community Development Hubs ('Sm'art Hubs'), revolving around Co-ops & Credit Unions together with TeleCentres for ICT access; and perhaps also in association with Self Help Groups or Social Enterprise Centres. Wherever there is a will, there is a way and in a process where everyone gains.

This is indeed a win-win solution for Sm'art Traders, better than today's automatic emigration solution found necessary in creating a life for some hundreds of millions of people and their families worldwide; or even more so in even greater numbers willing to travel for work but unable to find Jobs; being those enterprising enough to leave home from among the billions of people living in disenfranchised communities, stricken by poverty, to earn a living for their families. New poverty reduction economic models are available today to alleviate or eliminate poverty as we know it. The New Ways are there, just New Ideas needed. Whereas those who want to travel abroad for work can or will still choose to do so, there are other online options possible now too to Work at Home. Technology today allows people to avail of online educational and traded-services opportunities from within their own global community and/or worldwide in a borderless world eg. caring across cultures. And then there are a hundred other different Life-Work paths one can follow to achieve our goals in life. Social Purchasing Programmes can fund educate-more-educators Projects to educate more Nurses & Careworkers at much lower cost in the Developing to provide more Health Services at home or to the Developed World from home. In doing they can fill millions of Jobs with in the current global shortages caused by skills gaps, retirements and growing access requirements. These are among the so-called tacit interactive caring jobs or traded-services opportunities in general - all the more achieveable too especially with advent of remote, self-paced, personalised eLearning - supported by remote or Sm'art Hub introductory ICT learning, and college internet distance education in CIDE-based learning opportunities. Learning is no longer the preserve of young students but now an ongoing lifelong experience. And today we can also Learn to Earn (with Jobs like ICT available on qualification) or we can even Learn as we Earn, trading from Homeshores direct as we also learn remotely.

I believe that the potential for impact on lives of everyone involved is enormous, especially with the arrival of technology-driven virtual offices, virtual workshops and new virtual E-Business models like VoxLabs
®  to enable Communities to do-it-themselves as a community and together then proceed to build their own interactive Community Culture-Brand, open their own Sm'art Hubs at home  and even open their own borderless Community Outlets, using VoxFranchise Sm'art Shops eg. Sm'artCare Shops. This will undoubtedly eliminate many of the stresses of Immigration on both sides of every border, while providing - through ever more ICT driven Innovation - a far better solution for all.

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