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Homeshores Direct: a Festival of World Cultures 365

The VoxLabs® 'Options in Originals' concept has been traded and proven-out worldwide, in over 40 countries and across all Continents with Global Brands while using our patented Dispenser Display with its unique Sm'artbox magazines - registered D412800, as invented, developed and patented in USA during '90's. It is now made available to Communities all over the world, exclusively through VoxLabs in Ireland. As a Quick Start for your community, there are numerous product applications already identified as below which can readily be customised for your Community. More importantly, it can also be used to convert your idea, your process, your prototype, your invention or your expertise into a marketable and saleable product ie. Productisation. You can also proceed to a specific application: Sm'art Culture Libraries On-Disc.
as marshalled through Sm'art Outlets Licensing.

The following Sm'art Productisation services are available to Brand Service Providers for Licensing, to be provided within VoxLabs SLA Standards:

SM-ART PRODUCTS: Services Rights

Sm'art Culture Wallets Services details
Sm'art Culture Cards Services
Sm'art Culture Discs Services
Sm'art Comfort Footwear Services
Sm'art Club Sports Laces Services
Sm'art Culture Mobiles Services
Sm'art Mobile Electronics Services
Sm'art Gift Accessories Services
Sm'art Culture Silks Services
Sm'art Club Sports Shirts Services

Sm'art Replica Shirts Services

Sm'art Signature T-Shirts Services
Sm'art Statement T-Shirts Services
Sm'art Novelty Accessories Services

Each Sm'artbox below can contain any one or all of the following, as suits your Community.Coop requirements: a Disc, a Card, a Product, a Service, Courses, Culture, Traded-Services Jobs, Redemption Vouchers, Coupons, Freefone access number, Brochure, Catalogue or Literature


  1. Sm'art LifeWork 100 Traded-Services, On-Disc
  2. Sm'art LifeWork 100 Education, On-Disc
  3. Smart Services Sciences 100 Courses, On-Disc
  4. Sm'art Teacher, On-Disc
  5. Sm'art Carer, On-Disc
  6. Sm'art Insurance, On-Card
  7. Sm'art Affinity Group, On-Card
  8. Sm'art Social Causes, On-Disc
  9. Sm'art Sports Club, On-Disc
  10. Sm'art Virtual Assistant, On-Disc
  11. Sm'art Tutor, On-Disc
  12. Sm'art Consultant, On-Disc
  13. Sm'art Coach On-Disc
  14. Sm'art Community Brand, On-Disc
  15. Sm'art Culture Brand, On-Disc
  16. Sm'art Global Brand, On-Disc
  17. Sm'art Co-op, On-Disc
  18. Sm'art Travel, On-Disc
  19. Sm'art Commissioning, On-Card
  20. Sm'art Sponsor-a-Student Nurse, On-Card
  21. Sm'art Master Class, On-Disc
  22. Sm'art DIY, On-Disc
  23. Sm'art Gardiner, On-Disc
  24. Sm'art Craftsmen, On-Disc
  25. Sm'art Culture Libraries, On-Disc
  26. Sm'art Culture Wallet Concepts, On-Card
  27. Sm'art Culture Mobile Stories, On-Call
  28. Sm'art Culture Accessories Themes, On-Display
  29. Sm'art Culture Micro Consumer Electronics, At-Hand
  30. Sm'art Sports Accessories
  31. Sm'art Footwear At-Work
  32. Sm'art Sportslaces sets At-Play
  33. Sm'art Springlaces
  34. Sm'art Springs & Things
  35. Sm'art Silk Lingerie sets
  36. Sm'art Belts & Fobs
  37. Sm'art embossed Belts
  38. Sm'art embroidered applique Hats
  39. Sm'art compressed T-Shirts
  40. Sm'art embroidered applique Scarves
  41. Sm'art foil printed Braces
  42. Sm'art printed Scarves
  43. Sm'art jacquard T-Shirts
  44. Sm'art jacquard Underwear
  45. Sm'art jacquard Socks Set