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Homeshores Direct: a Festival of World Cultures 365

"Open for CAT Listing to WORK-AT-HOME SERVICES providers in reachout to their Diaspora Communities through  VoxLabs' Community Co-op cards, followed by VoxLabs discs and then by other VoxLabs product formats, with distribution worldwide. Online, offline and mobile channels available. Licenses are available for all regions, countries, cultures or global affinity groups. Licensing Payment Terms: Minimum quantities required, 500. Community Customisation also available, deposits apply. Card customisation fees of €1 per Diaspora Community production card, with minimum of 500 cards (fee €500), together with 10% royalties on content gross revenues for services of model as per Licence. Annual production contract optional, with 12 months for cost of 10 - ie. 2 months services free. Brand logo thumbnail included on Portal. Artwork to be supplied by Licensee."

SM'ART WORK AT HOME: This is a model that seeks to address many of the blockages on way to market of limitations in innovation, capabilities, capacities, distribution networks & finance; where you can do-it-yourself, on a revenue sharing basis; doing it for your community; where venture capital is not a prerequisite, where prior funding is not essential or other seed capital required - just Community initiative and commitment. All the tools are otherwise available from or through VoxLabs® to meet your needs; there to enable you to provide many new sources of income for local communities, all in one collaboration consumer servive provider-led Solution with VoxLabs Model through Sm'art Co-ops Franchisor Licensing.

The VoxLabs Social eFranchisor model was created and developed as a 'More than Profit' Social Innovation Model, to be operated through a GMT (Global Marketing & Technology) Sm'art Master Hub in Ireland to the Rest of the World. It is now open for application by and for Diaspora Orgs in collaboration with their local Community Co-ops, and where every purchase is a Social Purchase, in support of a Local Project. This solution differs from others in that it is a borderless solution, a Global E-Community Programme linked to Local Project(s)  - buying direct, making savings through efficiency and effectiveness, engaging community-based organisations in the order-to-delivery activities and passing back some of those your savings as seed funding to those of your Under-served Community (the so called bottom-of-the-pyramid, BOP) who want to help themselves by building a sustainable income and the life they wish for themselves and their communities. It differs in that the emphasis is on Traded-Services rather than products, being internationally traded-services. Its focus is on Social Innovation and on collaborative Homeshores-direct Culture trading, using state-of-the-art supply chain management and other techniques for efficiency and effectiveness. The VoxLabs Model's methods are different too - it involves a community Revenue-sharing Economics model; where there is a shareout to fund Local Smart Hub, and involved diaspora Affiliates, Agents and Franchisors. But mostly it differs however in enabling Distribution Channels direct to Diaspora Communities via Co-op operated ATM & Sm'artShop & Culture Brand creation for Communities.

The VoxLabs® model - authored, created, developed in and with operations independently managed from Ireland, a GMT zone - has already been tested and trailled by trading under a co-branded and co-marketing programme for Branded accessories and laces in over 40 countries worldwide simultaneously with a global footwear brand. It is a proven retail concept in Corporate Brand world and is now greatly enhanced for application to Community Brand & Culture Brand world in an ICT environment - with online, offline and mobile applications. It provides Communities with a unique selling proposition with its innovative patented and trademarked dispensers, displays, kiosks and other valuable intellectual property rights. It has now been developed into a full 'Retail Shop 'n Shop' capability for surplus Retail and Outlet space everwhere, in a full Franchise Format designed for distribution with and through Community-based Franchisors, Affiliates & Agents - where, uniquely, no previous retailing experience is required due to advances in retail technology and sciences and is ready for micro, small and large applications.

Whereas Programmes & Projects can take from 3-6 months to implement under a VoxLabs Roadmap Workplan & Rollout, available from our PMO (Programme & Project Management) Office in Ireland, that timeframe can be much sooner where in-demand Community services and their providers are ready sooner for delivery to Diaspora Marketplace, going online at VoxWorld.Coop Outlets -
through the Sm'art Co-op Outlets.

The VoxLabs
® Franchise Model, a ground-up or grassroots model, embraces three distinct objectives - Social Innovation (VoxLabs®), Social Entrepreneurship (VoxFranchise®) & Changemakers (VoxWorld.Coop®) while collaborating with Trading Partners of enlightened self-interest and a shared BOP compassion for and with Diaspora Marketplace. This process has taken for many up to two decades of continuous effort, constant persuasion and regular funding requiremnets to devise and develop this customisable E-Community Franchise and a viable VoxWorld.Coop Outlets Application - drawing as it did on the inputs of many highly committed people and organisations from year to year as the process went on; always on their understanding that when viable to implement such a solution that this Social Marketplace will likely provide a return on those investment of time, commitment and investment to all participants past, present and future. In doing so we were able to collaborate to eliminate much of the otherwise over-burdening costs of extensive product & services Sourcing (developing experience with such tools as value engineering, packager & reverse auctioneering) and of Order-to-delivery processes (with Order Aggregation, Supply Chain Management, Logistics & collaborative Outsourced Management Centre partners) and materially also with methods for eliminating much of the need for Provider seed capital; putting in place Sm'art O&O Services providers in Ireland and elsewhere; while devising a Tradecard, Escrow & Outsourced Treasury Management process for early and assured payments as we progress.

As a multi-part, self-funding, revenue sharing model - levels of benefit are determined by volumes or levels of audience reach-out; where effectiveness is really a factor of a Community's or their MSME's ability to 'capture the soul of their audience' with their creativity and innovation in product and service alike. The
VoxLabs® model is being made available in online, offline & mobile versions, a whole new dimension for Diaspora (and later Social Movement or Cause) Communities and MSME (Micro, Small & Medium-sized Enterprises) alike - enabling and allowing them to do more of what you do best, work and trade togeher, in collaboration with VoxLabs® Franchised Service Providers & Model Licensee Partners.

The following Sm'art Work at Home services are available to In-House Sub-Franchisor Service Providers for Licensing, to be provided within VoxLabs SLA Standards:

Sm'art LifeWork 100 Hub Co-op TeleCentre Services
Sm'art LifeWork 100 Webmasters & Designers Services
Sm'art LifeWork 100 Virtual E-Classroom Services
Sm'art LifeWork 100 Virtual Assistants Services
Sm'art LifeWork 100 Virtual Office Services
Sm'art LifeWork 100 Virtual Training Services
Sm'art LifeWork 100 Voice-Over Services
Sm'art LifeWork 100 Virtual Accountants Services
Sm'art LifeWork 100 Content Writers Services
Sm'art LifeWork 100 Narrate-a-Book Services
Sm'art LifeWork 100 HomeCarers Services
Sm'art LifeWork 100 Management Accountants Services
Sm'art LifeWork 100 ICT Professionals Services
Sm'art LifeWork 100 Master Craftsmen Services
Sm'art LifeWork 100 Teachers-of-English Services
Sm'art LifeWork 100 Virtual Translator Services
Sm'art LifeWork 100 Tele-Teachers Services
Sm'art LifeWork 100 Tele-CareerCoach Services
Sm'art LifeWork 100 Tele-NurseCoach Services
Sm'art LifeWork 100 Tele-HealthCare Services
Sm'art LifeWork 100 Actors Studio Services
Sm'art LifeWork 100 Virtual E-Receptionist Services
Sm'art LifeWork 100 Virtual E-Secretary Services
Sm'art LifeWork 100 Virtual E-Sales Assistant Services
Sm'art LifeWork 100 Heritage ID Services