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A Smart Community has been defined as 'an interconnected group of people with significant areas of common interest' - and with VoxLabs® can be connected online, offline or over mobiles; usually around a Community Hub or Centre. It has also been described as 'an eco-system of interconnected people contributing to a shared community vision in outreach to their wider, global community'. Invariably these actions are led from within each Community and by their own people ('by the community, for the community'), being those who alone posses the tacit knowledge essential to underpin trust through access to their own vision of what they want for themselves and to point them in the right direction so as to achieve their primary goals. Social Brands are the product of such Smart Communities and require three things - Talk (direct dialogue), Think (real substance) & Trust (true connections).

So we are now taking the seventh and second last step together, as successive elements of VoxLabs
® Model continue to unfold in helping you create your own Work in your chosen M-SME small business, LifeWork Career, Workers Co-op, Self-Employed or Customisation Jobs; to fill some of the millions of unfilled Sm'art Jobs, in this case, through
Sm'art Packaging Licensees:
  1. SME-driven LifeWork 100 TRADED-SERVICES Sm'art Jobs - joining a Local Community Co-op with E-Communities.Coop @ Work Model, using VoxLabs-listed Sm'art | O&O Services services for creation of your own gap-filling Tele-Services Jobs; as supported by authorised VoxLabs® Service Providers & In-House Franchisors.
  2. Career-driven LifeWork 100 HIGH-SKILLED Sm'art Jobs - taking up a Career with Sm'art Learning Model, using VoxLabs-listed distance Sm'art | Learn Programmes services for creation of your own gap-filling Tacit Interactive Jobs; as supported by authorised VoxLabs® Service Providers & Consulting Franchisors.
  3. Community-driven LifeWork 100 CO-OP ENTERPRISE Sm'art Jobs - starting your own Virtual Enterprise Co-op with Sm'art Home-Work Model, using VoxLabs-listed Sm'art | Work-At-Home services for creation of your own gap-filling Jobs Opportunity; as supported by authorised VoxLabs® Service Providers & Co-op Franchisors.
  4. Self Employed-driven LifeWork 100 CREATIVE Sm'art Jobs - owning your own business with Sm'art E-CO Hub Model, using VoxLabs-listed Sm'art | Out On Your Own services for creation of your own gap-filling Entrepreneurial Jobs - as supported by authorised VoxLabs® Service Providers & Retail Franchisors.
  5. Hospitality-driven LifeWork 100 SERVICES SCIENCES Sm'art Jobs - discovering new business with Sm'art Culture Showcase Model, using VoxLabs-listed Sm'art | Customisation services for creation of your own gap-filling Edutainment Jobs - as supported by authorised VoxLabs® Service Providers & Outlets Licensees.
  6. Productisation-driven LifeWork 100 CUTTING EDGE Sm'art Jobs - discovering new business opportunities with Sm'art Innovation Model, using VoxLabs-listed Sm'art Products for creation of your own gap-filling Community Development Jobs - as supported by authorised VoxLabs® Service Providers & Brand Licensees.
  7. Packaging-driven LifeWork 100 DEMAND CREATION Sm'art Jobs - discovering new ways with Sm'art Funding Model, using Voxlabs-listed Smart | Servitisation for creation of your own gap-filling In-Demand Jobs - as supported by authorised VoxLabs® Service Providers & Funding Licensees. The sixth Consumer Interface, being introduced with this step, is the customisable VoxLabs® Sm'art POS Display, available with the Accessories product platform, and as illustrated below........                                                                   


Independent Smart Communities & Smart Institutions are set to grow exponentially from within today's Knowledge & Innovation Economies - just as fast as independent computer networks blossomed with arrival of the Internet and World Wide Web before them; in recognition of the vast opportunities and equal risks coming down the track in with Social eMarketplaces. The reason why this is so true is that only local leaders and community based organisations really understand and appreciate what their individual community's needs and wants truly are, and thus are those to whom one can collectively make meaningful offers on a local stage. Ideas born today can now be 'born global' - thus going global simultaneously. And they can be replicated in high volume, and even distributed as downloads, thus in an instant. It is their Community-based Orgs that these Community depends for future initiatives. These initiatives unleash the power of cooperation, and directs shared technology and other resources towards one common community goal.


Whole industries have vanished with arrival of the dotCom boom and bust a decade ago; and new vibrant industries are springing up everywhere, with benefits flowing to those who have the vision and who make the commitments to that vision. Entire Communities are being left behind however, having failed to become part of the Knowledge Economy developments worldwide, perhaps failed or been unable to invest in Braodband infrastructure; events of an epoc proportions that now heralds the arrival of the much more potent Innovation, the Smart & now Social Economy that followed. The focus of the world has moved from that of physical property which obsessed whole nations and underpinned banking to date, that which was the hallmark of all most major banking projects of 20th Century - moving relentlessly onwards and upwards now into intellectual property, that is already the hallmark of 21st Century and its Innovation Economies. This is where the 'railroads of the 19th Century' can be paralleled to the broadband of the 20th Century; where the 'trains to the new frontiers' back then have become the eCommerce of today. We have just passed through an era which the esteemed Warren Buffet called 'wealth transfer rather than wealth creation', but now post Banking Crash we have entered a true era of new wealth creation opportunities for all willing to make the changes required. Whereas in the past, entire Countries survived on Remittances, with the Money Transfers from the enterprise and risk-taking of their migrant or diaspora community; tomorrow, on the virtual frontiers of this new world that is emerging by the day - every Community can survive and prosper by taking similar risks at home; helped by such as as Culture Smartshops to become a Smart Community, this time driven from within their own community; and this time with true wealth creation, using their own customised social franchise toolboxes like those from VoxLabs Franchise ('VoxFranchise').


We are now ready today for the dotCoop boom that will replace the dotCom bust we saw at the turn of the century, to which ICA.Coop open letters refer, as available elsewhere on these pages. Open your own Catalogue or Storefront now with VoxFranchise at VoxWorld.Coop Community Outlets, using the VoxLabs toolbox - a Social Franchisor model, with minimum operational costs. Become part of the 'more than profit' network revolution with collaborative organisations.


AirWear Dr Martens Accessories Display Unit with in-built POS storage,  as created and designed by VoxLabs in Ireland


This is a New World, a New Way. Much of what we see today, post global crash in Stock Markets, Property Markets & now Businesses & Pension Funds all around us is a vivid reminder of what much that happened in the days of the Gold Rush & Land Grab - those who did not become part of the Change that followed, those who did not risk the change, became residents of the Ghost Towns and were left behind. Today is little different, except they will be known as Ghost Communities. Today, many Smart Communities are discovering ever more uptapped latent wealth amidst their own people, within their own culture - and for which they find they have a untapped global audience with a huge latent/ previously unseen demand right there within their own Diaspora, and their associated global neighbourhood community; wishing to carry their own culture with them around the world - and to people for whom they have (perhaps unknowingly) become....


 AirWear Dr Martens Accessories Display Unit with in-built POS storage,


as created and designed by VoxLabs in Ireland


.....trusted ambassadors, to that of their wider Community as migrants and immigrants. Today we see huge job losses everywhere as the world turns over to a new ways, ICT driven and more innovative ways to do business - but there are also tens of millions of unfilled jobs all around the world, and many requiring a new skills mix as yet not readily unavailable. There are 4 million Nurses required worldwide this decade in hospitals, clinics, homecare; also among healthcare contractors and recruiters. And there is an estimated 30 million ICT workers also needed in coming years wherever the Smart Economy flourishes - among Smart Communities. And Teachers too, plus skilled workers in every career path, including millions of care & green economy workers. In addition there are countless millions of new M-SME traded-services jobs required too, being the foundation stones of most Knowledge, Innovation & Smart Enterprise Economies everywhere...all the result of when demand (both known and unknown/ latent) skills mis-match geograpically, culturally, and linguistically in New Ways, in examples: telecare, telehealth, teleteach, telesales, teleserve, social finance; in social commerce, as social franchisors, in expanding the borderless Social eMarketplace. And New Ideas are today being 'born global' - like never before - just look at Social Networking & Social Media today (aka. Facebook, LinkedIn etc) and the innovative Social Marketplaces (aka. eBay, Amazon, Google) as they now expand in scale and scope to meet tomorrow's needs and wants. And that rate of change is accelerating rapidly too. This is indeed a New World, a New Way, with an insatible demand for New Ideas. Be part of it.


The first step is the hardest step of course, but taking no step is also making a choice....to be left behind. The day of relying on the big Multi-National Corporations (MNC's) to come into town bearing jobs, only to watch them increasingly leave soon again taking your jobs and dreams with them are consigned virtually to the past; where in today's MNC model replacement for them is called a GIE (Globally Integrated Enterprises), quitely seen to be as borderless and without allegiance to anyone or anyplace - sourcing jobs and products/ services wherever its cheapest or following those with a better (cheaper) offer. Like never before, in reality we are getting more and more dependent on ourselves and our own Community collectively to survive and prosper. Increasingly Smart Communities the world over all start to compete on a level playing field with each other; which is both a threat and also a great opportunity.


And such Communities will take on new and many varied shapes tomorrow - creating virtual Cities, Regions, Countries, Cultures, Colleges, Corp & College Alumni, Affinity Groups, Clubs, Coops, Lifestyle Orgs, Social Networks/ Groups, Diaspora, etc - all virtually connected. The world is truly your oyster, wher eyou can get out of life what you want.


The Amazon Kindle


It takes people with vision to create Smart Communities - as new technology will not do that on its own. And so every Community Vision needs a Hub, such as a VoxFranchise Hub, with the initiative coming from people at home to link to people away, and where rightly so the benefits primarily go back to your homeshores. One can learn, earn, shop and save at the Sm'art E-CO Hub - or even do it all from your homestead too if you have the technogy access - in fact from anywhere, at anytime via anyone once you have acquired the skills to made your community connections. The days of economic and social sacrifice in....


                                                                                                                          The Amazon Kindle

....your homeshores as denuded by migrants perhaps forced to leave home, family & friends to earn a living are open to major change now. The technology and other means are available at or through such as the VoxWorld.Coop Communities - all that is needed is local initiatives. Our toolbox is the VoxLabs Franchise, a communitarian model developed over many years, complete with all the tools required to satisfy what is a huge untapped latent demand worldwide for services not yet provided - from online Outlets to shop-in-shops formats for best sellers, to virtual retail networks via interactive kiosks in cost-saving community collaboration, or simply via Dispensers & Displays in existing retail and new locations and diaspora boxes at shipping desks; all provided complete with culturally-integated, market-driving Interfaces...the Dispensers, Displays, Diaspora Boxes, Smartcards, Smartcells, Smartshops and Vouchercards.The choice is yours to make.

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