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<Your CAT> Custom Point of Sale Concept Displays
<Your CAT> Custom Vouchercard Designs
<Your Community> Co-Promoters
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<Your CAT> Custom Point of Sale Concept Displays <Your Community> Brand and Content in Product and Services can now be distributed worldwide using unique VoxLABS™ Custom Point of Sale Concepts, featuring this USA Patent D.412800 as designed by VoxLABS™ and exclusively available through authorised providers in Point of Sale distribution with VoxFRANCHISE™ supply chain management @ designated VoxWorld©.Coop™ Community Co-op Outlets worldwide. In the attached Gallery we show an array of earlier Designs, and all customisable for <Your CAT>.
<Your CAT> Custom Vouchercard Designs

In a further option, <Your Community> Brand and Content can be also distributed worldwide using unique VoxLABS™ Consumer Card Concepts, featuring the VoxWorld©.Coop™ co-branded Custom USB 'Culture Tourism' Wallets concept, with co-branded customisable USB Memory Cards, Plastic Culture Cards, Giftcards, and Vouchercards package deals - again exclusively available through authorised VoxWorld©.Coop™ Providers for Point of Sale with distribution via VoxFranchise supply chain management @ authorised VoxWorld©.Coop™ Community Outlets worldwide. Attached is a Gallery of  some earlier Designs, and all customisable here for <Your CAT>.

<Your Community> Co-Promoters Co-Promotions are now available for <Your Community> Brand and Content @ VoxWorld©.Coop™ throughout the United Nation sponsored International Year of Cooperatives 2012, with distribution Direct through authorised VoxWorld©.Coop™ Outlets ('Omega Points'). Attached is a Gallery of some of the available Co-Promotional brands that support socially, economically, financially and digitally Under-served Communities.


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