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"Open for CAT Listing to L-E@RN PROGRAMME COURSES providers in reachout to Diaspora Communities through VoxLabs' Community Co-op culture-cards initially, then by VoxLabs culture-discs and followed by our other product formats, for distribution worldwide.  Online, offline and mobile channels available. Licenses are available for all regions, countries, cultures or global affinity groups. Licensing Payment Terms: Minimum quantities required, 500. Community Customisation also available, deposits apply. Card customisation fees of €1 per Diaspora Community production card, with minimum of 500 cards (fee €500), together with 10% royalties on content gross revenues for services of model as per Licence. Annual production contract optional, with 12 months for cost of 10 - ie. 2 months services free. Brand logo thumbnail included on Portal. Artwork to be supplied by Licensee."

We lead with ICT Le@rn Programmes as its a basic requirement of all Jobs of tomorrow - but first of these will be ICT for Nurses, Care-workers, HomeCarers and all Carers generally; an area set for a rapid transformation with help of ICT Technology Providers in coming years. We now know that there is an existing or emerging critical Global Shortages of up to four million Nurses worldwide and many times that in care-workers and general operatives; these are required across Hospitals, Clinics, Home-care, Recruitment or Contracting  organisations. The reasons are many, but the fact remains that there are millions of available Care jobs and millions more jobs that ought to be filled to provide services in Developing Countries but for which there are not funds. Neither the Education capacity nor funding resources are there to supply what is a basic need of all people. And it does not end there of course - there may be five times that need in supporting Care-workers, an dtens of millions in ICT (information and communications technology) Jobs for example. Once again the reasons are many and well known but not yet answered. The solutions are known too, very challenging for society but need to be addressed and can be addressed today with a new approach and a different attitude. This Great Shortage in Services has generated Great Opportunities for millions of people, those prepared to adapt and change, to learn and to do so in new ways. The College places do not exist to meet the existing level of Latent Demand; but that creates yet another Great Opportunity for millions of people, to Learn at Home, in their Sm'art Hub or other Local Centres as shown above. Yet this is a time when Jobs are in short supply, even scarce. Fundamentally however what exists is a mismatch in Skills verus Jobs available; because there has been a very poor link bertween the Schools/ Colleges/ Universites and the upcoming demand or even Latent Demands of the rapidly emerging Social eMarketplace, virtually unseen.  Under Sm'art Consulting Franchisor Licences we know how to address this problem and provide one Solution with VoxLabs Model. 

So from where will the Funds come to Fund a Global Initiative The answer can be found in what has become known as 'Social Purchasing' - requiring us to reflect a little on 'the power in our pocket' (about 5%, or just 1 in 20, of our purchases!) as shoppers 'before we buy' as worldwide consumers; especially by prioritising developing country purchases, simply 'voting with our wallet'; asking first who benefits from our purchases and who should benefit....whichever way we want to look at it...a least we are looking and acting?. Fair Trade & Product Red (Bono) have made a great start, but its only a start - it needs much much more. As Purchasers with internet access we can find what answers we need in general; so today there is no excuse that stands up to analysis, that we did not know (we know we know!) - and countless excellent books have been published for years, making everyone who wants to be aware, very aware.....books like Bottom Billion (Paul Collier), Bottom of the Pyramid (CK Prahalad), Voices of the Poor trilogy (World Bank) and many others. All the evidence we all need is there now. All the reports we need have long been completed. The Conferences are over for 5 years, all the talking and thinking has long been done. And people skills abound - only initiative(s) are needed now to tap and direct those skills towards greatest needs. First we need an World Awakening to the realities that confront us - and not just to the way the world is slipping because of a failure to confront these issues and take the appropriate actions; people the world over deserve and are entitled to the respect that comes with care, healthcare. And in doing so the world will create millions of jobs, and jobs & careers at and from Homeshores; mainly traded-services too, from home and also at home. The the great financial crash that consumed the world's attention for past two years may yet serve as the great World Awakening stimulus towards not just Jobs & Trade but those for the greater good of all. It will have been after-all the awakening that the world so badly needed. 

The following Sm'art O&O Services are available to In-House Sub-Franchisor Service Providers for Licensing, to be provided within VoxLabs SLA Standards:

Sm'art LifeWork-100 ICT Courses
Sm'art LifeWork-100 C.E.P. Courses 
Sm'art LifeWork-100 Le@rn 2 E@rn Courses 
Sm'art LifeWork-100 Le@rn & E@rn Courses 
Sm'art LifeWork-100 CIDE Courses 
Sm'art LifeWork-100 Correspondence Courses 
Sm'art LifeWork-100 Certificate Courses
Sm'art LifeWork-100 Degree Courses 
Sm'art LifeWork-100 Diploma Courses 
Sm'art LifeWork-100 Qualification Courses 
Sm'art LifeWork-100 S.L.P. Courses 
Sm'art Rapid-Le@rning Courses 
Sm'art Community College Courses