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Sm'art | Culture Programme


Homeshores Direct: a Festival of World Cultures 365

We see the Sm'art Culture Programme manifesting itself in many ways, as driven by Diaspora Communities around the world totalling c.400 million in number, in a Cultural illumination across all ages, regions and peoples through access to and/or participation in Culture Sources & Centres - in the process creating Sm'art Services Sciences Jobs as led by Hospitality and encompassing the building of eLibraries at Home (Locate the Books at http://astore.amazon.com/wwwvoxworldco-20?_encoding=UTF8&node=482):

  1. Music
  2. Sport
  3. Books
  4. Games
  5. Arts & Crafts
  6. Heritage (Genealogy)
  7. Dance 
  8. People, Places, Things (Famous, Great, Iconic)
  9. Myths & Legends
  10. Life & Times



  1. Radio Stations
  2. TV Stations
  3. Record Labels & Private Collections
  4. Libraries
  5. Book Publishers
  6. Interpretative Centres
  7. Sports Clubs
  8. Tourist Organisations
  9. Lifestyle Orgs (Showbiz)
  10. Back Catalogues


The Sm'art Jobs StarterPaks are available under one Package Deal in a patented POS Sm'art Box in a Dispenser & Display system - issued in monthly modules as per below, with online, offline or mobile versions provided:

  1. ICT Skills - Certified ICT Skills Courses as delivered on USB discs; ready to learn remotely or at home with online, offline and mobile assistance; in self-paced learning format, aided by rapid learning techniques. Essential in accessing sustainable LifeWork 100 Jobs tomorrow; a pre-requisite for both the existing and growing tacit interactive jobs; crucial for all the new rapidly emerging services sciences based jobs, all enabling Online Opportunities to Work At Home.

  2. Remote Education - Certified Services Sciences Education Courses on USB disc; ready to learn remotely or at home with online, offline and mobile assistance; in self-paced learning format, aided by rapid learning techniques. Vital in advancing your LifeWork 100 Jobs prospects tomorrow; featuring sustainable traded-services, high skilled jobs, workers co-ops, creative services and services services. 

  3. Finance Collateral Wallet - Financial Wealth Account-cards, necessary to avail of all the facilities open for building progressive Community Development with assistance of microfinance services and to avail of the incentivised Vouchers from participating Service Providers. FDIC Money Smart certificate curriculum online, on disc or over mobile thats builds Financial Knowledge, Security & Confidence as you learn how to leverage Diaspora Money Transfers to build your local Community Hub.

  4. Community Co-op Innovation - New Community Co-operative Ideas in a Culture Disc Library format from VoxWorld.Coop to leverage your Community Art in a collective Community monetisation of Cultural sources and centres with your Diaspora.

  5. Traded-Services - New Ways to earn with Community Hub driven TeleTeach, TeleCare, TeleTech and a hundred other Tele opportunities to fill some of the  tens of millions of vacant Smart Jobs and in-demand Services with remote traded-services, high skilled jobs, workers co-ops, creative services or hospitality services.