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VOX Ethical Shoppers: Changing the World, today.


Homeshores-Direct™: A Festival of World Cultures 365™

VOXGEM: The guaranteed Ethical Label of the Universal Village

Introducing the long demanded and unique Community managed Label that stands four square behind its two primary objectives - the Authenticity of their retail service Diaspora offerings and a Fairer Share-out for the Community as providers at home.

VOX (Voice of the eXcluded) is a unique concept that harnesses the latent power of the voiceless and vulnerable, a force that lays undiscovered deep in every Community. The VOX aim is to unearth better ways of life, better lives and livelihoods through a collective global reach-out as one Global Community, Staying in global touch, connected through a shared sense or spirit of that place, the VOX purpose is to co-create a Universal Village with an independence of culture and language, fuelling the freedom to dream for all their people. VOX manifests itself in the retail delivery of authentic, customisable, recognisable global services to their Diasporas and ethically minded Shopping fellow travellers – whether via offline, online or mobile. The aim is to co-create a Guaranteed Ethical Marketplace (VOXGem) that binds like-minded people together through one shared vision in Global Communities of Place, Interest, Action, Practice or Purpose.

VOX Communities develop their new ideas and ways through which their Communities can collaborate in the local co-creation and global distribution of home-grown Interactive Community Branded services. This is made possible through formation a new and dynamic TSO org-member-owned International Community Co-operative Organisation (‘ICCO’), as promoted under the VOX World Co-op Ethical Brand. The ICCO concept is based in Ireland for development under European Cooperative Society (‘SCE’), the pan-cooperative-corporate format. ICCO (SCE) membership is open to organisations from both Co-operative and Third Sector and Community content providers worldwide & other sector promoters.

ICCO as envisaged differs materially in concept from any existing business or enterprise Organisation, Advocacy, Apex & Aid or Charity organisations in that it is a collaborative entity enabling Global Community Brand trading with primary benefit to their Community. It is a combined Community VOX & Diaspora VOX promoted solution to social exclusion, global poverty & inequality.

UNIVERSAL VILLAGE: A Retail Campaign for Social Inclusion


Every Village can now follow the "Community Co-operative Awareness Programme" to be part of one global Ethical Retail E-Services Co-op network on the road to Social Inclusion for all, and create new local Cooperative Livelihood opportunities at home, born of this digital age - by customising their VOX Community Co-operative Cafes Poster for their Village, as they get together and find your Community Voice.

VOX Community Co-operative Awareness Programmes can commence today at any participating local Cafe in the Villages of their own Communities across Ireland (32 counties), increasingly in tandem with their Diaspora Communities at Cafes locations in England, Scotland, Wales (inclusively known as I.O.N.A. - Islands of the North Atlantic) and their participating Diaspora Cafes in Communities throughout USA States and other countries around the World. Always locally led, engaging Cafes can be located on the high streets, or in the villages or at any other locally convenient hospitality location. Cafes may be attached to hotels, clubs, hubs, pubs, culture centres, tourist hotspots and telecentres - any Village location wishing to attract new trade, increased social tourist or more ethical consumer footfall. 

With Village Meetups open to all, attendees can expect to first learn their true local Story as gleaned from their collective Social Memory more than from recorded history, which great memories of survival and progression have been captured and preserved by their ageing populations to hand them down so future generations. In these they will learn all about the richness of their local Irish Culture and the price that was paid by their people in the past so they could pass on their priceless gift of better life opportunities born of the life they lived. With that every Village can start their local Universal Village Campaign for Social Inclusion.

The first focus is on Ireland, which in ancient history was known as Eriu, and is now co-promoted with Community supporters at participating VoxWorld.Coop ethical retail outlets as EriuVox: The Independent Irish Ethical brand. The Ethical Standards are maintained under the VOXGem Ethical Label, uniquely community guaranteed that, variously, from 20 to 80% of the retail services (primarily) proceeds will emanate back into their Community.  Universal bridges to their Diasporas will be built by VOX Retail Promotions which centre on the appeal of locally Famous Irish People and Places and also include Ireland's four Nobel Prize Winners for Literacy - William Butler Yeats (1923), George Bernard Shaw (1925), Samuel Beckett (1969) and Seamus Heaney (1995) and other.

The Co-operative Marque holds the Key to discovery of the Universal Village Voice and opening the door to a new Future for Communities. Co-branded USB Keys & Cards are distributable through participating VoxWorld.Coop Ethical Outlets, the promoters of ICCO and Community Inclusion Programmes in the Villages for Community Co-op Awareness, Visibility & Identity.

The Community Key to new Livelihoods

VoxWorld.Coop is the long-time sole Promoter of I.C.C.O., an International Community Cooperative concept in services for the digital age. It is increasingly distinguished however by VoxGEM, the Ethical Label it now promotes on a Retail platform.

The people we seek to address are those on the other side of the track of Inequality - mostly people who remain offline, are typically under-banked and frequently feeling a sense of exclusion from society -wherever they live.

The World started onto its
relentless course of radical change in the late 1990's, a scale of change not known in the history -whether living in the cities, towns or villages - for a century or more. It nearest predecessor period was during the Transportation revolution with its planes, trains, railroads and cars. Co-operatives have seen and survived well both of these seismic changes in society while observing at close quarter their impact on the Communities in which they live. Today, Co-ops recognise that they must change more, if their people are not to be left behind like so many were a century ago. Jobs skills have changed. Countless jobs have been lost. Entirely new kinds of jobs are being created every day. Colleges and Universities are too slow to respond, a vast gulf and skills mismatch now exists – no time to learn as before, everything is changing so fast. One third of available Jobs are Online Only – thus closed out to those who do not yet possess digital skills. This is both a Threat, by the undermining or losing of existing Jobs, and an Opportunity to find new and better sources of income, better Livelihoods.

But! It’s more than that too. People are feeling increasingly excluded on a far bigger scale, right in their own Communities too – not just digitally excluded but socially, economically and financially excluded too. That must be addressed on a global scale to match, and the Digital Co-operatives with their online Credit Unions and new new Coop Marque is the leading, most socially integrated structure available to achieve their goals, ready to play a bigger, local social champion based, changemaker tutor driven role as their Global Agent of Change. The vehicle format promoted is the relatively new European Cooperative Society (SCE), with a country Chapter in every county and a local branch is every Village.

The Co-op Brand has also been undermined, and the existing Co-op Structure has been under attack for decades now – but its ethical Co-op Values and its Principles have stood firm throughout the financial crash of 2008. New ways had to be found to stabilise the Co-op ship however. And the Co-operatives have responded by creating a single Global Co-operative Marque and .coop Domain worldwide. They have created a Digital Co-operative identity too: http://identity.coop/ 

So it needs more to renew the Coop concept in the digital age now dominated by the private sector to address the public backlash and growing clamour for more ethical products and services, especially those with real meaning or purpose. This is the Coops area of greatest strength – its century old Community trust, social values and ethical principles which Co-ops have cornered through history. It’s Coops to lose, but Coops need to act now and with urgency to stop the rapid erosion. They have devised the plans to do this, yes, but they have failed to connect with the wider Community to address Inequality, and thus their need for social inclusion. And now they need to implement solutions cross-border, on a global scale. They need to turn to the Communities – not just Coop members- recognise their huge sense of exclusion and reconnect, respond to their needs worldwide and this time with e-services. What they need is Better Livelihoods, the most viable idea in alleviating poverty, to address the acute needs of the most vulnerable and the voiceless in society. They need challenging solutions for their unemployed, undeemployed, ageing populations and their less well educated for a digital age. By how well they address those challenges will Coops of the future be measured and known. Welcome to the E-Community.Coop

VoxWorld.Coop is a leader in that race to implement such plans today, with new ways and new ideas for taking a Community-led Co-op Campaign into the cities, towns and villages. It’s is a leader in uniquely seeing Global Ethical Retailing as the primary channel to do so, with a new kind of innovative retailing, as the pathway for those Communities to open up a brighter future. It begins with those offline using computer-accessible USBs as a bridge-builder, with a secure USB Key as their symbol of that change. It works in tandem with the Co-operative Marque, offering a Key to the Future of Communities via Digital Co-operatives & Online Credit Unions.

The Country, County & Villages customisable Co-op USB Keys are now found under the combined VoxGem Ethical Label & Cooperative Marque as promoted through Community Inclusion Programmes as Universal Village (Villages with Diaspora connectivity) Cafes for Awareness, Visibility & Identity. In recognition of the Ethical Values that it will always carry, VOX (the Voice of Xclusion) is now escalating its retail-driven Ethical initiative at participating VoxWorld.Coop outlets on the customisable VoxGEM (Guaranteed Ethical Marketplace) Label for scalable Community Coop engagement. This is the identified path to a revitalised, vibrant - online, offline and mobile accessible - Community-driven Co-operative Movement, holder of the Key to a more Ethical World of tomorrow.



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