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The Sm'art Trader, or the Sm'art | Out on your Own entrepreneur, are mostly confronted with the trading barriers of Time,Travel & Money. Yet it all begins here with VoxLabs Model as a concept in traded-services - an idea that ideally captures the imagination of your Community, especially your Diaspora and their Neighbourhood Community. But there are many requirements and needs

too, finding both existing and new distribution Outlets for your servitised product. For traded-services there is increasingly the need for ICT skills and access to an ICT Infrastucture. ICT skills can be acquired at home, through distance education, or at college. For delivery of many traded-services there is a need for Products too, for example from mobiles or smartphones, laptops, ebooks, card-wallets, etc. And for Products there are also stringent but differing requirements, in absolute Quality Assurance & Control, ECO friendly Packaging, new Standards to be met in Logistics with CT PAT (US) & AEO (EU), increased costs of Transport, need for speed to market etc. And there is a need for customisation, productisation and servitisation too. For both Products and Services there are the ever increasing demands of the equi-distant customer that increasingly wants to be offered the same product at the same time wherever they are worldwide. You can short-circuit this whole process by finding a Sm'art Retail Franchisor for rapid access to the old or new Retail Outlets; or go it alone and find your own Distributor. Either way, when Out on your Own you are not alone, and you have the additional optional backing of opening your own local Community Cooperative. 

This VoxLabs® Model Step 4, Sm'art | Out on Your Own, in continuing Rollout of E-Community Development Programme using VoxLabs® Model from Ireland though its authorised Service Providers is about Self Employment, for those to want to fill workplace gaps - by working on their own trading initiative or idea, or following on eof over 100 Career Paths, or want to be part of a Workers Co-op, or perhaps need a more independent way of life. To date we have taken the following 4 steps together, as successive elements of VoxLabs® Model unfold in helping you create your own Work in your chosen M-SME, Career, Workers Co-op or Self-Employed Jobs to fill some of the millions of unfilled Sm'art Jobs:

  1. SME-driven LifeWork 100 TRADED-SERVICES Sm'art Jobs - joining a Local Community Co-op with E-Communities.Coop @ Work Model, using VoxLabs-listed O&O Services services for creation of your own gap-filling Tele-Services Jobs; as supported by authorised VoxLabs® Service Providers & In-House Franchisors.
  2. Career-driven LifeWork 100 HIGH-SKILLED Sm'art Jobs - taking up a Career with Sm'art Learning Model, using VoxLabs-listed distance Learn Programmes services for creation of your own gap-filling Tacit Interactive Jobs; as supported by authorised VoxLabs® Service Providers & Consulting Franchisors.
  3. Community-driven LifeWork 100 CO-OP ENTERPRISE Sm'art Jobs - starting your own Virtual Enterprise Co-op with Sm'art Home-Work Model, using VoxLabs-listed Sm'art Work-At-Home services for creation of your own gap-filling Jobs Opportunity; as supported by authorised VoxLabs® Service Providers & Co-op Franchisors.
  4. Self Employed-driven LifeWork 100 CREATIVE Sm'art Jobs - owning your own business with Sm'art E-CO Hub Model, using VoxLabs-listed Out On Your Own services for creation of your own gap-filling Entrepreneurial Jobs - as supported by authorised VoxLabs® Service Providers & Retail Franchisors. Features the third Consumer Interface, being introduced with this step, is the customisable VoxLabs® Sm'artcell, available on the Mobile product platform, and as illustrated below........  Illustration of VoxLabs's LatinoVox Mobile                                                                                 

Then there is the challenge of finding Distributors for a new and gigantic Social Marketplace, those with the necessary new marketplace connections with ability to generate orders; another great need for start-up or seed funding, and requirement for assurance in ongoing security of payments. In addition there is the need for personal finance so you grow with your business. So too there is a Branding requirement to establish a marketplace appeal - in Community Branding. And

Illustration of VoxLabs's LatinoVox Mobile

there are language barriers when you extend your market reach beyond your own Diaspora, need for promotion to ensure brand recognition and brand support requirements to appeal to the product stockists and service delivery providers - this in getting yourself out there and visible in front of the customers before you can win their approval. All seems and is a daunting task for anyone going Smart | Out on your Own. It is however what VoxLabs set out to do, to build a Model that will find New Ways for your New Ideas or concepts, and creates a recognition that paves the way for the eCommerce that follows your successful offerings. 

The answer lies is building Social Brands, your own Community Brands - as set in a Co-op structure aka.Communities.Coop. Building Social Brands requires active community participation - and thus a primary need for Homeshores Orgs to open a dialogue with Diaspora Orgs in the first instance - which requires three things to happen....Talk, Think & Trust. That is what VoxLabs seeks to address. with that achieved, there is then a necessity for differentiation in that Social Marketplace from all other Communities, so you can stand out and stand up. This is achieved through adding local cultural stories and themes to your new ideas or concepts, ones that capture the customers hearts so they can identify with you and you can go on and retain their loyalty. And there is competition out there, and of course that brings the need to protect your offering through patents, trademarks, trade dress, copyright, design rights or perhaps valuable trade secrets. Yes, while it takes a lot to provide an ongoing successful global commercial offer, in a what is an ever more challenging, global and demanding audience. But! it opens a new way to new markets for you, your community and your products and services - one that lasts, one with local ownership through local organisations, with community-driven programmes that shape your own destiny. Recognising that these barriers to progress held back Community Development for centuries, we also saw how ICT technologies today has made it all possible, especially through traded-services. As Sam Walton was first to foresee, its a World where: "You must become the Customer you wish to attract". Communities have an advantage there, they know their own Diaspora around the world, and their Diaspora knows their Homeshores best so they already have the basis for Trust; they both know each others language so its much easier to Talk; and they both can put their collective minds together to Think of new ideas and concepts for those traded-services. That Bridge is the missing link today, all it needs is the confidence to Initiate. The VoxLabs
® Model help to make that happen as a go-between or so called community metamediary. Its worth the effort, rather than waiting for MNC's or others to do it first. 

Illustration of AerGem Pentagon Kiosque

So that's why we developed the idea of the Sm'art Hub (for Homeshores) and the Sm'artShop for reachout with impact to Sm'art Communities (for Diaspora) abroad. It is a Sm'artShop that can grow from one square foot, to a Shop in Shop Kiosque (as illustrated here) or become an entire Community Branded Outlet for your Community. Or, best of all, it can be one where all Community Brands of every hue can co-promote to one end user customer while sharing the costs of distribution. In a

Illustration of AerGem Pentagon Kiosque

World where Brands used to once try to 'own the customer' that's a big call, Communities today can take control of thgeir lives and now own their own Community Brands. But all around us we see the emergence of the all-powerful Community Brand that can and will sooner or later change everything - its a whole new level playing field out there, one where everyone can actively participate in one way or another. We have been there, and seen what is possible and what is blocking the way. Its about what been re-quoted elsewhere in these pages as the 'power of impossible thinking', from the book of the same name from Wharton Publishing.

We have already experienced this phenomenon in a world where experience is virtually everything. Countless new and exhilarating opportunities abound, and all you need is an idea, your time and commitment. Time too perhaps to use the VoxLabs® Model to your existing or future offerings, an idea you always had but could not see how to do it, or maybe ones that lie perhaps embedded deep in the recesses of your mind begging to be brought to life in a manifestation of your own, latent, creativity - what is your own Art, something with which everyone was born. Together with VoxLabs Model, you can create a Shopper Stopper experience - online, offline or mobile over time - for your Diaspora by highlighting or adding aspects of your unique Culture to share with your Diaspora and those others who appreciate and wish to associate with it most, probaly their Global Neighbourhood. Allow usa to help to build your own unique Community Brand, create one great cultural experience and everyone will benefit - both sides of every border. Travel broadens the mind, it is widely believed, and there are countless events and other occasions in which you and your Community can participate with your own or indeed with another culture - it can be a cherished Homecoming or even a treking experience or just virtual journey on disk, online or on mobile. And most of all your Culture can create added value - money for you and your Community - in association with your Culture Centres and other culture sources or more especially - via your Community CO-OP Centre in association with VoxLabs.


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