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Founder Profile


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"I started my career as a qualified CIMA Accountant and worked since 1969 in the private sector as a management accountant for a leading international pharmaceutical company, after which I acquiring and ran a retailing chain of shops, that were to be the inspiration for what I have been working on for past decade and more.

During the period that followed, I provided keyman services as an International Consultant on an international stage, blending those acquired financial & retail skills. Then from 1991, working with diverse local and global organisations, I dedicated all of my energies to retail innovation for a grossly underserved M-SME's (micro, small to medium sized enterprises) market sector. During the decade to 2002 I utilised the resultant innovative solutions to mastermind international distribution projects and programmes under private global brand labels. I managed simultaneous global distribution across c.40 countries and on all continents, overseeing all related services including supply chain management, logistics and associated worldwide exhibitions.

In 2003 I set out to build a new virtual e-business model, VoxLABS™, and in 2005 I created the concept VoxWorld©.Coop™ 
in Community social innovation for exclusive dedication to the social sector (‘third sector’) and the work of third sector organisations. I was sponsored by Philippine and Asian Co-op apex orgs - based on our collective work in Philippines with co-ops and on nursing education -  to become a member of dotCoop (.Coop™) USA, the top level domain and online brand of co-op movement worldwide. Following that, VoxWorld©.Coop™ was licensed by dotCoop in 2007 for a worldwide co-promotion of dotCoop. In that year too, 2007, VoxWorld©.Coop™ was selected by UN-ESCAP, the regional UN NGO, as one of two virtual e-business models that were seen to support  the 'greening of business', for presentation by ABAC University to their premier Green Growth Conference; and were sponsored by UN-ESCAP & World Bank to attend plenary session of UN General Assembly on International Migration & Development, based on our contribution to Remittance Conferences around the world.


This year, having been invited by UN sponsors of IYC 2012 as co-promoters, we are actively promoting the establishment of an International Community Co-operative Organisation (ICCO) in Ireland as VoxWorld©.Coop™ contribution to International Year of Co-operatives 2012.  As envisaged, ICCO will be founded using the relatively new two-tier SCE (European Cooperative Society) format and will support of EU's Social Business Initiative while focusing on new ideas, new ways under our unique Retail E-Services Initiative, as built around the VoxLABS™ patented point-of-sale display units and linked to social purchasing programmes that are specifically designed to generate Jobs in the Villages, both across Europe and worldwide.

To commence this process, on April 18th 2012 I authored the Linkedin Group: "The E-Communities.Coop http://www.linkedin.com/groups/ECommunitiesCoop-4405544/about?trk=anet_ug_grppro Apart from ICCO Project, VoxWorld©.Coop™ is also working on related Programmes including SmartWORLD™, ArtisansWORLD™ starting with Mexico, EriuVOX™ for Ireland, PinoyVOX™ for Philippines, EuropeanVOX™ and The Vill@ge C.A.F.E.concepts."

VoxLABS™: The Route to Here & Roadmap to the Future

1971 - Appointed Cost Accountant at Beechams (GSK) International Pharmaceuticals
1974 - CIMA Qualification Certificate from Institute of Cost and Management Accountants (ICMA)
1976 - Appointed Financial Controller of Irish Retail Chain
1977 - Introduced Ireland's first Electronic Point of Sale Systems
1980 - Certificate of Accreditation from Bishopstone Research Institute (USA) - Individual Talent Survey Analyst
1982 - Acquisition of Irish Retail Chain
1983 - Opened of Ireland's first Speciality Store
1985-88 - Management Consultancy with Keyman Systems & Management Information Systems
1989-90 - International Management Consultancy with Keyman Systems & International EXPO organisation
1991 - Commenced International Research, Development & Innovation business for development of Point of Sale (POS) Displays & Dispensers Concept Systems for particular application to Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSME's)
1995 - Registered Patents wordwide.
           - Implemented first POS Displays & Dispensers Concept Systems for MSME's with Global Brands.
           - First Roadshow for POS Display Concepts Systems with Global Brand throughout Ireland
1996 - First International EXPO with Global Brand, in London.
          - POS Displays & Dispensers Concept Systems for MSME's creations featured by Global Brand at 15 International EXPOS, ex London to Las Vegas.
          - Co-branded POS Displays & Dispensers Concept Systems with Global Brand with trademarked distribution of Accessories & Footwear Laces across 40 countries and 5,300 Shops.
1998 - Invited as keynote speaker to address International Brand Conference in London for announcement of creation of Culture Showcase concept system for Airports, Hotels and Hospitality outlets with Supply Chain Management & Logistics integration
1999 - Granted USA Patent D412800 for Point of Sale Display Dispenser Concept Systems creation, the Sm'artBox creation
2000 - Exhibited a new unique concept in Sm'artshops for Branchless Retailing, utilising interactive Kiosks, at two Dublin Ireland International Exhibitions
2003 - Founder & Innovator of VoxLabs (Virtual E-Business Model), VoxFranchise (POS Format) & VoxWorld.Coop (Social Brand) for E-Community Co-op development concepts
          - Vox Labs and Vox Franchise registered in Ireland by Founder & Innovator
          - Promoter of Vox Franchise Limited registration in Ireland with VoxLabs Model support for its implementation to supply planned VoxWorld.Coop outlet locations worldwide
2003-5 - VoxWorld.Coop represented by CBI in NGO guest speaker invitations at International Conferences on Remittances in Bangkok, San Francisco & Washington
2004 - Letter of Intent for Partnership with VoxWorld.Coop issued NATCCO Cooperative Confederation in Philippines on behalf of its 2.3 million member. Agreement signed with NATCCO Confederation in Philippines for PinoyVox Rollout and implementation with Vox Franchise Ltd.
2005 - Licence agreed with dotCoop TLD (DotCooperatives LLC) for worldwide co-promotion with VoxWorld.Coop to Co-operative Movement
          - Letter of Intent for Partnership with VoxWorld.Coop issued by ADPCN Nurses in Philippines
          - Letters of support issued by NATCCO Co-ops, PinoyVox Inc, ADPCN Nurses, and other Orgs in Philippines to their USA Embassy in Washington requesting their support for their partnership with VoxWorld.Coop in USA.
          - Letters issued by EU Ambassador to USA to the Mexican, Indian & Philippine Embassies in Washington requesting official meetings for VoxWorld.Coop in local community development; and to EU Commission for Development requesting support for VoxWorld.Coop work in local community development
           - Memoradum of Agreement signed with ADPCN Nurses by PinoyVox Inc and Vox Franchise in Philippines for provision of services
2006 - Certificate of Accreditation issued by Bureau of Customs to local operators of PinoyVox Inc for implementation of VoxWorld.Coop in Philippines
         - VoxWorld (USA) Inc incorporated for planned implementation of VoxWorld.Coop in USA by local operators
2007 - Agreement with FDIC Money Smart (USA) Partnership for distribution of its unique, free financial curriculum - in online, computer and mobile self-paced learning tutorial - to Underserved Communities within Cooperative Movement via VoxWorld.Coop Portal.
         - VoxWorld.Coop represented by ABAC University (Thailand) as guest speaker at UN ESCAP Green Growth Conference being one of two selected virtual E-Business models dedicated to promotion of the Greening of Business
         - VoxWorld.Coop represented by VoxWorld (USA) in UN ESCAP invitation and with World Bank endorsement as part of Irish delegation at UN General Assembly on International Migration & Development
2008 - Developed Portals for VoxLabs, Vox Franchise and VoxWorld.Coop for implementation of Virtual E-Business Model, Community Franchise & Social Brand for Global E-Communities networks
          - Creator of VoxWorld.Coop Social Marketplace for Virtual Communities, with New Ideas & New Ways
2009 - Dedicated application of E-Communities Co-op concepts developed for Diaspora, Social Causes and Social Movements wordwide.
2010 - Implementation concepts commenced with publication by founder of VoxLabs with articles worldwide on Online Opportunities to Work at Home, Culture Showcases Exchanges and Social Purchasing with TeleCentres and other channels to Underserved Communities.
          - Creation of Sm'art Trade(r) & Sm'art Jobs concepts to enable Communities worldwide to Shop from Home for digital Culture products and services through Vox Franchise branded Sm'artshop - for cultivating Community Independence, Self-Reliance and Sustainable Jobs or Traded-Services.
2011 - Promoting the collaboration of dotCoop (.Coop TLD) & Telecentre movements for creation of Local Community Hubs to develop Social Brands with support of their Diaspora Communities, utilising the multi-faceted Culture Showcase Exchange concept from VoxLabs - to promote each Community's Economic, Social, Creative & Artistic capabilities and capacities for a new kind of co-operative way of life.
         - Promoting the Taking of the Quest to the Heart of the Communities, in support of EU Commissions DAE focus on Big Ideas for the Digital Agenda Europe, for its achievement through TeleCentres Online Week in a collaborative reachout to the Digitally Unreached.
          - VoxLabs Franchise Model now being adopted for universal reach of the vast Underserved Communities by International Service & Product Providers under VoxLabs Licence for co-branded Vox Franchise distribution at open VoxWorld.Coop Outlets.
2012 - Launched The E-Communities.Coop Group on Linkedin. Founder ICCO, The International Community Co-operative Organisation.


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