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VoxLABS created Ethical Shopping Label, leading a retail services campaign for Social Inclusion
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UNIVERSAL RETAIL FRANCHISES for Social Inclusion via Better Livelihoods

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Universal Social Purchasing - Culture Showcase Exchange - Online Opportunities to Work-at-Home


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"The concentration of wealth in a minority rich and the social exclusion of the majority poor constitute the greatest threats in the history of democracy and peace in industrialised countries as well as in developing countries.... Cooperativism is the only capable movement to counter these threats." Roberto Rodriquez - President, International Cooperative Alliance (www.ica.coop)

So we are now about to take the eight and final step together, as successive elements of VoxLabs® Model unfold in helping you create your own Work in your chosen M-SME small business, LifeWork Career, Workers Co-op, Self-Employed or Customisation Jobs; to fill some of the millions of unfilled Sm'art Jobs, in this case, through Sm'art Supplier Licensees:
  1. SME-driven LifeWork 100 TRADED-SERVICES Sm'art Jobs - joining a Local Community Co-op with E-Communities.Coop @ Work Model, using VoxLabs-listed Sm'art | O&O Services services for creation of your own gap-filling Tele-Services Jobs; as supported by authorised VoxLabs® Service Providers & In-House Franchisors.
  2. Career-driven LifeWork 100 HIGH-SKILLED Sm'art Jobs - taking up a Career with Sm'art Learning Model, using VoxLabs-listed distance Sm'art | Learn Programmes services for creation of your own gap-filling Tacit Interactive Jobs; as supported by authorised VoxLabs® Service Providers & Consulting Franchisors.
  3. Community-driven LifeWork 100 CO-OP ENTERPRISE Sm'art Jobs - starting your own Virtual Enterprise Co-op with Sm'art Home-Work Model, using VoxLabs-listed Sm'art | Work-At-Home services for creation of your own gap-filling Jobs Opportunity; as supported by authorised VoxLabs® Service Providers & Co-op Franchisors.
  4. Self Employed-driven LifeWork 100 CREATIVE Sm'art Jobs - owning your own business with Sm'art E-CO Hub Model, using VoxLabs-listed Sm'art | Out On Your Own services for creation of your own gap-filling Entrepreneurial Jobs - as supported by authorised VoxLabs® Service Providers & Retail Franchisors.
  5. Hospitality-driven LifeWork 100 SERVICES SCIENCES Sm'art Jobs - discovering new business with Sm'art Culture Showcase Model, using VoxLabs-listed Sm'art | Customisation services for creation of your own gap-filling Edutainment Jobs - as supported by authorised VoxLabs® Service Providers & Outlets Licensees.
  6. Productisation-driven LifeWork 100 CUTTING EDGE Sm'art Jobs - discovering new business opportunities with Sm'art Innovation Model, using VoxLabs-listed Sm'art Products for creation of your own gap-filling Community Development Jobs - as supported by authorised VoxLabs® Service Providers & Brand Licensees.
  7. Packaging-driven LifeWork 100 DEMAND CREATION Sm'art Jobs - discovering new ways with Sm'art Funding Model, using Voxlabs-listed Smart | Servitisation for creation of your own gap-filling In-Demand Jobs - as supported by authorised VoxLabs® Service Providers & Funding Licensees.
  8. Insight-driven LifeWork 100 LATENT DEMAND Sm'art Jobs - discovering how to use this Sm'art E-Business Model, using VoxLabs-listed Sm'art Model Consulting for creation of your own gap-filling Green-friendly Jobs - as supported by authorised VoxLabs® Service Providers & Supplier Licensees. Features the seventh Consumer Interface, being introduced with this step, is the customisable VoxLabs® Sm'art Diaspora Box, available with the Accessories product platform, and as illustrated below........                                                                     Illustration of VoxLabs Smart Diaspora Box                                                               


Illustration of VoxLabs Sm'art Diaspora Box

VIRTUAL E-BUSINESS MODEL, from VoxLabs® - The VoxLabs' New Business Model was designed and developed over many years to enable Communities to collaborate and to build their own interactive Community Brand, and in so doing help generate new business for their Community. It is made available exclusively under private label / iframe/ white label to:

  1. Communities,

  2. Cooperatives & Credit Unions,

  3. Social Movements,

  4. Social Causes,

  5. Distance Learning Colleges,

  6. Cultures,

  7. Consulates and

  8. Diversity Employer workplaces.


Fundamentally this model should be used to assist you in creating Green-friendly Sm'art Jobs while supporting Greening of E-Business as promoted by UNESCAP's Green Growth and others, ideally as part of a whole community network of start-ups - embracing new methods or ways in learning, earning, shopping & saving; addressing how-to become your own eCommunity Trader, working from your own homeplace or workplace; crucially through  participation in or developing your own interactive Community Hub to build your own Sm'art Community brand. This will enable you to reachout and sell your own Traded-services to your global Diaspora Community in the first instance, using the VoxLabs's New Business Model for community-building.

 The model enables 3D deliver either :  

  1. online (internet/ kiosks),

  2. offline (shop in shops) or over

  3. mobile (smartphones).

It enables networks of inter-community brands to represent their local community traders and reachout across borders through e-commerce or m-commerce with the vast social marketplace via their diaspora. This can be achieved through Community.Coop collaboration with Telecentres, Social Enterprise Centres, Self Help Groups and Development centres on supply-side and with Culture or Community-based Organisations, Franchisors and Retailers on demand-side. The model is designed to link inter-community between Point of Sale Outlets set in locations exhibiting ample surplus space or new outlets through VoxLabs-enabled:  

  1. Shop-in-Shops (E-CO  dispensers, display & diaspora-box concepts, world premiere units; metagon, pentagon, octagon and plasma screens), or

  2. Virtual Retail Networks (kiosques, interactive kiosks and iPOS terminals) and

  3. Mobile Virtual Network Operations (mPos terminals & smartphones).

Kathy Farrell Art, Kilkenny 1913

The VoxLabs New Business Model acts as a bridge that brings together Borderless Communities through two separate and quite distict fields of operation - the E-CO Hub for Local Communities who supply the content and the E-CO Outlets for Diaspora Communities around the world who fuel the demand. It differs from very many models in that it is a virtual E-Business model and in that it is focused specifically on the Borderless Communities and Co-op formation - linking cross border from homeland to Diaspora destinations-  as the driver of initial activity rather than relying on the Corporations and Global Brands for their livelihoods.

The VoxLabs® BackStory is essentially a story of grassroots enterprise innovation, digital culture monetisation and social purchasing - of supporting Social Enterprises seeking to engage with the rapidly growing Social Markeplace worldwide. Instially you can start-up with tele-traded services by simply using VoxWorld.Coop's virtual Communities.Coop i-Model's services to enable you to grasp online opportunities to work at home with VoxLabs®, a Sm'art Labs-direct:

  1. Setting your Business Objectives 

  2. Choosing your Product & Service Offerings

  3. Outsourcing your supporting Product & Services

  4. Building your Customer Base

  5. Opening new Channels to new Markets

  6. Establishing own Routes to Social Marketplace

  7. Making your Trading/Capacity Assumptions  

It is designed to eliminate all unnecessary expenditure for you and is available directly to your Community from VoxLabs®. 


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