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Homeshores Direct: a Festival of World Cultures 365

VoxLabs® will introduce a the following five initial Global Programmes & Local Projects to registering Community Co-op Sm'art E-CO Hubs, being primary Global Initiatives for Community Co-ops who have yet to prepare a Vision 2020 for Tomorrow for their Community.
The Sm'art Master Flysheet carries the latest information for consumers from the various Service Providers during live operations:

  1. OPEN A LOCAL COMMUNITY.COOP "SM'ART HUB"  - join dotCoop (.Coop), the top level domain and recognised brand of the 800 million member Co-op Movement worldwide and leverage your Diaspora's Money Transfers to create your own Sm'art Community Hub with VoxLabs model.

  2. LINK TO A "MONEY SMART" DIASPORA - now with incentivised online, offline & mobile financial education curriculum, with FDIC (USA), and make your hard earned money travel much further, and be leveraged for your as well as your family and community benefit.

  3. BECOME A "SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR" - and become a leading Changemaker for your people at home and worldwide.

  4. LEARN AND EARN AS YOU START TO "WORK AT HOME", TELE-TRADING - learn New ICT Skills to tele-work to earn direct from home, or homeshores, under your own E-Community Brand.

  5. GOING "OUT ON YOUR OWN" WITH YOUR OWN VIRTUAL E-BUSINESS - learn how-to create your own Sm'art Job through accessing the Social Marketplace for your Social Innovation services.

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