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"Under custodianship of VoxLabs,the Communities.Coop's In-House Franchise Licences are Open to Services Providers who share in the same Goal as VoxLabs' ground-breaking Sm'art Co-op Model - being a Sm'art Economy model application for the emerging Sm'art World that is dedicated to the goal of building and then working with Sm'art Communities among the 4 billion Under-served people at Bottom of Pyramid, helping them to eliminate poverty in a VoxLabs' Social Purchasing 'vote with your wallet' Plan for application  through their borderless Diaspora Orgs.

In-House Franchising Licences are for issue to
qualifying Community Service Providers to Community Co-ops members in a simultaneous step with qualifying Virtual Communities for collaborative access to this social and cultural idea space via the Social Marketplace at VoxWorld.Coop, an emerging 100% E-Community-owned Sm'art Coop using VoxLabs model. VoxLabs' Model is accessed by Service Providers through Licensing  at VoxLabs website while access by Communities is  managed directly through membership of VoxWorld.Coop Social Marketplace website - with VoxLabs acting an a metamediary or go-between. Service Provider's Licence rights are issued on a country-wide, regional or global basis. VoxLabs' Sm'art Co-op-driven Community Chapters, or so-called E-Communities.Coop, are open for access or formation by Community-based Orgs accross borders and cultures alike; by Life-Work & Affinity Groups, Social Causes & Movements or Diaspora Orgs. Ongoing Managed Services from VoxLabs Model's authorised Sm'art O&O Services Centres in Ireland are under the control of Community-driven  Workplans & Rollout global programmes and local projects from VoxLabs' PMO Office in Ireland. All CAT Products & related Services are made available to Social Purchasing-driven customers under unique and affordable Package Deals & Product Platforms, exclusively through VoxLabs-licensed providers. All are  customisable to participating E-Community requirements.

Franchise Licensing Payment Terms: are subject to Vox Franchise Licensee minimum volumes or to flat royalty fees, with terms and conditions applying. Minimum quantities required will vary with Product & Service. E-Community.Coop customisation, servitisation and productisation services are also available options under deposits. Additional VoxLabs Services will be available, as optional extras, from VoxLabs-authorised service providers of Sm'art Master Franchise Centres, Sm'art Co-op Services & Digital Hub through Vox Franchise in Ireland. Other Sm'art Services will also be available, free from Vox Foundation."  

The Communities Co-op Catalogue contains the following Licensing & InHouse Franchising Opportunities for Community Service Providers - all now available through the Sm'art E-CO Shop, where we Start
with the
Sm'art World Premiere: Sm'art Community.Coop Licences:

Communities Co-ops - CAT Licences & Franchises


IN-HOUSE FRANCHISORS: Franchisor Categories

SM'ART O&O SERVICES: i-Services Rights
Sm'art Community.Coop Model Licences details Sm'art Co-op Model's Managed Centres & Services details
Sm'art Local E-Communities.Coop Hub Licences Sm'art Homeshoring Services
Sm'art Diaspora Franchisees Outlets Licences Sm'art Education & Training Services
Sm'art D-Hub Global Operations Centre Licences Sm'art Finance & Administration Services
Sm'art D-Hub Supply Chain Management Licences Sm'art HealthCare & Wellness Services
Sm'art D-Hub Virtual Private Network Licences Sm'art WorkForce Services
Sm'art D-Hub Vox Franchise Licences Sm'art Global Workers Services
Sm'art D-Hub Model Master Franchise Centres Licences: Sm'art Innovation Managers Services
    Sm'art Funding (Self-Funding) Centre Licences Sm'art SalesForce Services
    Sm'art Innovation (Operations) Centre Licences Sm'art Computer Services
    Sm'art Culture (Marketing) Centre Licences Sm'art Business Processes Services
   Sm'art E-CO-Hub (Technology) Centre Licences Sm'art D-Hub Development Centre Services
   Sm'art L-Earning (iCollege) Centre Licences Sm'art D-Hub Franchisees Services
   Sm'art E-Business (Sourcing) Centre Licences Sm'art D-Hub Interfaces Support & Services
    Sm'art Home-Work (Jobs) Centre Licences Sm'art D-Hub Master Franchise Centres Services
    Sm'art E-CO Shop (MicroFinance) Centre Licences Sm'art D-Hub Supply Chain Management Services
    Sm'art Licensing Authority (Controller) Centre Licences Sm'art D-Hub Virtual Private Network Services
   Sm'art Community.Coop (Economics) Centre Licences Sm'art D-Hub Vox Franchise Services
Sm'art D-Hub Community Interfaces Services
Sm'art Keyman M.I.S. Systems & Services

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