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VOX Mission Statement: How We Aim To Get There


Homeshores-Direct™: A Festival of World Cultures 365™


"By embracing Co-operative and Fair Trade principles, to champion the building a new kind of independent, community co-founded, local/ regional/ global chapter-enabled online International Community-driven Cooperative Organisation (ICCO) to be based in Ireland (Europe) and operated in association with VoxWorld©.Coop™; in a global reachout, promotion and collaboration through Third Sector Organisations everywhere - as led by Co-operatives, Social Enterprise Centres and Voluntary Groups; by utilising a new virtual E-Business Model to generate Community-customisable, co-created, added value services to underpin both inbound and outbound Community Trade & Jobs, while always respecting the values of local Communities as embedded in their culture and protected by their language; where VoxWorld©.Coop™ is a unique social brand that stands for E-Inclusion, that reaches out through innovation with new ideas and new ways for Communities to co-promote local social, economic, financial & digital inclusion in developing Co-operatives in a network of Community Villages; through leveraging Diaspora remittances to build a pool of microfinance for the purpose of such local trade development via a widespread Village startups initiatives and innovation; in providing extensive distance education services consequently required to avail of those global opportunities; and by promoting digital literacies as a pre-requisite for this advancement through digital awareness, capabilities, competencies and excellence to capture these new opportunities in order to deliver online traded-services both at home and abroad."

Can you identify with that Mission, is it How you do what you do?. Can you share in that Mission for Your Community.? Why not become your local Village Champion - either social, economic, financial or digital.?  Lets collaborate and build this World Community Co-op together.

"...to savour the sheer excitement of creating something out of nothing, something which may transform the way we think, work and live. To experience the sheer pleasure of using our brains, our heart and our soul in such an endeavour - as a normal working climate" (Prof Mary Rose Grenville)

SERVING THE UNDERSERVED, THE DISENFRANCHISED, THE EXCLUDED...."THE COPING CLASSES" - And is so doing, to Access the vast Reservoir of Untapped Talents in every Society.

What can you Do? On this road you can Open Your Own Village E-CO Centre - dedicated to E-Learning, MicroFinance & E-Work when you:  

-    "Open Your Own VoxLABS™ Franchise E-CO Hub in every VILLAGE": differentiate your own Story with your own unique Culture and Language within.
 -   "Open Your Own VoxWorld©.Coop™ MicroFinance Centre in every TOWN": innovate your own Traded-services to provide a new e-commerce catalogue to meets the new demands of a global audience in an Internet-driven world.
 -   "Open Your Own VoxWorld©.Coop™ Chapter in every COUNTY or District": unleash the untapped potential within your own Community.
 -   "Open Your Own VoxWorld©.Coop™ Community Co-op Brand in every COUNTRY": capture the emotion of what it means to be born of your motherland, re-imagine your own Community Brand.

The VoxLABS Mission is to act as a metamediary, a go-between or connector, to help build a New World of active participating Communities all around the world. It is to enable the empowerment of very many Underserved Communities, as enabled their own actions and supported by the countless people who really care at heart, worldwide. Foremost among these disadvantaged communities are the Unemployed, the low Income earners, the less well Educated and the Ageing populations; and also the underserved and disenfranchised in the hundreds of millions of people who have to walk for water every day. Our Mission is to do this by contributing in helping those billions of people at the so-called Bottom of the Pyramid all over the world to rediscover their own core values, and build a vibrant life for themselves and their Communities from the often hidden wealth that surrounds them in their culture and untapped talents; a resource often found deep within their own sanctuary, waiting to be discovered within their own 'crystal cave'. We have set our particular plans out under VoxLABS: What We Do.

Then, in a spirit of Cultural Showcase Exchange, Traded-Services can be combined under one VoxWorld™.Coop™ Programme & Project into a business plan that will reach-out to underserved communities through their own enterprising Diaspora, those who serve as their unofficial Cultural Ambassadors, among an ever growing and appreciative World of Neighbourhood Communities -  in order to supply the vast, latent demand for these services North, South, East & West; and where together or separately all can 'learn to live the life we'd all love to live', wherever and whenever we freely choose to do.

From which place, in cooperation and collaboration with  VoxLABS, they can then go on to represent their Culture to their own Diaspora People and linked communities- mined from their own Culture Centres & sources, tapping a largely undiscovered treasure trove to which the world has yet to awaken, so it can then be understood, shared and appreciated by fellow World Citizens- and in doing so contribute to building their own Interactive Community Brands while in return generating sustainable income for themselves, their family and their Communities. We can collectively achieve this goal by collaboratively combining the Smart Economy facilities available in and from Ireland today though VoxLABS SmartShops for Smart Communities and also many other innovative organisations and people; combining them with the un-mined resources from M-SME's, Colleges, Cooperatives, Diversity Employers, Social Causes & Movements found within Communities and Cultures all over the world; and bringing the resultant combined services together, as Communities, with the combined power of the Co-operative Movement ('enterprises with a soul'), the Multi-national Corporations and their successors today, the Globally Integrated Enterprises.

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